The Finals - Full Macro Guide - How To Carry Solo Without Using Aim


I can see that there are many situations where players don't really know what the best option is, so due to time pressure, they usually choose the worst one, as you've probably already noticed in the finals. So let's start. If you want to be really aware of every player in the lobby, you need to gain as much information as possible ASAP.

That means don't AFK or alt-tab before the actual game starts, as when you are choosing your character, you can check your team equipment by pressing J. Also, check the old team compositions to not get surprised by getting instantly wiped by, for example, three in this light comp. If you are new to the game.

I strongly advise you to play every class at least three times with different guns and equipment, even when you know that the play style does not fit you, because then you can have a better understanding of your team decision-making throughout the game and all the equipment. In the finals, the most money you gain overall is through cashing out the cash box, but you can also gain it by activating vaults.


Stealing cash outs, putting cash boxes at cashout stations, and killing enemies first. The vault with the cash box always contains $10,000, and there are two of those at the start of the game. It is possible to put both cash boxes into one cashout, but remember that in that case, only one team will get all the gold, even if you put another cash box into another steam casual station.

I've seen a lot of people get confused by that, thinking they will steal the cash that is already in the station. Opening both following volts will give you 15K each, and next to 22K, in the final round, all three volts will contain 10K. Activating the vault will always give you the same amount, which is 1, 000 gold.

Putting cash into the Cash Out station will give you $10,000 in gold. Stealing from the Cash Out station will give you all the money it currently contains plus $3, 000. When it comes to killing the enemy, it will give you $200. And it is also possible to gain more in the death mat event. At the start of the game, two random teams are placed closer to the vault than the other two teams.

how to

Usually, if you are 50 to 100 meters from the cashbook from the start, that means you are closer. If there are around 150 in the closest cashbox, there will be a team ahead of you. The first fight is not that important or game-changing. At all, so I advise you to rush to the closest vault and skill-check the team you will encounter, but there are some things you need to know if you are on the team that got placed closer to the vault.

Rush to it and cash it, as this gives you 1, 000 gold. It does not seems to be many games that there will be many games that you will win or lose just by the difference of 100 gold, so it's always better to secure some extra gold if you don't feel like fighting early. You can also go to the cash-out station instead, or at least cut away from enemies so they can't put cash in without wiping your team.

I usually do the second thing, as if you decide to sneak into the casual station and set it up, you need to be really quiet so the enemies get trapped and insta WIP, or instead they can choose another casual station. This also requires good communication with your team, so if you are playing as a group of three, I advise you to set up the cash-out station.

the finals

If you're playing solo, just ping for a team to fight them halfway through in case you want to fight, and put the cash box in the cash out station. Set up the environment to your advantage. I can create a article for this and then track the enemies, then think of any possible way for enemies to get near you and think of how you can counter that.

If you know your medium has a scanner, for example, you can listen to his pinks; otherwise, just try to stay quiet and listen for any signs of enemies. The cash out station itself is very noisy, so try not to camp directly near it in case you lose the first fight and you need to steal the cash out.

Don't rush instantly for the closest, casual station; rather, look around and think through your best options; of course, the best time to check game situations. While you are on your dead screen, the next two vaults, which will contain 15K, are now really important to secure and cash. There will be games where the fights for the first two cash outs will take almost half of the game, so sometimes those are the last chances to gain leads.

The biggest mistake at this stage of the game is to endlessly and mindlessly fight for one cash-out station without any knowledge of the current state of the game at all. It is true that the finals are a game with a really fast pace and fun gameplay, but there is no way you will win consistently without any strategy behind your plays.

That being said, those are the most optimal things you can do in mid-game after every respawn. Always try to attack the cash out with the longer time remaining, as this gives you more chances to steal it even when it is further away. Of course, if both stations are still completed, less than 25%.

Feel free to choose the closer one if the cash out is completed in around 85% or more, and it's not your last chance. It's way better to wait for another vault to appear if both cashouts are above this value. Just prepare for the next volts going to the middle of the map, then choose the vault that is farther than the previous cash out, as the closer one will be assuredly attacked by the teams that were just fighting near the last cash out station.

When you want to attack the cash out station, first consider the cash out station placement because some are way harder to attack than others, as well as some team compositions. Some like more tight spaces, others like white spaces, so you have to take this into account. Maybe I will make a article about the best and worst cashal stations on every map in the future.

Remember that two teams will qualify for the next round, so if your teammates are quite bad and there is one really good squad in the lobby or even some hackers, just leave your ego and don't contest this team and run to the other Cash Out station if possible. You can always lose against them in the final rounds while gaining a lot of competitiveness.

Points in this stage of the game are not that important, but that does not mean you can just keep running around with six different people, hoping you can get insane Ste or get your clip. Always make sure you need to use as little I'm as possible to cash out and set your traps. track enemies playing around your teammates.

I made this Full Macro Guide for you guys to have bigger perspective on the game and understand it more. I divided this video in 5 parts.