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And welcome back to another article. So guys, today we are doing a quick beginner guide for the finals. This is a new first-person shooter game that was released this week. It's cross-platform, it's free to play, and it's also available on PS5, Xbox X and S, and also on PC. So if you like what you see in this article, definitely go ahead and check it out.

It's a free game, so you don't have anything to lose, and I can tell you guys, it's actually pretty fun as well. The menu of this game is pretty simple, and I would say it also looks a lot like a lot of other games these days, which is no issue. In the middle, you have your character; you can invite your friends from here as well.

On the left, you have some news and also some challenges that you can complete to level up faster. On the right, you have play; if you choose this, you have three options. The first one is quick play, and under quick play, you have two game modes right now in the game, so first, let's take a look at Quick Cash.

In this game mode, you have three teams, each with three players. And what you have to do in this game mode is you have to steal a vault full of money. You have to take this to one of the deposit boxes, and you have to wait for the money to get deposited.

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Will win the game, so the first team to successfully deposit the money into the deposit boxes twice will win the game, so the first thing that you have to do is go to the vault. By the way, there's always just one vault at a time, so every team will kind of battle for this vault. You have to open it, wait for it to open, and then you can take it, and then you just bring it to one of the boxes that looks like this.

After you deposit the money or after you put it in this box, there is a timer. And during this time, you will have to protect the deposit box, and you will have to make sure that no one steals your deposit, because it could be that right before the timer goes off, another team steals your deposit, and then they will get the entire $10,000.

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In this game mode and in this game in general, I have to say everything is very fast. Everyone is always battling for the same thing, so in this game mode, it's either the vault or the deposit box, and you also have three teams, which makes it annoying sometimes because you can have battles between two teams, and then you will have a third team that just jumps on top of it and might just run away with all of the money at the end without really doing a lot of effort.

In this game, there is always a cooldown. By the way, before you can respawn in the quick-play game modes, you can respond infinitely in the tournament game modes. There is a limit to this, of course. If a teammate revives you, then you will respond instantly, and then, of course, it will go faster.

So at the end of this game mode, if a team reaches 20, the moment that they reach 20K, they will win, and then the game is over. The second game mode that we have under quick play is called bankit. This one is four teams of three players, so even more battles will be ruined by another team that just jumps on it.

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In this game mode again, we will have to collect money, and again we have to deposit it, but this time it's not a vault or a box that you have to deposit, but it's actually coins. There's two ways of getting these coins: either you kill someone, and if you kill them, you will get all the coins that they were carrying; if they weren't carrying any coins, then you will just get one coin just for killing them; and the second way is by opening vaults, so in this game mode, you can actually open the boxes, and then you will just get coins out of them; each coin, by the way, is $1, 000.

After you get the coins, you can go ahead and go to a deposit box. You can deposit the coins, and then they will be on the balance of your team, kind of the first team to have 40K. You will win this game mode. I think the most important thing in this game mode of banking is that you bank your money as fast as you can.

So I would say anything above 3K, go to a deposit box, and put it in there so that your team will have the money. If you get killed, you will drop all of your money and someone else will steal it, and then your team has nothing. Of course, when you go to a deposit box, always be careful because this is kind of the perfect location for other teams to steal your coins.


So this is basically the two quickplay game modes. I would recommend that if you're a beginner, try to play these two as much as possible, and then after you have played 10 games. I think you will unlock tournaments, and then after 50 games. I think you will unlock ranked tournaments, but I haven't even unlocked myself.

The tournaments are, of course, very fun as well. It's three rounds in total, and you start off with eight teams. Then, in the second round, it's four teams, and then in the final, it's just one team; each team has three players. The game mode that you play in the tournaments is similar to Quick Cash, except this time there are two vaults at the same time, and your team will also get some money if they, for example, open the vaults, which is not the case in Quick Cash.


But basically, just quick cash with two vaults at the same time, so again, you have to steal a vault, bring it to a deposit box, and then you have to protect it and make sure that no one steals it. Another thing that's different in tournaments is that if your team gets wiped out, then you will lose 30% of your money in the quick-play game modes.

This is not the case, but in tournaments, it's very important that your entire team doesn't die at the same time. Of course, in quick play, this is also important, but in tournaments, it's even more important. In the final, the game mode changes a bit, and then it's just the first team that reaches 20K.

In the other rounds, it's just the teams that have the most money at the end of the timer, but in the final, it's the first team that reaches 20,000. The next thing we can take a look at are the different types of contestants. First of all, we have the light one. The light one obviously will be faster than the other two, but it also has less health; it only has 150.

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HP, while the medium one has 250, and the heavy one has. 350 the first specialization that you have for the light one is the grappling hook. It makes you move fast, and you can climb buildings with it, and I have to say that in this game, this is pretty important because you have a lot of tall buildings.

Later on, if you like the light contestant, you can also unlock the cloaking device, which will make you invisible for a period, or the evasive dash, which will actually give you a speed boost, which will make you even faster. As weapons, you can have a SMG, you can have a sniper rifle, and you can also actually have a sword, so if you see people running around with a sword, it's the light contestant.

hey guys, here is a quick beginners guide for the finals, a new free to play game.
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