These Settings Got Me To Top 300 - Best Controller Settings For The Finals (must Try)

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Family guys, listen up in today's article. We're going to take an in-depth look at the controller settings that got me to the top 300 in the world. I did upload a previous article about some controller settings, but after that, as I mentioned in that article. I was going to, you know, increase some sensitivity and change a little bit of the settings.

As I get more consistent with my shots and so on, and that is exactly what happened, we're going to jump right in, and we're going to take a closer look at all of it, and I'm going to break it down. At the end of the article, you're going to have a way better understanding of everything, and on top of that, if you do use these settings, you're going to have all the tools to have really good fast movement, and on top of that, your aim is going to get much better.

By the way, a huge shout out to every single one of you guys, man. You have all been showing insane amounts of love to the channel, and it really does mean the world to me, honestly, man. You guys give me the ability to do what I love to do and take care of my family. I am so blessed, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, and guys, make sure to hop into those streams here on YouTube.

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As I said, I will be helping viewers get to the diamond rank. Okay, so first things first, we're going to take a look at the game. Nothing crazy here; I just changed some of the colors with the crosshair. As you guys can see, I have a yellow crosshair, a red 255, and a green 255. As well, then these are at zero; we have the center dot obviously on the center dot radius at three opacities at 100.

Okay, now let's move on to the main thing. This is where the secret juice is okay, and that's what we're going to investigate here. So for look sensitivity horizontal, we have 280; for look sensitivity vertical, we have 170; and for zoom sensitivity multiplier, we have 28%. Once again, as you get more familiar with these things, you can increase this.

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This is going to be kind of up to you, though. You have to feel it out. You got to start feeling confident with your shots and movement, and then slightly move it up. The focal length sensitivity scaling is on, and this is the biggest change that we're going to see here, right? The next few settings are these three, so we're going to start off with the horizontal look boost, which is at 270, and then the vertical look boost, which is at 150.

And the most important luk boost ramp-up time is pretty much what this does: the higher this is, the bigger the delay is going to be for your horizontal or vertical look boost to kick in. What I like to do is keep it at 0.1, sometimes at 0.2, and currently I'm running at 0.1. Pretty much what that does is make your initial sensitivity higher without almost any kind of delay for the boost.

If we set this all the way to two, you will see it doesn't start spinning fast right away because it adds a delay. To the Boost, it pretty much puts a timer on when the Boost starts after you're touching your right analog STI, so in order to drop that and make it just feel faster from the get-go. I like to have this at.

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01, or sometimes 0.2. Now that we have it at 0.1, look at that from the beginning; it's just so much faster, right? It doesn't have any ramp-up time; it just goes fast from the beginning, and that is exactly what I want because I want my movement to be like super quick, as you guys can see here, super fast turnaround speed; everything's perfect, and then we have the ads much lower, which is going to help us land those shots for me.

Personally, this combination of settings right here is what felt the most natural, and it just feels really good overall. I have tried looking way higher without any kind of boost and everything like that; that's pretty much how I ran it in the past. But this one just feels better after a lot of testing and everything like that; it feels way more consistent.

Now for you, the numbers might have to be a little bit different if you do try this style of setting, but that said, I feel like it's definitely better than not having the boost at all. Hop into the practice range and really get a feel for it and make a decision right there, and then, right, which one do you prefer the boost on?

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or the boosts off for me, as I said, this is the better version overall; my movement has become much better, and on top of that, my shots are extremely consistent as well. These three settings right here are all on zero for the dead zones. Aiming inner dead zone is at three; movement inner dead zone is also at three; we have inverted vertical look input off; and as for the look response curve, I have it at linear.

This is another change that I made. I'm not going to lie to you; this didn't really make a huge difference or anything. At most, I barely felt anything, but a lot of my friends were telling me to just try it out; it's better, it's better. I did, and I don't know; I just stuck with it. I guess I really am not going to sit here and tell you that this is a game, Cher, and you will be landing 100% of your shots.

Nothing like that; it's maybe some kind of minimal difference, but I really never noticed it that much at 0% acceleration. Then for the preset directional equipping, because I feel like this is way more efficient. Sprint behavior is on toggle; the same goes for Crouch behavior; and Zoom behavior is on hold.

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I know that some people play on toggle, which to me is absolutely crazy, so I can't do that, and then all the rest is pretty much default. I don't really do anything crazy with these settings. I do have back buttons on my controller. I have my slide on my right back button and the jump on the left back button, and that's pretty much it.

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All of these settings are going to be on, and for vibration, I have it off. We have a 100-moment blur lens. Distortion is both disabled if you feel the sensitivity that you have currently. Gives you the ability to turn around fast and get out of engagements right like you're in a gunfight here you want to slide to the side and in that case you need a bit higher sensitivity to do like movement things like this right like you jump you turn around you into a slide then do this then Bunny Hop All of these things require you to run a certain amount of sensitivity in order for you to be able to perform them, like if it's super slow and if you're in a gunfight and then you want to do a side slide like this but your sensitivity is like super struggling and you can't turn around that's never going to happen right, you're just not going to be able to do that side slide really fast, so there are definitely huge benefits to playing with higher sensitivity.

Hello fam! in this video I wanna share with you the best controller settings for the finals! these settings got me to top 300 and has changed the way I play the game! right here you have The Finals best controller settings that will make your movement and shots so much better.