10 Of The Biggest Tips And Tricks For The Finals


The Finals is a destructive shooter that has become very popular. It's usually fun, but it can get annoying when you consistently lose. That's why in this article, I'm giving you 10 of the biggest tips and tricks for the Finals. Let's get into it. The number one tip I have for the finals and the most important one is to play with your friends or on an actual dedicated team; do not play with randoms.

I repeat, do not play with randoms. There is voice chat in the finals, but nobody uses it. Most randoms are not at the desired skill level you would want them to be at; they usually won't help out as much as you want them to. If you don't have any friends, I suggest maybe hopping into a Definite Finals Discord server and finding some teammates that you enjoy playing with.

Tip number two: not using the right equipment. The final pan gives you a wide selection of equipment that fits with multiple play styles, so make sure you're using the right equipment. If you want to win lights, you have the most weapons, and all of them are good, but I would recommend using the XP54 v9s and the SH1 1900 for your specialization.

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You can honestly do whatever you want, but make sure you're using it according to the map. I usually always run the cloak. For you medium players, I feel the best thing to run is the healing beam because it can really help your teammates survive long enough for the cash out to be finished. For medium guns, you should run the 1998 F-Car model.

The AKM F-Car will kill faster, but it's harder to use because of the 20-mag size. The shots in this game are insane. Massive damage when used in model 1998. The AKM is more useful for medium- to long-range encounters. It has a large mag size and a decent fire rate. For the heavy build, I'll run whatever specialization you want, but charge and slam are the worst.

The goo gun is very useful for blocking off areas and creating defense, and the shield will protect you and your teammates. The M60 is good for damage but has a lot of recoil. I would run the Lewis gun if you're a beginner. The SA1 1216 is good if you're very close to your opponents. The MGL 32 has good damage when you hit direct shots, but it's hard to aim with, so it's probably not the best pick, and the flamethrower has very good damage and fire rate, but the range is very short.

Low, Tip number three: learn recoil patterns. This tip can also go with learning weapons and equipment, but most of the time you're going to be using the guns and Guns in the finals have recoiled. If you don't know what this means, guns will move away from where you're aiming. It would always go the same way in the finals to counteract this inaccuracy.

You can move your mouse or controller the opposite way that the recoil is going, for example, so if the recoil is going up, pull your mouse down or your stick down. The finals do not have a hard time controlling the recoil, so you can learn how your equipment works and start melting your enemies from afar.

Also, learn how your equipment works and get creative. Tip number four: get the best settings. I hope that when the finals send you to the settings When you first came into the game, you actually changed your settings, especially audio and controls. Footsteps in the finals are extremely easy to hear.

When you start actually listening to enemy footsteps, you will start to notice a lot more things, and with this, you need to have the right settings in audio. I would turn the music off, but that's optional if you really like the music. Just keep it on. Just make sure you will be able to hear things that are happening in the game as well.

I personally think the finals are too loud for me, so my master volume is a little lower than what you should probably have. I will turn SFX down a little bit to make sure you can hear other things as well. Now, for dialogue volume, turn this down to 60. This will actually go with another tip in this article, so make sure to keep this on for the output mode.

You should usually have it on stereo or headphones. Crosshairs are also extremely important. You can go with whatever color you want, but I would pause the article and copy this to yours. Game tip number five: listen to the announcers. The announcers might seem useless, but they hold key information about what is going on during the match.

The announcers tell you that when there is one person left on the team before they are wiped, there is only one left. When a team is wiped out, that's a blow to the Retros team. When a team opens a vault, the shs are busy busting into the vault, and more. You don't have to have this extremely loud, but the information that they give can most definitely help you out in your games, people, but you don't use them much.

Well, you're making a huge mistake. Using throws is one of the most important things in the finals. Using throws, you can defend the cash out, destroy walls to rotate faster, wipe enemy teams, protect your cash out, and more. It's crucial that you use them, but even more important is if you're using them correctly.

You know about the goo canisters that are lying around; you can pick them up and use them to create a defense around your cash out. You can also use them to block off enemy teams chasing you. You're about to die, and a team is about to steal the cash. At the last second, throw a toxin near the cashout.

Any team that tries to steal it will die before four. You need to go through a wall. Use the explosive. I'm going to give you tips for every throwable. I've already given you tips for the toxin, so let's move on to the flammable canister. When you pick it up and throw it, you will notice it takes a while to explode.

You can ignore this by picking it up and meleeing it three times, then throwing it and shooting it. This will allow you to control when it explodes. Now a tip for the explosive canister: have you ever thrown it at something and it just flew away? Well, you can actually use it in close range. If you pick it up, throw it, and as soon as you do, click the button or bind to pick it up again.

This will allow you to use it at close range, but beware if you hold it for too long; it will explode in your hand. Powder might seem useless, but when you throw it at flames, it will make them disappear. The same thing happens when you throw a flame at it. Toxin, tip number seven: destroying buildings for better positioning.

When you're at a cash out, you can use throwables or equipment to make holes and reposition the cash out. This could be useful if you're trying to throw grenades at enemies from above. You make a hole above the ceiling, and then you can just start to shoot and chuck equipment at the other contestants.

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