50 Tips To Dominate The Finals

50 tips

I spoke to some of the highest-rated players from the final beta to give you guys 50 tips that will take you to the next level in this amazingly fun shooter. Starting off, you can actually pick up your dead teammates and statues and throw them into safety, which will let you get a rest without getting shot at in a compromised manner.

Speaking of tossing things, you can also pick up a vault and throw it into a cash-out box over range. Like really long range, as long as the vault touches any part of the cash out box, it'll go in. You can actually use the elevators that you find around the maps. By pressing one or many buttons, you will cue the floor as it stops by, as with any real-life elevator.

Just be wary of the vent on the top. In addition to that, you can actually control these cranes by climbing into them and by using this control panel, which lets you swing the wrecking ball around. Just like Miley Cyrus. There are canisters all around the map that you can grab and throw at enemies or even at the environment, and they all have different effects.

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These will act as a goo grenade when landing; they will release a toxic gas when landing; they will act as a smoke grenade once they blow up; and they will explode and start burning once they hit the targets. Overall, I like to call these utility barrels; keep in mind that they are explosive barrels.

They themselves need to travel a certain distance before they can actually blow up. If you try throwing them at somebody who is too close, it will simply bounce off of them and keep going before blowing up. You can get around this by throwing the canister and then immediately pressing the grab button to reel it back in this primeti, explosive canister and make it basically blow up to second hits that are closer targets.

Even if it's within that close range, you have about 2 seconds to throw it after it's primed before it blows up in your face. You hold them and also prime the canisters by meleeing them when you hold them, and you also speak of grabbing to get the most out of your grab. Crouching slightly extends the range of the grab, and you can toss any item you pick up significantly farther by sprinting and throwing at the same time.

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It's also worth noting that your weight class seems to affect how far you can throw things, and the heavy class can throw things. Way farther than the rest of the classes, you can make yourself nearly impossible to hit when taking a zip line by spamming the attach and then the jump key as you turn your back around and forward.

Basically, an elite jump If you played Apex, if the cash out isn't in a good spot, you can actually place a jump pad beneath it to launch it up into the air. You can also move it ever so slightly with explosives. While a jump pad can give you lots of altitude in a short period of time, if placed on an angle, it will actually launch you in the direction the jump pad is pointing instead, and you can actually take this to the next level by using Goo by placing a ball of Goo.

You will be able to get an even steeper angle, which will let the jump pad launch you even farther if you're using a light load and you have the grappling hook equipped. You can get an instant dash in any direction by starting the grapple against the ground and then canceling it with a jump building off of that if you time the following jumps.


Just right, you're able to coast off of that speed and get even farther in something that's known as a bunny hop, or be hop for short. That being said, some of you guys might think. Yeah, let's just buy the scroll wheel to jump, but if you buy your mouse wheel to jump for whatever reason, none of the movement techniques, such as the zipline or the hop, will actually work.

Also speaking of movement, if you are using the grapple, if you want to reach a height, don't just grapple straight towards the high ground that you want to climb. As you're traveling, make sure to add strafe inputs that go in the opposite direction of the edge. So if I'm going upwards and forwards towards an edge above me, I'd strafe backwards as I go up.


This gives me some backward momentum and lets me fling myself over the edge. Just make sure to cancel the grapple by pressing space or crouching once you cross that edge to keep the extra momentum. If an enemy is trying to steal the cash out or they're just channeling an action, you can throw a goo grenade between them and the cash out or the thing they are channeling.

This will push them away from the target or break their line of sight, which will cancel the stealing. You see these annoying floating buildings that some teams love to sit on. You can easily bring them down to the ground by breaking two of the four hooks that keep them elevated. Just make sure that those two hooks are next to each other and not on the opposite ends of the building.

If you are walled off by a wall of goo, keep in mind that you can break an individual ball of goo either by shooting or just punching it. This gives you a great murder hole to deal with your enemy on the other side. In the same vein, if the enemy has placed a turret, you can disable it by throwing goo at it, either covering the turret or just blocking its line of sight.

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Some abilities can be used at the same time as you are reloading. I like to call these one-handed abilities, some of these abilities being the light classes grapple, hook, and evasive. You can also quickly throw goo on the floor to wall yourself off from the enemy. The goo grenade is perfect for this, as it acts as an instant cover, but the goo has so many more possibilities.

It's basically the building ability in the finals. For example, you can use any of your abilities to create walkways to bridge over larger gaps or even Place Goo alongside. A wall to scale across it. In addition, if you are playing a heavy class and you have the goo gun, if you jump and shoot goo underneath you with the right timing, you are able to stack goo underneath you as you continue climbing higher.

Just make sure you don't pop it too fast or too slow because it will either break the goo or throw you off. If you're playing on a high ground that can only be reached using a zip line like these floating buildings, you can use Goo most easily, the goo grenade, to block off of the zip line's path and stop an enemy from being able to get to your high ground.

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When you unlock a new gun, make sure to hop into the practice range and just start shooting the gun against the wall. This will highlight the recall pattern of that very weapon. Once you know how the bullets will travel, start doing the inverse of that movement as you are shooting. If done properly, this will negate the recoil and allow you to do so much more damage.

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