Only Using Sticks For 24 Hours The Finals


I love that Sledgehammer kills are so satisfying, especially when you're dropping a whole ass tree stump on them. Well, we're going to be kicking it back to old school today. Scream out childhood. We're playing with nothing but sticks for the next 24 hours and seeing how good we can get with them.

It was more like two days of grinding. I didn't actually play 24 hours straight because I had real-life responsibilities. But you get the point; the hours add up. Here's the kicker, though I don't own any of the weapons that have been stuck. In fact, I have probably played less than 10 games combined with the sword, the sledgehammer, and the 357.

That said, at the end of the 24 hours, I feel pretty confident about my stick-handling abilities, as you'll see. I'm going to show you how much better I've been able to get at them and teach you the tricks that I've learned along the way, so you don't have to spend hours scrubbing the interwebs like a bed.

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Chapter 1: stump-hammer chronicles (heavy sledgehammer build)

Chapter 1: stump-hammer chronicles (heavy sledgehammer build)

Now let's, Rally, read chapter one of The Stuck Hammer Chronicle. It's about 5:55 a. m., and I'm starting out with my most unfamiliar task: loading out the heavy stump on a stick. My first impression of the hammer is that it feels really satisfying to use animations and damage to make it feel weighty and powerful.

You know that the developers really emphasize the importance of making this thing feel unique by making sure it delivers on that feeling of the impact of pure raw power. That said, the sound they assigned to this skin makes it a little underwhelming as it does not match the visual weightiness of it, but maybe that's why it actually works really well.


Hey, where's our other? teammate, not with the team, Great. Besides that, I don't find it overtuned or underpowered, especially outside the hardcore competitive scene. Picking up a melee weapon as a first-person shooter did not come naturally to me; unfortunately, for me, what I lack in muscle memory and knowledge of the melee play style I can make up for in game sense and awareness.

So it was only a short period of trial and error in terms of understanding how to best utilize this weapon. Here are some things I learned the hard way: Chasing a 1V is a bad idea in most cases, and fighting in open space is no good. The hardest thing to understand, though, is playing with the team.

This is the thing that separated my good games from my bad games on Old Stumpy Stick when my teammates just followed on my shot calls, which almost never worked like magic. I would pull aggro and be disruptive while my squad capitalized on that window of opportunity to do their thing and score kills before I got cooked.

Once you start playing the hammer, you'll also start to realize that over 80% of the casual players don't even notice what their teammates are doing, and so I figured out what you have to do is just go with them, even if they're making the wrong calls on objectives and fights. It seems like the majority of these players just want to fight, even if you're pinched between two teams, and there's no way you're going to.

Win, even though it's more likely that you'll win that way than to do the correct thing, but just all by yourself, the thing to remember is that the enemies are just as likely to have poor team coordination as you do with your two teammates. I found myself alone with two dead teammates a lot of the time because they were rotating out of position so fast that I couldn't even catch up to them.

We would start together and then they would just disappear, so throughout this morning I mainly ran the goo gun because it's fun and I just wanted to get a feel for the hammer before I tried out the other two specs, but before I talk about specs with the sledgehammer. I had to take a break and try out the stickiest of all.

Chapter 2: the wooden sword (light sword build)

Chapter 2: the wooden sword (light sword build)

Sticks chapter two The Wooden. Swords and sticks were insanely hard to learn. I have to apologize to all the people on my team and other teams who had to endure my period of growth with the stick sword. It was hard. I mean, really, really hard.

The best way to actually leverage this weapon when you're not a god-tier player yet is to be patient and basically avoid most fights. That's how you win, but playing that way doesn't get you good. Clips, so I went through hell and back for y'all to give you a little something more interesting to see.

gameplay commentary

This was tough for me because you have no health as a light, and besides learning this extremely nuanced weapon, I had to also learn how to use Dash and really step up my movement game. You can really get away with bad movement if you get good aim with a gun, to be honest, though playing stick actually made me a better overall player, which translated really well to playing the hammer because I had to spend time focusing on movement and literally juking bullets with the sword.

To play The Sword well, you have to learn to squirm into people's blind spots and freaking zoom behind them again when they snap around. It's timing and movement are not easy, but man, when you get a few good kills, it feels amazing. I tried a good pallet of gadgets, and this was the build I ended up preferring about 90% of the time with this Pok Stick.

I went stun gun to help lock people down or get away, grenade for the range damage and defending objective, and vanishing bomb for the escape or initiation to get value for my team while playing stick. I realize that this is the mindset I need if I'm going to engage. How can I get at least one kill and get away without dying?

And the decision for whether I should even engage should be: will this help us win objectively? If the answer is no, then you should just hide out and try to set up a third-party situation in order to create a more favorable scenario; alternatively, just wait till a better window of opportunity opens up and push objectively. That said, I found myself not in the position to follow that plan because my teammates were always trying to pick fights, and I just had to help them the best I could.

Chapter 3: the sick stick six shooter (medium r .357)

Chapter 3: the sick stick six shooter (medium r .357)

Chapter three, The Six Sticks, Shooter. Yes, this one hits for me; it's a little closer to home, much smaller of a learning curve for show.

This particular skin gave me a good reason to finally pick up and learn the 357. This is much more within my zone of comfort. It wasn't super easy, though, and I still had to put in some work to understand how to best utilize this gun. It takes proper concentration, especially because I'm no bueno with the iron sights.