Should Nukes Be Removed From The Finals


With season 2 around the corner and hopefully big changes coming to the game, I thought this would be a perfect time to discuss balancing issues in the finals, specifically. Regarding nukes and it's no secret that the heavy class is the most forgiving, class in the game because it has the most HP and when you pair that with all the defensive options that the class gets including the Deployable cover Dome shield and mesh Shield it's very clear that the heavy class was designed so that if you made a huge mistake, that you could recover from it very quickly but I specifically want to talk about nukes SL barrels in the game because nukes are most commonly used by the heavy class and a nuke on any other class does not do nearly as much damage as a heavy nuke and this topic has been going around the community since the game has come out and they've done multiple Nerfs towards nukes, but it's at the point now where most of the community is questioning the fact whether or not nukes should be even in the game anymore I personally think that it should be a part of the game as it's a core mechanic of the game, and if they were to try to Nerf it again, that would be a good route to take, but I completely understand the other side of the spectrum where people want the nukes removed from the game wholeheartedly.

Now, with the utmost confidence. I can say we're in a way better state now than when the game first came out with nukes, but there's a very big divide within the community on whether or not nukes should still be in the game compared to when the game first came out. I do see it from a casual or non-competitive perspective.

From the standpoint of how barrels are such a nuisance to the game. My first solution would be to only allow one C4, or brake charge, on the barrel. I'd still like to see the possibility of adding two C4s onto the barrel; it would not go far at all, and you would have to be right next to your enemy.


If that's still the possibility, the next solution would be completely nerfing the C4s and causing barrel damage once again. Like I said earlier, we're in a way better state than we were when the game first came out, and you're not going to die to a barrel every time, but I think if Embark were to do this Nerf one more time, we'd be able to find that sweet spot where nukes can still be used to open up a fight, but it isn't going to make her break the fight like it does currently in the state that the final fin is in right now.

You could throw a nuke, and it's not going to necessarily kill everybody, but it's going to get everybody past half HP, and after that, it becomes a very easy task to fully wipe a team's heavy shots in an RPG. Your medium shoots or somebody throws a frag grenade, and then you're dead, which obviously I prefer over seeing a heavy and immediately seeing the nuke thrown at my face, whether it be gas red or barrel fire.


And the barrel damage itself to bring us closer to that sweet spot that some of us are looking for, and just some closing thoughts that I want to end the article with. I am aware that some of the player base loss is due to nukes being in the game and even barrels being in the game, but this also poses the question: if there was an update tomorrow that nukes were completely removed and barrels were completely removed from the finals, would more players come back to the game?

That's just some food for thought, but also, in my opinion, something to look at considering the player base has only been dwindling for the past couple of months, and I know that nukes and barrels aren't the only reason for the player base loss, but to sit here and say that hasn't affected players leaving the game would be an understatement.

I do want to hear what you guys think. Peace out, much love.

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