I Found The Best Sensitivity For The Finals

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So in the newest finals update, they've finally given us the option for a separate scope sensitivity. This is something that I've mentioned in a couple of articles and something that I've really wanted them to do for a while now because it gives you so much more control over your ad sensitivity and allows you to dial it in to something that feels perfect for you.

After playing this game for about a month and trying out tons of different sensitivities and tons of different ad sensitivities. I think I finally discovered what might be the best sense for this game. I know sensitivity is a personal preference. There are some people who play really high sense and some people who play very low sense, and some people are able to make that work for them, but there definitely is a more optimal sensitivity to use in this game, and just for a bit of context, so that you guys know what I'm talking about.

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I have several hundred hours of AIM training. I've trained at all different sensitivities. I'm currently taking master rank, but I'm also not an aim-trainer. I've actually applied those skills to games. I've hit the highest rank in AIM-intensive games. I've been Masters in Pride. Apex Grandmas, and OverWatch, and I've always just played at a pretty high level for every game that I've tried, so I do have a little bit of experience when it comes to finding optimal sensitivities for games, but what I have found to be the best sensitivity for this game is going to be something near 1600 DPI 16, which is about 35 cm per 360.

I feel like this is the perfect middle ground for this game. It's fast enough to keep up with all the very quick movements in this game, but it's also slow enough to where it's not super hard to control; it's just very well balanced. Sensitivity i have been messing around with this for a while. I've tried tons of different sensitivities from this game, from high to low, but this is one that's felt the most balanced to me now.

If you feel like this is too fast or too slow, you can bump it up or down just a little bit, but I wouldn't go too far. Yes, I know there are players who can make higher and lower than that work, but this is going to be the best range for most players to be able to use these really high sensitivities.

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It takes a lot of practice and a lot of time for AIM trainers to build proper mouse control to actually see the benefits of the higher sensitivities, but in this range. I notice that what I'm giving will work for most players regardless of skill set, like I said earlier. I've tried so many different sensitivities in this game, and whenever I'm in this range, I notice that my aim is significantly better.

I've also looked at the sensitivities of a bunch of really good aimers in this game, and most of them do fall within this range now. As for the Mouse Zoom sensitivity multiplier, before. I would recommend just keeping this at 100 and turning focal length scaling on, but since we now have the option for a separate scope sense, you don't need to do that anymore.

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You can actually turn off the focal length scaling and manually dial in a sensitivity that feels perfect for you, and what I found to feel really good for me was going to be 75% as soon as I dialed in this sense. I was just shooting nukes. I can't tell you how good my aim felt; it felt 10 times better than having focal length scaling on, and I messed around with this a lot too.

A very good range that I found is going to be anywhere from 70 to 80%. Setting it down to 70% makes it feel a little bit similar to how it feels with focal link scaling on, but for me personally, that felt a little bit too slow, so I bumped it up to 75, and it felt so good, like I felt my aim instantly improve after I did that.

It just felt more natural. If you guys were to set this to 100%, then your hit rate and your ad sensitivity would be exactly the same. There are some people who like this, but personally, I don't really like it, so yeah, mess around with it and find out what you like. As I said, I feel like anywhere from 70 to 80% is going to be best for most people.

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The speed will always be consistent, and it'll keep that same speed forever. I've been using one for a couple of years, and it's one of the reasons why I can aim so well. Getting one of these pads for this price is such a good deal, and you can also get an additional 10% off this sale price by using Code Compli at checkout.

It'll help you guys save a little bit more money, and it also helps me out as well, so yeah, huge Skype sale. I highly recommend them. Yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys about that real quick. Now back to the article. As for scope sensitivity and multiplier, this is what I'm still actively working on because the sniper in this game just feels kind of weird to use.

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I don't know if it's just the scope sensitivity or if it's the transition from Hit Fire 2 scope sensitivity that feels weird, but it feels kind of clunky, but the scope sensitivity that I found to work pretty well for me is about 25%. The range that felt best for me was from 20 to 30%, and so I just kind of landed in the middle of that.

So again, mess around with this a little bit until you find something that you're comfortable with. I feel like 20 to 30% will work for most people, but yeah, that's what I found to be the best sensitivities. For this game, try these out, and once you find something that works for you, I promise, you are going to be shooting nukes.

Your aim is going to feel better than it ever has before. If it does feel better or if this article helped you, please leave a like and a comment; it helps out a ton. The rest of this article is just going to be some banket gameplay that I got from the other day. I was just playing with a friend who's kind of new to the game.

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I may do some ranking content in the future too, but yeah, that's going to be it for me. Ninja, I might just follow you around and make sure you don't hit a single clip for the rest of this game. Never mind, you're getting by who that guy's one HP. You're dead look at my damage. I'm more damag in the entire Lobby put together right now.

Hit every shot; you actually already have like half your damage from last. No, he isn't. We are literally two minutes in. He's i already got like 4K damage. Your door is ready to be opened. He left.

I found the best sensitivity to improve aim in THE FINALS. open for more info.