How To Play Stretched Resolution The Finals (display Scaled, Any Res)

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In today's article, I'm going to be showing you the best methods to use stretch resolution in the finals. I'll be showing you guys the simple and easy Nvidia control panel method, but for the more hardcore players who have the absolute best performance. I'll be showing you how to force display scaling with the custom resolution utility.

It helps out so much, and consider subscribing. I'm going to have a lot of final content coming out soon, but what are the benefits of stretching? In the finals, the first and most obvious one is that you're going to be getting a higher FPS. Your game is going to feel a lot smoother; it'll feel more responsive, which is really important right now because the FPS in this game isn't too good at the moment, so you want every bit of performance that you can get.

The second thing is that you'll get the appearance of slightly larger hit boxes, which could potentially make it easier to aim. Usually one of the downsides of playing with a really stretched resolution is that the perceived motion of other players is going to be really fast, but because the base speed in this game isn't too fast to begin with, that isn't really an issue, so you can go really stretched in this game.

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The third thing is kind of a personal preference, but I feel like it makes my movement feel a little bit better, and it just feels more clean and smooth to me. But now that you guys kind of know what stretch reses is and why you may want to use it, I'll show you guys how to do the first method, which is just going to be in the Nvidia control panel.

This is what I'd recommend most of the people watching this article do because it's just so simple; it's just a couple of clicks, and you get almost all the performance that you get with Force display scaling. However, forcing display scaling still has a slight advantage, so first thing, just right-click and go into our Nvidia control panel for AMD users.

I don't know exactly how you do it; I don't have an AMD card to test it, but I know that you can change resolutions in your driver. It's pretty simple to do now that we're in the control panel. Go to adjust the desktop size and position. Make sure that we have our main monitor selected. Come down here to select scaling mode.

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Make sure that this is on full screen; otherwise, you're going to get black bars on the side of your screen. Then, perform scaling on display and check the override scaling mode set by games and programs. I know it says display scaling right here; it's a little bit misleading; it's not actual display scaling; it's still technically being scaled on your GPU.

That's where the second method comes in and actually forces the display scaling, but still, make sure that it's checked in here, then come up to the change resolution tab once again, make sure your main monitor is selected, come down here to customize, and click that check enable resolutions, not exposed by the display, and then create a custom resolution.

And for this one, I'm going to be using 1728 x 1080. You can use whatever resolution you want; it doesn't matter. You can play 1600 x 1080, 1440 x 1080, 1350 x 1080, 1280 x 1080, or whatever you want to do. Once you enter that, come down here and click test. It'll ask if you want to save the resolution; click yes, and you guys can enter in whatever resolutions you want for this.

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You could enter in a few more if you want to try different ones out, but once we're done with that, just come down here, click okay, and then you're done with that. I guess one last thing to mention is to make sure that your monitor settings are set up correctly. You want your actual settings on the monitor to be set to full screen.

If you still have an issue with black bars even after setting everything correctly in your control panel, that could potentially be the issue, so make sure that that's set. One last tip for those of you who won't be slightly faster at alt-tabbing: you just have to change your desktop resolution to match your stretch resolution, and to do that, just right-click and go into your display settings.


Scroll down a little bit to display resolution, and then just match it up with whatever stretch resolution you made, but that's all that we have to do in the control panel. Next, I'm going to go to the custom resolution utility method, so if you guys are interested in that and want to see how to set it up in the game, just skip forward a little bit.

But for those of you who want the absolute best performance, the lowest input delay, and a more clear image than this method is going to be for you, just please keep in mind that this is a little bit more advanced. If you don't follow these settings correctly, you could potentially blackscreen your PC.

I probably wouldn't recommend doing this just because you could potentially end up black screening your PC. Next, we're going to open up Cru. The first thing that we need to do is select our primary monitor. I have a Zo 360 HZ, so I'll just select my Z monitor. Next, we just need to uncheck all of these resolutions.

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Right here, you can leave detailed resolutions for now, but we need to delete these standard resolutions. Then come down here to the extension blocks tab, and there's going to be a couple of different ways to do this. The first way I'm going to show you is for people who have 240. HZ monitors, and below that's going to be in this first option right here, but if you have anything above a 240 HZ monitor, we're going to be changing it in the display ID tab.

But the first thing that everyone needs to do is just come into this first tab, find our native resolution at the highest refresh rate, double-click that, and hit copy. That's all you need to do. Just make sure you hit copy, then you can click okay, and then we can delete all of these resolutions.

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X 1080 you can enter in any resolution that you want right there it doesn't matter what it is and click okay and then that's it we're done you could set up more resolutions if you want to but then click okay and then for those of you with 240 HZ and above monitors click on the display ID tab click on detailed resolutions, we're going to go ahead and click delete all then click add and then same thing as before we're going to hit paste then come down here and change it to whatever your monitor's native refresh rate is and then also change these to whatever resolution that you want so for this resolution I'm going to do 1350.

In this video I show you how to play stretched resolution in THE FINALS. I show you all of the best stretched resolutions, how to use 43 1440x1080 with no black bars, as well as any other resolution you want to play. I also show you how to properly display scale your stretched res with CRU for less input delay. open for more info.