35 Tips And Tricks For The Finals


In this article, I'm going to be sharing with you 35 tips and tricks for the finals. The first one is going to be window-hopping. You want to stand on the ledge of any window and then look up and just hold down the space bar, and you can vault to the next window on the next floor. That's going to save you a lot of time.

You can rotate the medium turret by pressing the right click or the aim button continuously. Jumping after using a zipline helps you carry your momentum forward and makes you go a great deal further. So if I throw a gas grenade. I can actually throw a pyro grenade to get rid of the gas, and if I want to get rid of the fire.

I can throw a smoke grenade to get rid of that, and if I want to get rid of the smoke. I can throw a gas grenade, which will eliminate the smoke. So there's a counter to each of those things, if you didn't know that. And similarly, if you throw a goo grenade, fire will set that goo on fire, and it will burn it.

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For every throwable item, you actually have two ways of throwing it: you can left-click to throw it quite far or you can right-click to throw it short, which is going to be very useful in a lot of situations. The healing beam actually has a health bar on it to show when it's going to run out of charge and when it's going to need to overheat, and that's going to happen when it reaches the top of the health bar.

You can do $50 in damage with the defibrillator. You can use the goo gun to tower up to hard-to-reach places; you can also use it to make a bridge; throwing the vault at someone will do damage. Imagine you have your pyrogrenade equipped, but you want your primary weapon equipped instead. You can actually press one to equip your primary weapon and then pick the vault straight back up.

This will help you have a faster reaction time if you end up coming across someone throwing a goo. Barrel will make a line of goo in a straight line; however, if you shoot a goo Barrel, it will be more clumped up. If you use an evasive dash into a jump pad, you will get a fair bit more distance. If an enemy is hiding in a forest area, you can just throw fire into it, and that will eventually set that area of forest on fire.


You can place the medium turret on certain objects and then pick up that object to have a movable turret. If you time it right, you can backstep an enemy while using the evasive dash. Most of the weapons in this game have a recoil pattern, meaning you could learn how to aim your guns better if you learn the recoil pattern and can be as accurate as this.

All throwables will work on jump pads. Smoking or throwing an object like a table or chair at someone will do damage. You can put C4 or breach charges on these explosive red barrels, throw them at an enemy, and then blow them up for a devastating amount of damage. You can also add things like explosive mines and pyom mines to make the explosion even more devastating.

You probably know that you can destroy a zip line by hitting it twice. What you might not know is that you can do the same thing if you hit the bottom of the zip line. You can use the heavy-charged Slam in midair for a devastating ground pound that will break floors and also do damage to players.

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None of the shotguns in this game have headshot multipliers, meaning you might as well just aim for the body since it's probably going to be easier. This goes for grenade launchers as well. You'll see these buttons around the various maps in the finals; follow their chords, and you will be able to see what they do.

If a teammate is taking damage from gas, you can actually use the healing beam to heal them the same amount that the gas is doing. If a teammate is taking damage from fire, you can heal them more than the fire is doing. Damage: shooting these big red squares that hang from the ceilings spawns barrels.

The red ones will spawn these barrels, and the yellow ones will spawn the fire barrels. The pink ones will spawn the goo barrels. The gray ones will SP spawn the smoke barrels, and the green ones will spawn the gas barrels. Imagine you're fighting someone with a heavy shotgun. It's going to be good to use all of your shots on them even if they die after the first hit like this so that when you start shooting someone next, you're not caught off guard by only being able to shoot one bullet.


Pairing the heavy sledgehammer with the charge and slam can allow you to catch up to medium- and even-light players in certain situations. That is going to be it for this article.

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