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Now the first team comp is light, medium, and heavy light runs (cloak XP54), Taser glitch grenades and frags, medium-run healing beam F car or AK, D fibs zip line and jump pad, and heavy runs. mes Shield Lou D Shield C4 and RPG This is the team comp. I run every game because I'm a light player; you need medium for mobility and heavy for tanking and destruction.

The team comp looks simple at first, but it's one of the hardest comps to run because it struggles against heavy, medium, and heavy. I'm going to explain those later, but light-medium-heavy is also the strongest com if played correctly. That's because of glitch grades; they counter the other meta team compositions, so pretty much heavy and medium play together, and the light goes for off angles and annoys teams kind of like Tracer from OverWatch, but that play style depends on what team comps you're playing against.

I'll go into details later, explaining what to do against specific team compositions.



the second team comp is medium-to-heavy. The first medium runs a healing beam (akm) or F car defibs, a jump pad, and APS. APS is to counter nade spam and RPGs from enemy heavies or replace the aps for zip lines for double mobility. The second medium runs Recon senses F car defib zip line or jump pad gas mines or grenades.

The heavy Runs mesh shield louw, dome shield C4, and RPG This company is pretty similar to Light. Medium, and Heavy, but you get information with Recon Sensus and Extra Mobility with jump pads and zip lines. This comb also counters light medium-heavy if the light has bad positioning because usually the light plays away from the team, and Recon allows you to see the light roaming alone.


The third comp is heavy medium. The first heavy run is Shield Louis, or shotgun, Dome Shield C4 and RPG. The Second Heavy also runs a mesh shield shotgun. Dome Shield C4 and RPG The only thing that's kind of different is the primary weapon: the medium-run healing beam or Recon Sensus F car defibs, zip line, and jump pad.

This competition is all about kiting and sustainability. You have an insane amount of DPS because of the double shotgun or one loose plus shotgun and the sustain from shields, so pretty much use the jump pad slzip. Line to getap close to the enemy and shove your shotgun into the enemy's faces, and with the amount of extra HP you get from shields and bubbles, it allows you to live longer compared to the other team compositions.

And I kind of forgot about RPG and C4. It's very good as well. I can say that heavy medium is the easiest comp to play because if you make mistakes, you don't get punished as hard as you would playing light medium heavy or medium heavy, so in terms of difficulty playing. I'm putting light medium heavy as the hardest, medium heavy as the second hardest, and heavy medium as the easiest comp to play.

In-depth lmh

In-depth lmh

Now I'll talk about the in-depth usage of light, medium, and heavy, so this is the comp I have the most hours on and the most experience with, and how to play against certain team comps as a light player.

Before I start talking about the team composition, you need to understand that light medium heavy relies a lot on the light player to land glitch nades and not make mistakes like dying to RPGs instantly before a fight even starts. If your light can't effectively land glitches or get value from getting PS roaming, I would instead play medium, medium heavy, or heavy medium.

Now we have the team composition that light, medium, and heavy struggle against.

Lmh vs hhm

So the first example is heavy medium, the composition that runs into your face while holding hands and overwhelms you with HP and DPS. We have recently been testing different strategies to beat that team competition.


And the things we have been trying are instead of using fragment grenades and light to swap them out for flashbangs in the fin round, for example, and instead of double mobility on the medium, you swap out the one movement. Gadget with gas mines to use as protection against W King: you put one mine on the objective and one where your team is playing, so if the heavy medium team jump pads on you, the gas goes off and it deals entry damage.

You can use the gas to get away from them, or you can swap out gas mines for APS against teams that like to jump out and enter RPG, so you just sit on APS and wait for them to make a move. Another thing you can do is swap out XP54 for Double Barrel to kill the medium instantly and cut off their sustain, but that also depends on if the medium is using Recon or Healing Beam.

If the medium has a recon, I would say play XP 54. I'm still experimenting with different ways of winning versus heavy medium, so this might not be relevant in the future. Light usually plays a bit far away from your team, but against heavy medium, light needs to play with the team because you need to glitch and taser one of the heavy shotguns by pressing W.

Also, try to avoid getting RPG, so your heavy team needs to block incoming damage and then instantly go offensive when your light lands a glitch taser or a flashbang. In this example, let's say the D team is in a corner or grouped. If your light lands a glitch, your heavy and medium teams can instantly follow up with RPG and damage, making the fights in favor of your light, medium, and heavy teams.

The main takeaway here is to make sure that they don't cap close because once they get close, light medium heavy is weaker than heavy medium, so controlling space and making sure that they don't get to play their game is crucial. If the heavy medium team takes control of the objective, you pretty much lose because you need to make a play and fight shotgun close range.

You can't really face-check the team either because of two bubbles with shotguns.

Lmh vs mmh

Lmh vs mmh

Below, against medium, and heavy with one medium using Recon, you cannot roam as a light; the light needs to stick with the team or play a spot where you can't get pushed easily from, so you can baate them to push you while your teammates get out of their angles, because usually mediums with Recon see one guy alone and they're going to try and push that one guy.

Also, when fighting Recon, be aware of when Recon is active or not; there's an auto-Q when someone is actively using Recon, and use that window to move once they're not reconning, and this is so you can get a better position. Here's an example of me baiting two people to push me because they see that I'm alone.

Also, this team kind of messed up; the heavy should be shielding in, Front, it's, Just, we, We.

Lmh vs lmh


So against other light-medium-heavy teams, I recommend putting thermal vision on the light. The reason is that you can spot other light players roaming in this area and get free picks. For example, if you see two teams running one light, I would go thermal just so the light can get free information and have an easier time dealing with the cloth lights on the enemy team.

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