How To Counter Heavy With Every Class The Finals


In this article. For example, double heavy medium will always beat double medium heavy just because you will have a lot more utility tool work with you having double the MH Shield and double the bubble. Maybe you're running Goo Gun, and it's going to be incredibly difficult to win the fight against a double heavy as a single heavy.

Also, you have to take weapon choices into consideration; for example, Lou Gun will always lose to Shotgun. If the shotgun player will be able to close up the distance, the Louis gun player will have to juke around using the mass shield, and ultimately, he's just going to die from cringe sooner or later, so how would I personally approach a mirror fight when it comes to heavy versus heavy when we speak about ranked Usually, when you are rotating, you will catch a heavy player holding the nuke, and the easiest way to actually save yourself and your team from the nuke is to hold your mes shield or place a bubble just in time, so the person that's throwing the nuke would have to burst all the damage into your shields.

I understand that it's incredibly, incredibly. Unreliable, so another thing that you can do is that you can try to RPG; the nuke will allow you to blow up a person really. Quickly and even if you miss, the blast radius is so freaking big. At heavy is going to die perhaps he's going to kill his teammate in the process as well it's also really important to note that if a person is holding the nuke you can always try to shoot it I found it very easy to shoot a person that's holding the gas Barrel especially if he's rotating in the open and I found it incredibly, difficult to kill a person that's holding a red nuke so what are you going to do about it if you don't have the mesh if you don't have the RPG on you what are you supposed to do in a heavy versus heavy mirror matchup to save yourself from that deadly weapon of cringe that hopefully sooner or later is going to be fixed you just hold your ground and keep the distance between you I understand that it's really difficult because.

The essence of this game is to play around the objective, and sooner or later, there is no longer going to be an option to keep the distance between you and the person, but then again, you just wait for your cooldowns to cycle, and then you strike again. Another thing that you can do is bait out the nuke.

You can pretend that you are going through a choke and then quickly go back, let him waste his nuke, and then strike again. A few interesting tips that I wish I knew sooner in a heavy versus heavy mirror matchup are that you don't want to burst his mes shield; instead, you just want to press W and destroy him because you have such a high difference between your movement speed that you will always be faster while you are sprinting in comparison with the person that's holding the mes shield; he's jumping; or vice versa if you find yourself.

In the opposite situation, when you are getting pushed and you need to win some time for your teammates, the best thing you can do is slide with your mesh. Shield will allow you to buy some time and break some ankles on your opponents because they usually never expect you to do stuff like this. When trying to play medium against heavy, it's incredibly important to understand your possibilities and limitations.

Make sure that you keep your distance and understand that if you are out of position, out of cooldowns, out of ammo, or out of teammates, that can help you in a second, or you will die from cringe. There are a few defensive options that you can use in order to semic counter heavy and make his life a little bit worse than it is right now.

First and foremost, you have an APS turret, a great and amazing tool that will completely get rid of the bubbles. RPGs c4s and C4 cringe on a barrel. This is going to be incredibly important for you to play APS, especially double medium composition, when you have one medium with Recon, which is scouting, which is looking for isolated targets, and then you are walking your dog on a leash, which is the heavy player.

You are holding hands with him, and you are making sure that you enable him with movement while he enables you with protection. You want to place your APS as soon as you approach the destination where you want to fight. And if you see that there is no fight going on around or you want to move the fight a little bit further or a little bit back, you can always pick up your APS and save yourself.

It's very important to understand that you have to keep the distance between you and a heavy player. You have a little bit of an advantage when it comes to AK and Scar versus the Louis gun and a great advantage when it comes to AK or Scar versus the shotgun, but then again, it's really, really easy to close the distance on you with jump pads and zip lines from enemy medium, so it's going to be a massive problem for you.

Outside of that, I highly advise you to burst the bubbles and shields of enemy heavy players so your team can follow it up with raw HP damage on them. Outside of that, there is not much you can do. Try to keep the distance. Try to play with your heavy and make sure that he is saving yourself and himself from the nuke, and pray to God that the heavy class is going to get nerfed.

I feel like when we speak about the light versus heavy matchup, it's safe to say that it's going to be the most miserable time in this game. But also, they will uncloak you, so even if medium hits one bullet, it's really easy to go for combined damage and heavy player; it's just going to be RPG, it's going to pre-bubble, and it's just going to make your life as miserable as you possibly can.

Also. I have to remind you that we are not playing Call of Duty: Deathmatch; we are playing the finals, which is a game that heavily relies on your ability to play around the objective, and light class is the worst at playing around the objective. You don't have HP, you don't have sustain, you don't have burst damage, and you don't have anything to help your team defend or steal the cash out.

So there are a few ways to actually counter heavy players while you are playing on light you can go for, A double barrel you can two tap heavy, you can two tap medium, and you can one tap light. You can go for stun guns; you can stun enemies out of their nukes; you can stun mediums and quickly two-upab them; or you can go for glitch grenades.

Let's go one by one when we talk about double barrels. I feel like it is going to be a very difficult kind of mission for you to try and get close to people because of Recon. Another option is XM5, or MP5, whatever this guy is called, and you will get completely out of DPS by both heavyweights and mediumweights with Recon with this weapon.

Here is the easiest yet most effective way to counter heavy with heavy, medium and light in the finals.
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