How To Counter Every Class The Finals



If you've played the finals for more than a day, you know how frustrating some of the interactions between different classes can be, from being shot by a shotgun to being tased by an invisible man and killed before you can say a word. We've all been there, and if you haven't, you should watch this article twice to save me some trouble.

Hi, I'm crazy, and in this article, I'm going to be going over how to counter every class in the finals.

Countering light

Starting with the light class, some universal counters that all classes can use are using your numbers. With the light build having the least amount of health in the game at only 150, they're very easy to take out with a headshot or focus fire.


Next is to not chase them while they have the vault. With all the movement abilities the light has, it's better not to chase them long distances; you're better off meeting them at the objective or cutting them off, and finally, the most important tip is to listen for the invisibility sound. The cloak is by far the best, most important, and most used ability of the lights.

This is the noise you'll hear while they're cloaked. Pay attention to these sound cues and watch your back, as that's the best way to get killed. Next are some ways to counter a light as a light. For starters, the stun gun gets the most value, giving you a free kill on opposing lights 99% of the time.

Wait, God, no not, 99.9, Jeez, sorry about that, guys. I'm not sure what that was all about. Where were we wrong? How to count a light as a light. Some great weapons you have are the pistol and the shotgun. The shotgun can do a maximum of 180 damage, giving you a big chance to One-shot other lights at close range, and the pistol melts, giving you a three- to five-shot kill at any range.


Some other counters you have are your health. With the same health pool as other lights, don't be afraid to take them in straight-up fights if you feel confident you have better aim than them. Moving on to some counters of medium has Your sonar grenades are by far your best option. As I mentioned earlier, most lights use cloaks, and sonar grenades are their biggest counter.

Speaking from experience, as I've played light the most, a well-played sonar grenade makes me useless and makes it extremely hard to get the jump on your opponent while being detected. Some other counters the medium has for lights are its mines and turrets. Most mines will on-shot the light, and turrets can shoot through the light's cloak, making it a very useful defensive ability.

Lastly, using your defib is very important, as it's very hard for lights to 2V1 when you stand tight to your teammate. And finally, moving on to the counters a heavy has versus a light A good heavy kit is the worst nightmare, as the whole kit pretty much hardens the counters. The first and most obvious is the health difference: get close to lights and do your damage.

They should never kill you in a straight-up fight, as long as you don't miss your whole clip. The shotgun is your best bet, but the LS gun is also a great choice. Next are the explosives you have at your disposal, from an RPG to C4s; these will destroy lights before they can even blink. The heaviest bubble shield is also extremely powerful against lights, as by the time they get close enough, you'll have had enough time to get good damage down on them or even kill them.

One last thing I recommend is not using your melee shield when you don't have your teammates behind you, as a light can get behind you relatively easily with its abilities. All right, moving on.

Countering medium

Countering medium

How to counter a medium: The medium's class is a great support class, making it very important to focus early into fights. If you see an enemy medium healing up his teammate, try to get an angle on them and shoot them without being exposed to their teammate. Some other tips against countering mediums are to not shoot their gas mines.

If possible, these do a ton of damage, and the guest will linger for a long time. It's easier for a light, but try to get behind these turrets and take them out that way, or if you're a light, use your glitch grenades, as this will work great. On to some tips a light has for countering mediums, and again, the stun gun is a great option as this completely disables a medium's abilities, and most importantly, the defib: Try to focus on hitting a stun as a medium's trying to rest; this will lead to a free kill and a huge revive denial.

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The glitch grenade is also a great option, as it disables all abilities and gadgets for a decent amount of time. And finally, the XP54 is the best weapon for a light for killing mediums, in my opinion. With your scopes, you can compete out of range with a big mag and good DPS. The XP54 is definitely your best bet.

Now onto the mirror matchup: a medium fighting another medium doesn't really have too many advantages other than skill in a straight-up 1 V. Other than that, make sure you're sticking with your teammates, as a medium is best when close to his team. Try to focus on a medium if he's separated from his team, as they don't have much movement besides the jump pad and maybe a zip line, both of which you can take to chase.

Some great weapons you have are the AKM and the revolver, although if there are a lot of lights in your lobby, I don't recommend the revolver. And finally, the best options Starting with the shield, the mes shield is actually better than the bubble in these situations, as, like I mentioned, mediums don't have great movement, making it very hard for them to get behind your shield before dying to your teammates or you.

Next is using your C4s on explosive barrels. A nice aim throw will lead to a free kill on a medium, as the barrel damage combined with the C4 is enough to take out a medium with ease. My last tip for heavies to kill mediums is to get as close as possible. Most medium-range weapons excel at range, making it very important to not get caught out in the open by a good medium.

Use building jump pads and zip lines to close the gap and do your damage.

Countering heavy

Countering heavy

All right And finally, we have some ways to counter Heavies. Starting us off, a great tip to counter heaviness is always aiming for the head. With such a big hit box, mixing some head shots in will greatly reduce your time to kill when facing these big guys. Practice aiming for the head against these guys, and you'll start winning a lot more straight-up 1v1 fights.

Next, I recommend trying to focus fire him and his bubble shield if possible. The bubble shield only has 300 HP in the latest patch, making it easy to take out with one clip of most weapons. If he is ever in a strong position and tries to go for steel in his bubble, simply focus fire him with one other teammate, and you should have enough bullets between the two of you to take him and his bubble down.

In this video Ill be going over how to counter every class in the finals with in depth tips for each class interaction.