The Finals - Extra Contestant Slot. New Tier 3 Ee Found. Useful S2 Tips


The finals just got some brand new developer updates, as well as some major updates to the Easter egg hunting scene. We have some additional information and some FAQs around the Discord quest for those who are confused, as well as some other useful tips for some in-game knowledge, and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today. We're checking out all things final. Okay, so first up, we had some neat tricks and some FAQs over some of the current stuff that's happening, so first and foremost, we'll go over that new trick, which is if you spam the contestant. Slot button: you'll have to remove one slot, but once you create one, if you spam the button to actually get to create a contestant.

I would recommend doing this with a controller, as I had difficulties with the mouse and keyboard; it seemed a bit odd or didn't work right the first time. However, if you do plug in a controller, it seems to work every single time, and you could just spam the a button or the x button depending on what console or controller platform you're using, which will allow you to get a seventh contestant.


slot So of course, people who wanted additional outfits and wanted more slots there should help a lot. So yeah, it's just something small, and I think that it's going to help a lot of people get that new additional seventh slot for their contestants, as well as people who wanted to have additional outfit slots and more for their fashion stuff and their drip.

This should help you with that, so I hope you can get this glitch working again. This was discovered by B hatches over on the reddits. I'll link down to his post if you want to see how he does it, or you can watch my footage that I've been showing. I also quickly want to jump over to the Discord Quest as well as the FAQ.

A lot of people have been concerned about the tracking stuff as well as how the Discord quests have been tracked. When I first made that article, there was not this entire FAQ section that Embark had provided. As well as the article that they discussed and disclosed. I actually had my article out before the official 15-second article that Embark showcased, and they've also had an additional article with Oscar explaining it in depth.


I'll go over it briefly. The FAQ section of course you accept the quest through Discord as we've seen before however the part that I didn't go over was how to redeem the actual code which was through the Imark ID or ID Embark, games you head over to the website link you need to paste the code in the redeem gift code section and then you hit redeem and the next time you start the game up you will have that gift in the reward there again they do go over here that this is only for the PC version so you won't be able to use the mobile app or the any other app on the Xbox or Playstation, you also unfortunately will not be able to use GeForce now again this really isn't on Embark this is actually on Discord not being able to track those different platforms, as I assume especially with GeForce Now, when you screen share, you're only able to screen share your desktop, or you're only able to screen share through the GeForce application.


Which again would not be able to Showcase Discord that's playing the finals or showcasing that it can track the finals through there and it seems like councils do have limitations, there with Discord or they do have limitations with the app overall, so again I wouldn't really put this on in bark this isn't their fault they're just trying to do some promo work and unfortunately Discord doesn't have the capability to track through those other platforms now again this does end in just over a week on April 16th, at 11:59.

P m utc, so right before the April 17th date and also those reward codes that they do give through the Discord application will expire on May 30th. I will let you guys know if I want to give one away or if I can give one away again. We also did have that article by Oscar, which is the skill issue Quest.


Another note here about Oscar is that he might be potentially in the top 200 players in the world on the leaderboards. Again, this isn't confirmed or denied at this moment, but there is an Embark. Oscar is on the leaderboards; currently, some people say it's him. However, this was a pretty highly upvoted post, so I figured I would cover that at least again.

Basically, confirm from that different Embark ID that this is probably someone else imitating a developer again; more than likely, that's probably why they're switching to the Embark ID system, as well as just that Steam names aren't as regulated as in most games. We actually had a really cool tip here for the data reshaper order, which is POGERS p o g RS.

So pink, orange, green, red, and smoke, which again is the order of what the data reshaper will change an object into, or what it will change those canisters into when you do reshape them; as someone mentioned here, it could be pink, orange, scen, red, and then silver instead of smoke. However, it's still really cool that someone figured this out.


That it's poggers, in that order, there's definitely a useful tip to figure out what you're going to get when you do data reshaping, especially those canisters. We also had this post here where they opened the game and were greeted with the new ranking league update. People still had questions on why they were greeted with the rank system thing here, where if you haven't opened up the game since the recent update, you will actually see the screen, and this will be a false league rank or league rank update.

So currently, this is a bug with the recent update, but they wanted to push it out in time, so if you see this, you launch up, and it's a different rank than what you are currently. Just know that that's a bug right now, and that will be fixed later on. We also did have a huge update from another fellow creator called Rockon Black.


If you haven't checked out his content, it's really cool. He does a lot of Easter egg stuff over there and a lot of stuff with the finals lore, and everything covers it way more in depth than I could ever, or at least that I have in the past, and he actually did cover a major Easter egg update. This is something people have been trying to discover for a very long time: things that will happen in games that they've been trying to get and discover, but here he shows off the sunset.

The dolphin Easter egg that was unlocked was the final. So if you want to know how to do this Easter egg and all that stuff there, I'm going to let Rockon Black cover it, so I'm going to send you over to his article. It's definitely cool to see another creator cover a completely different medium of the game or at least a different section of it.

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