The Best Controller Settings The Finals


You've been an Xbox or PlayStation player your whole life, and you finally get a PC just to discover that your mouse and keyboard aim is absolutely trash. Oh, brother, this guy stinks. In the beta. I did not think controller was very good, so I was forcing myself to play mouse and keyboard with my terrible aim, trying to get better at the game, but then once the game dropped, there were more options for customizing your controller layout, better aim assist, and other things that made the finals more playable on the controller on PCS.

So today I'll bring you guys the best settings to use for the controller, and we'll be discussing some other tips for the controller as well. If you're playing this on a mouse and keyboard, let's go ahead and jump into the settings. The rest of the article is all right, guys, so here are my settings.

The main three I want to go over are my sensitivities. I have it on 160 for horizontal, 130 for vertical, and 37 for the zoo multiplier, leaving the focal link sensitivity scaling on. You guys can look at the rest and copy the rest if you want to. The other thing that I wanted to discuss is whether the exponential curve I've heard of is sigmoidal or not.

best controller settings

I don't know how to say that, but I just leave on an exponential, which is the default one, because it feels comfortable for me, and then the next big set of things I wanted to discuss is that I use the directional equipping for the gadgets. I think it's much more comfortable than what they try to give you by default, and I'm glad they added that as a feat.

Because, as you guys can see, this is what it is, so normally it starts off on the equipment wheel, which means you have to hold a button and then scroll over to it to then throw it or use it, which I just don't think is very efficient. I think taking your hands off of your analog sticks and such to do so is just a risky play.

In my opinion. I just use directional equipment, which means that left is this, down is this, and right is this, so that way I can still be aiming on sight, still shoot my gun, pop the shield switch to C4, throw the C4 out, and put my gun back. I think it's just easier and more efficient for me. I just don't think enough controller players are using this, so I just wanted to throw this out there for you guys because I think it's a big part of the game, and then the next thing I want to show you guys is obviously aim assist, which is on sensitivity reduction.


Target tracking Zoom snapping: all those things are on; you don't want to change any of those off, and everything else should be about the same. Make sure you change your field of view; I believe mine is. Somewhere, i don't really mess with the settings too much because my game runs fine and looks fine, but yeah that's it for the most part now I just had a couple tips for you guys all right every time I try to make these articles in the practice range the guns glitch out so I really wish to fix this so you can't really see it visually but the biggest things I want to discuss are like obviously the aim assist like the tracking and stuff is pretty well on the a assist which say what you want as a keyboard and mouse player but I think, you know controller players got to have some sort of Advantage as well so I think the a assist is fairly strong in this game and in the beta was not very good, so I think the tracking.

controller settings

It is also really good. The biggest thing I wanted to point out is your weapon of choice: one-yarn controller versus one-yarn mouse and keyboard. certain weapons, like the heavy shotgun, the throwing knives, or any guns where they're very good at HTI fire. I don't feel like those are very efficient controller guns, so I think a lot of the controller players should be using more of the long-range weapons, and you definitely should be aiming down, Sight.

As you guys can see here, it's a little hard because of the visual glitch, but just listen to what I'm saying: you really want to be aiming on sight and snapping between opponents. Even when you're shooting at one Oppo, you need to be adjusting while they're moving, and just keep re-aiming down to snap onto them.


I think that's really important, and I don't see that enough, but also, like I said, just make sure you're choosing weapons that are more efficient on the controller. I don't think the heavy shotgun is as good because it's harder to hit a target with the controller than it would be on the mouse when you have more precise movement, and the aim assist doesn't really work when you're not aiming down sight, so that's kind of my follow-up, and my point with this article is to make sure that you're using the weapons that aim down sight because they're a little bit more beneficial to you when you're on the controller for tracking and aiming.

So don't knock me too hard for the aim assist. I'm just trying to get this out there for the controller players. They've got to have an advantage as well. I've done both. I've played both, and I think they both have their flaws and both have their pros. So that is all I have for this article. I'm going to keep it short and sweet.