The Best Items To Unlock First For All Classes The Finals



what's going on Babylonians it's me songs of RS and I'm back on the channel bringing some of the finals gameplay towards you now today's guide we're going to be discussing the most influential, picks that you can decide to unlock from using your VR tokens when it comes to unlocking all of your equipment for every single one of the classes, now in this article I'm going to be discussing my top seven because I couldn't really narrow it down any more than that some of these are more influential than others some of these are just downright broken right now and honestly you would be kind of a bit of a Miss if you didn't actually pick up these seven items first now you're not going to be able to see gameplay of all of these in the background I am currently working my way through unlocking all of the weapons, in terms of order so I'm working my way from light all the way through to heavy so I can then bring those gun guides to you so you can see all the gun stats, you can see everything that you possibly need when it comes to playing in the finals.

That being said. I do know that some of these are so influential in the community because I have been over on Discord and I've seen so many people talking about them that I just really want to kind of bring them to your attention so you know what you need to be able to unlock, rather than following the way I'm doing of just unlocking all the weapons first.

Light class unlocks

Light class unlocks

These aren't bad choices; obviously, this does mean that you have to play very close with this one, and you will be playing mostly at long range with the SR84. If you are looking for a different weapon to be able to use that you can actually extend the range out a little bit further, something that doesn't have any kind of recoil whatsoever, and you are still able to do massive amounts of damage and be able to melt classes, then I would highly recommend being able to pick up the XP 54.


The MP5, basically or what the M xp54, probably for legal reasons is essentially just a really good SMG it has a very standard magazine size of 30 fairly quick kind of reload speed compared to the other things that do exist in this class but the fact that it has high fire rate it has decent damage something that can extend a little bit further than the M11, and also on top of that the accuracy stat even though this only looks like it's a middling kind of stat the recoil properties on this weapon are pretty much non-existent, the only thing you'll have to worry about when it comes to being able to Pepper enemies at a distance is obviously going to be damage fall off because at the end of the day it's still an SMG.

But it's anywhere between close to MIDI medium range you'll still be able to absolutely melt people down and even if you end up Landing multiple to head shots you're able to just pretty much kind of wipe the floor with them, what's also really nice about the xp54, is that it does come with a weapon sight meaning that you don't have to rely on iron sights which is going to be the majority of the things when it comes to most of the light class like for example the M11 is going to be Iron Sights so all of a sudden you have a more accurate SMG is something that's a bit easier to be able to use out there in the field, overall considering all the Nerf that the v9s kind of got in terms of like damage falloff and also because you do have an all-in kind of play style with the sh1 1900.


I do consider the XP54 to be probably the best weapon when it comes to the light class in terms of, like, a generic kind of purpose. If you're looking to go into more of a specialized kind of build, then obviously some of these do have their nuances and do actually have their kind of like positives, but in terms of like Jack of all trades in terms of like if you want to go into any kind of match and you just want to do well with it, then the XP 54 is going to have your back.


Next on my list I'm actually going to cover a specialization, now that's not to say that the grappling hook is bad or anything like that grappling hook is really nice especially on maps that require some kind of verticality, kind of movement, but in terms of like if you want to be able to Jet around if you want to help yourself out in firefights and being able to get in get out, pretty much helps you out with what the light Clash should be doing consider and they have the lower HP P then the evasive Dash is going to be where it is being able to have this on a two we have two charges on this and it has relatively quick coold Downs allows you to be able to get into a firefight really quickly it allows you to be able to get out of a firefight really quickly in case you are being followed, and also being able to just be an absolute nuisance of being able to like stop any enemies being able to aim at you or anything like that, it basically means that your HP.

the finals

Is, almost Untouchable if you do use your dashes correctly, and most people do actually go for the Ive dash for the light class rather than the grappling hook and rather than the cloaking device especially see the Nerfs that did come through to it, if you're looking for the perfect hit and run Maneuvers then in that case you're going to definitely need the evasive Dash and that is just going to work so nicely with pretty much everything that the light class brings when it comes to Weaponry, especially things like swords if you are going to be crazy with the dagger throwing knives is pretty good because you can actually use this you can start throwing out a few knives once things start getting hairy you can use your dash to be able to get out of there and start repositioning, and especially with the sword off shotgun cuz this really helps you being able to get up close and personal with this so you can get that all important meat shot to be able to delete some of the classes that exist in the game.

In this video we'll discuss the top 7 items you'll want to unlock across all classes in The Finals! Spend your VRs wisely and you'll get massive increases in viability to your games. Don't settle for anything less than the best! Chapters.