The Finals Has Some Huge Issues Right Now

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This is Loco, and today I got a article on so many issues I have with the finals. Now I know some of you are probably feeling the exact same, or some of you might be feeling the complete opposite. That is completely cool. Everyone's got their own opinions, but for me, some of these features have been really dampening the game for me, so number one is people's shift.

Now, I know we've had quite a few updates to player shift, the way spawns work, and how the game just feels in general, but for me personally, it just feels absolutely. Nothing has changed in the spawn system whatsoever. I'm not entirely sure what gameplay I'm going to be using in the background yet, but I've had it plenty of times where the enemy has jumped straight onto the power shift table, and there's been some other issues when it comes to killing the people on there, which I'll be talking about in a minute, but they will be halfway into our spawn to secure the point and win the game.

I've even had it when they were three-quarters of the way through. No matter what you seem to spawn, Miles away, I can also be fighting and trying to take back the platform. Now, obviously, if you're not playing with a full five-man squad, this can be pretty different, like when I played a game the other night, it was me.

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Arctic, and Maz. I think, or maybe Ross and our other two teammates were doing next to nothing, and it's a casual game mode as well. It shouldn't be super sweaty; you shouldn't expect people to absolutely sweat the tits off and just be scoring insane numbers for your team, whether that be combat support or whatnot.

You know, you can't really expect people to be playing like very ranked; however, the spawn delays, after you've been killed and wiped and you don't get revived, can be insane. Sometimes I feel like if enemies are pushing into your spawn and they are winning the game, it should be less. Overall. I feel like everyone spawns way too far away after dying, and I do feel like the respawn delay should be reduced significantly, because at the end of the day, it is a casual fun game mode where it's just pure chaos, but most of the time it just feels so one-sided that you're either dominating or getting your ass absolutely handed to you, and we had it the other night where the enemy team nearly fully got into our spawn.

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I think they're about halfway. Just over halfway, we managed to take it back before the time limit ran out and then score the win, but we would have lost otherwise, like they were completely handing our asses to us the entire game, and it's primarily because once we die and we've been so chaotic trying to get back to the platform, we die, and then we've got like an insane respawn delay where it's near enough 30 seconds.

I'm not entirely sure how the time limit works when it comes to respawn delays. Obviously, team WIP is pretty obvious, and if you get team wipe God, you're done there enough, but personally, I feel like the respawn delay should be reduced significantly. You should spawn a hell of a lot closer, especially.

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If the enemies are getting closer and closer to winning a game because it gives you less of a fighting chance, all of this gets trumped even more when they have two or three mediums and two heavys. If you have two mediums, maybe three. I personally would say two is enough because you have two APS systems, and me, you got two Heavies; they're putting down Dome Shields; they're using Mes Shields f for the clear meta; and then you got one other spare player; they can play as either a medium or a heavy, but it's not really more of a pain when a playing EV one because they're both pretty annoying, but yeah, it's just like aps's.


I don't really know how embar can really balance this out but as I said earlier with the whole spawn systems when you're spawning closer you'd be spawning with less of a delay I feel like it would help a tremendous amount and considering it is a casual game mode and it's chaotic fundamentally ver the nature of it I feel like it should be more casual you should be able to respawn quicker get to the point quicker and just fight like you're fighting for your lives but not in the sense of you're playing like it's ranked, cuz that's really where all the Tactical team playing comes in with the aps's, the Dome Shields and the mes Shields because you can just sit on there and you can just completely hold that point and whether the fifth person is a medium or a heavy let's say anyway you've got two mediums they're just using their healing beams on everyone if you got three mediums Obviously, they've probably got another APS down and another healing beam.

If you get another heavy, that's just another dome shield and another mesh shield. I mean, I feel like, personally, embarrassment could even just increase. The gadget redeployment, Time, is purposely for this game mode and only applies in this game mode. I feel that would help an absolute ton when it comes to fighting this clear and obvious matter.

CU on the first few days of release was actually really fun, and now that I don't know it, it does stress me out quite a bit, even if we have a full five-man squad. It does feel like we're playing a tournament, type mode, because of the clear matter, and I know obviously some people aren't going to agree with me on this.

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I do personally feel like Horizon plays the best when it comes to people's shifts. I know obviously this was only recently added to regular power shift because we had like the Bunny Easter game mode and Horizon was featured on that, but Horizon definitely isn't as bad, and I feel like it's a hell of a lot easier to get to the platform, so this is another point.

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I just wanted to make the platform go very high sometimes because of the destruction of the buildings and stuff, which can make it extremely hard to get to. I personally feel like maybe the walls could be a little bit lower, on the platform, and potentially. Even a little bit lower I know obviously that might mess up the flow of the map sometimes but I feel like it could go higher when it goes through buildings and then when it's out in the open, it could go a bit lower cuz sometimes it does shoot up in the air quite a bit after it comes out of the building, it's already up in the air and it's sort of floating quite high and it can be really hard to get to and I know you can use mediums with jump pads and such and stuff like that but once it's decimated, for a building, and there's near enough no way to get on top of it from that building, it can just be a bit iffy sometimes that's more of just like a small little nag again some people probably won't agree some of you might but that's just my opinion another small gripe as well.

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