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Family guys, listen up! In today's article, we are going to talk about eight tips that will take your game play to the next level. All of these tips, starting from the first one all the way to the last one, are very important, so if you really want to get good at the game, buckle up and let's jump right into it.

Tip number one, ladies and gentlemen, is to play to your strengths. Well, this means that you need to understand your class and exactly what it's good at. I see so many medium players just rush in alone or in heavy classes, not caring about their team at all. Light classes are trying to play like tanks.

All these things will get you killed and cost your team the game. If you're a medium player, you are a support character. Yes, you can clutch with gunplay, but your mission is to help your team with support fire. Create openings and drop zip lines. Jump pads, and use them whenever you have to. Medium is an amazing class if played correctly, so master it and you will destroy people from all ranges.

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If you're a heavy player, you stick with the team and use your shields for your teammates to either shoot through it and get easy kills or protect them with shields when you need to prevent one of the teammates destruction. Obviously, this is your friend, so go crazy; don't just roam around the map alone; you simply do not have the speed to get out of some crazy situations, and as a light class, please stop running into battles without flanking.

Your style is to get into a fight, deal damage, fully reset, and go back in. If you get a kill, don't get greedy; get out, fully recover, and keep repeating. Of course, there will be situations when you end up behind two characters who don't see you. So, sure, go ahead and take them both out, but if you're in a 1v2 and you manage to get one kill and the other guy is shooting, you just get out and recover.

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Tip number two: movement. Strafing is going to be your friend whether you want it or not while shooting, and please don't forget bunny hopping; it makes people miss their shots. That's exactly what you want to be doing. Sometimes even a simple crouch in the middle of a fight will win you the encounter, and guys, when you're reloading, please don't stand still and slide around like an absolute madman as you're waiting for the animation to end so your enemy misses shots.

When you're done with the reload, get back into the fight. Let's move on to tip number three. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important tips. Your mentality is everything. Be real with yourself. If you don't have the mindset of a champion, you are not going to get better; you're not going to grow as a player.

So what is this mindset? If you lose 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3, it doesn't really matter instead of blaming the game, saying he was lucky, or just in general finding any kind of excuse. Focus on what you could have done better, identify the mistakes, and fix them one by one. Analyze the fights and ask yourself, What could I have done better?

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You know, and slowly but surely fix those mistakes. Once you start doing this. I promise you guys will understand that you are getting much better with time, and yeah, we're all humans, so this will take time, but at the end of the day, it will work and it will affect your gameplay. Some of the most valuable experiences and improvements can be found in losses, so yeah, honestly, this is one of the most important things.

If you want to start winning, change your mindset. Tip number four: Let them fight. I really can't say this enough. This is also very important. A lot of teams go from a fight into a fight into another fight nonstop. Don't be one of those teams, okay, especially in ranked. Sometimes, if you see two teams pushing in, let them start the fight and push them right after.

This will create a lot of openings and get you easy team wipes all day long. Play smart as a team, and your win count will skyrocket. If you have an opportunity and two teams are going in, just make a call. Guys, we're not going to push in. Let's give them a few seconds here. Let them get into it, and then we find an opening.

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You can actually give them time to maybe take out each other. Maybe one team gets one kill, the other team gets two kills, and boom, you get in, and you just wipe both of those teams in a matter of seconds. So you really have to play smart, and sometimes it's kind of hard to control that because you really want to get into action.

I absolutely understand that, but if you manage your emotions and get into those fights exactly when you need to, you're just going to start winning more. Tip number five: Take one fight at a time. I see so many players get into a fight and get a kill, and then even though they have time, they don't wait for recovery; they go back in instantly with like 40 HP against the heavy class with Max HP.

That is precisely what you should be doing after you fully recover. That's when you go back in and remember that you also are going to have the information of where you killed the enemy player, which can make the other enemy player's decisions predictable.

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And all these things need to be used to your advantage, so yeah, remember one fight at a time. Obviously, there are going to be some situations where you get behind three people, so right there and then you can deal as much damage as possible by throwing a gas grenade or a frag grenade. Go crazy with your weapon; maybe even wipe all three of them, but the point is, if you're going into a straight fight in a 1v1, always take one fight at a time.

Tip number six: don't get the team wiped. This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is also very important if you are the last guy standing. Especially in a ranked game, please don't ego challenge; just get out and let your team res because if you do ego challenge and you die, you are going to cost your team tons of points, and that is the last thing you want to happen, so always try to pay attention, even if you're playing solo and you don't have callouts.

If your teammates do get killed, give them some time to respawn. Tip number seven: use cover. There are so many players out there that get into gunfights without having any kind of cover, so imagine you're in a gunfight. You manage to melt one of the enemy players. You absolutely destroy that player, but you also take damage.

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If, right after the fight, you don't have any kind of cover, there's a high chance you get absolutely destroyed. So even before you get into a gunfight, while you are going through the map, move from cover to cover. If you do get into a fight without expecting it, you have something to get behind so you don't take extra damage, or even worse, just get melted in a split second.

BEST TIPS AND TRICKS TO GET BETTER AT THE FINALS, make sure to use these tips to become a better player.
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