16 Aiming Tips And Tricks To Improve The Finals


Then you need to watch these 16 aiming tips and tricks in the finals. All of these will work on both keyboard and controller, and they will take your aim to the next level. Tip number one: lower your sensitivity. Using a relatively slow sense, whether you are a controller player or a keyboard, will almost always improve your aim.

This is because it allows you to make more similar adjustments to your aim and avoid overshooting your target. Now, you could make the argument that high sensitivity is required for some movement techniques, but at the end of the day, hitting your shots is almost always more important than any sort of movement.

Tech you can pull off if you want precise, consistent aim Lower your sensitivity and follow the next step. Tip number two Learn where to look when aiming at your enemies. Should your eyes be glued to the crosshairs or the enemies you are trying to shoot? Well, it depends. If the enemy is far away from you, I will say to look at your crosshair while aiming because it allows you to focus on lining up your shots.

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If the enemy is closer to you, look at them while aiming so you can better adjust to their movement. The exact distance itself is more of a preference, and depending on the weapon you are going to be using, it will be different. But what will never change is the importance of the next tip on this list, tip number three: master your crosshair placement.

So crosshair placement is very simple in theory: always keep your crosshair when an enemy is likely to walk into it. It makes sense, right? The closer the cross is to the enemy before you start aiming, the fewer adjustments you will have to make. Most players have terrible crosshair placement and the bad habit of running around and staring at the ground.

Stop this the enemies aren't going to pop up over the ground, so raise your crosshairs and improve your aim. Tip number four Warm up before playing; it doesn't have to be anything over the top, but 5 minutes in practice range or one quick match will get you warmed up fast, and you will play better in the following matches.


Tip number five: keep fire more often. Now, most of the time, your aim will be better when you aim downward, but you can't ignore the importance of hit firing. Every time you aim downward, your movement speed will slow down in close-range battles. You need to find the balance between aiming and movement.

If you don't get killed, you want to be able to move faster while you are shredding your enemies. So that's why HP's firing is so good. All weapons do have different hip fire spray patterns, but you would be surprised at how effective some of the weapons can be without needing ads, and there is also little technique you can use to have perfect accuracy while hip.

You want to start by firing your weapon while aiming downward and then turn back to hip firing. Your first three to seven bullets, depending on the weapon, will be the same as if you were the Ste ads, then you can aim downside again and repeat this until you have to reload both of these tricks so that you can stray faster while you are in ads, so the enemies will have difficulty shooting you, but if that doesn't help you, you need to start thinking about tip number six.

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Slow down and take your time. A lot of players, especially when their rank is on the line, tend to rush through their actions and make mistakes. You will run onto their screen, and they will blow through all of their ammo. Slow down and focus on making the most of each bullet. If you are using a sniper, take your time and aim for the head so you can deal the most damage possible.

If you are using an automatic weapon like the MP5, try to engage in close range and start firing when you do this. Tip number seven: screen centering. The idea is that instead of aiming downside and then dragging your aim to the enemy, you want to get the enemy centered onto your screen and then aim downside, since your sensitivity is much lower while aiming downside.

This will speed up the aiming process. Tip number eight Learn to recoil the pattern of your most used weapons. The most basic way you can do this is to get into practice mode and shoot the VA. You should be able to see the pattern on your screen. Now control your recoil. All you have to do is move the aiming input in the opposite direction.


If you look at the AK recoil pattern, it kicks up to the right control. In recoil, all you need to do is pull down to the left. Keep in mind that Embar does like to change the pattern slightly in their updates, but no matter what the pattern is, you can abuse the way the game is coded. Tip number nine: recoil smoothing.

So normally, when you shoot most weapons, they kick up vertically, and it's harder to just pull down your aim instead of standing still and trying to spray down. Move your character left or right with this motion. Now you don't have to pull down your aim, and you also need to adjust horizontally.

But this gives us an advantage: we become harder to eat, plus you can spray better. Diagonal aim movements are always easier for our anatomy than doing vertical moves. Tip number 10: It might sound weird, but sit closer to your monitor or TV. When you are closer to the screen, the game takes up more of your field of view.

You can see the small details in the game easier, and of course there will be fewer distracting things on your site. If you are going to sit closer to your monitor, it will improve your aim, but you will have to follow the next tip on the list. Tip number 11 Take breaks to avoid fatigue. I have finally noticed after years of playing FPS games that I always play the best in the first few matches of the day.

I will eventually just go offline. This is because you can build up a lot of fatigue, and your aim will worsen as your fatigue builds up. What I do is play until I start making poor decisions and missing my shots, then I will take a break and go do something else away from the game. After that, you will return to the game with full focus and a better aim.

If taking a break doesn't help you lock in your aim, follow tip number 12. Change your crosshair. When you play the same game for hours, you will start to auto-pilot while aiming. What I love to do to concentrate is to change my crosshair settings. As soon as you change your crosshair settings colors, the game has a different feel, which forces you to pay attention.

Tip number 13: Imagine high-quality equipment. A good monitor, mouse, or control controller won't make or break your aim, but poor-quality equipment will hold you back from reaching your full potential. You don't need to go out of your way to spend a ton of money on the greatest gear, but if you have some money to spare, instead of spending it all on skins or other stuff, maybe you want to buy a new controller or upgrade your monitor.

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