Xdefiant Release Is Already Dead From Helldivers 2 & The Finals


Everyone here, and as most of you know, the finals in Hell Divers 2 have absolutely exploded in popularity in 2024. But originally everyone thought there was going to be a different game that was going to take the world by storm and be the next big shooter, and that was X Defiant. However, due to some mismanagement, it looks like it may have missed its window, so we're going to go over what exactly happened to X Defiant.

Does it still even have a chance without further ado? Let's talk about it. The case of X-Defiant, ubisoft's free-to-play first-bir and shooter game, coming out to challenge Call of Duty presents a pretty complex narrative because there has been a ton of stuff, such as anticipation, frustration, and skepticism, on whether this game is ever actually going to release, and it's sad to see because initially it was hailed as a promising addition to the gaming world.

You see, the game really hit its Genesis in September 2023. When it was met with enthusiasm from the gaming community in the beta play test, its gameplay mechanics were praised, and developer transparency was appreciated, which is so rare to see from not only Ubisoft but just FPS games in general nowadays, and there was a ton of excitement among fans.

call of duty

I remember seeing all the hype and all the articles saying this was going to be the next Call of Duty killer; however, as time passed, the situation went a completely different route. One of the primary issues plaguing X Defiant is the persistent delays. Despite ubisoft's initial projections and promises, the game has repeatedly missed internal targets, according to information and release dates.

The inconsistency has raised questions about the development process's management decisions and the game's overall direction. It is never a good thing when you see this many delays. It usually means that there is some internal strife going on, that there is something initially wrong with the game and it's not ready for release, or that they're just going to stuff a ton of microtransactions.

cod killer

I did say it was going to be a free-to-play game, didn't I? But a key factor that we now know is contributing to the game's delay is Ubisoft's apparent pursuit of trying to emulate Call of Duty. It wants to mimic established formulas rather than innovate and carve out its own identity, and that has led to frustrations and technical challenges for the development team and the constant cycle of adding pointless stuff and microtransactions.

And an attempt to replicate other games has resulted in a broken build that requires extensive time and effort to fix, further delaying the game's release. Amidst all these struggles, other games like the Finals and Hell Diverse 2 have risen to prominence, capturing the attention of almost the entire gaming community.

In this world, these games have not only delivered on their promises, but they also provide weekly updates, almost engaging gameplay, and community interaction. They made their own niche in a car with unique gameplay mechanics, something that Ex Defy had going for it but now is trying to emulate other successful titles, and well, that's most likely going to crash and burn.


In addition to that, one of the things that Ubisoft was praised for and that Hell Divers 2 and Finals have done was communicate. But now there is a complete lack of it on the X-Defiant side. Players are wandering in the dark wondering about the game's progress updates and potential release dates, with a new Twitter leak coming out every single week and nothing ever being substantiated.

It kind of makes you wonder: is this game actually ever going to see the light of day, or are we just going to get another Ubisoft Skull and Bones? It could totally happen. The gaming landscape is incredible and competitive; just look at the finals when it launched and set Steam's top 10 records, and then it has fallen down a little bit as hell.

Sue has come into prominence, and during this entire time, the ex-Defiant hasn't really done anything. Additionally, Ubisoft has a track record of delayed projects, and the absence of meaningful updates for Exify really contributes to doubts about the game's prospects. The lack of urgency or visible progress suggests a risk of the game being held, which Ubisoft once again this is what they are known for.

delay date

Well, it could very well become a real possibility, which would be a shame because initially this game had so much promise with all of these challenges. The question is: if ex-defiant does actually arrive, will it be dead on arrival due to the prolonged development? the industry's fast-paced nature and involving player preferences You have to have some concerns about its relevance upon release.

Once again, this Skull and Bones issue not to mention it's competing in the crowded free-to-play shooter genre, and you'll have titles like Call of Duty, which you're trying to emulate, but now that you have the finals. Legends, and so many more to go against, it'll be interesting to see how it releases.

Also, if you're looking for information on other games, like Hell Divers 2, the finals, or Overwatch 2: Power World, I cover all of it on my channel here.