The Best Settings For The Finals Full Guide (increase Fps, Improve Visibility)

best fps settings

In today's article, I'm going to be giving you all of the best competitive settings for the finals. These settings will massively increase your FPS, lower your input delay, and make your game run a lot better and more smoothly. They'll decrease visual clutter, improve visibility, make it easier to aim and see other players, and they'll just overall give you a big competitive advantage, so if that's something that you guys are interested in, make sure you stick around for the whole article because there's a lot to cover real quick before I get into it.

If this article does help you, please remember to leave a like and a comment. It helps out so much, and consider subscribing so you don't miss any helpful content in the future. But now let's just get right to the settings. I'm going to start off in the gameplay tab by using enemy team colors. You want this on at all times just so it's easy to differentiate, Between the different teams, hide player names.

This doesn't matter. I just have it set off for my preferred region. Just set it to whatever region you're in. I'm in North America, so I set it to North America for crossplay. I just have it turned on for Crosshair; I have the width on one and outline width on one, and for the color. I just have the red value turned all the way down so I can get this nice cyan blue color that sticks out really well on all the maps, and it's really easy to see another color that I really like is just a green; this one sticks out pretty well too.

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I still prefer this blue, red, green, and blue outline. I just have it on zero because I like the black outlines. If you want to turn this on, I have my center dot radius turned down to three. Just down a little bit from the default because it makes it a little bit easier to see what you're aiming for, and then I have the opacity set to 100.

We're going to skip the controller tab because I'm not really a controller player, and we're going to go into the article settings for window mode. You want this on full screen at all times. This gives you the least input delay for resolution. I'm really enjoying stretched res in this game. My favorite right now is 1728, X 1080, which is just slightly stretched native.

best settings for fps

It also isn't too bad, but I really think that this game does benefit a lot from stretched resources. You're going to get better fps, and the hit boxes are going to appear larger as far as resolutions, which I think are good right now. 1728 x 1080 is my favorite. 1 1600 x 1080 is also really good; it's going to be a little bit more stretched, and then 1440 x 1080 is probably as stretched as I would go personally, but yeah, those are the resolutions that I like right now for VSC.

You want this disabled at all times; it just adds extra input lag. Nvidia reflex I have mine set to on because when I tested it with on plus boost. I lost about 20%. FPS, and that's what the r 5800 X and A 3080 TI are, and it's going to vary from person to person depending on your specs, but I think on would be the best option for most players, but test it out because I did see a massive difference in frames with this resolution scaling method.

I'd recommend using either Taou at 100% resolution scale or AMD FSR 2 at quality. There are pros and cons to both AMDs. FSR is going to be a little bit more sharp and more clear; it's going to be easier to see things, but Taau will give you slightly better fps, but it is a little bit more blurry.


I would really recommend staying away from article DLS and Intel XS, because these both cause significant blur and ghosting that is noticeable on players, and it can make it harder to see. I am working on the config files right now to see if there is a way to fully disable anti-aliasing and upscaling, so if I figure something out, I'll make a article on it for the graphics field.

The view you want this on the max there's so much stuff going on in this game that you want as much visual information as possible motion blur you want this disabled same thing with lens Distortion: disable this for NVIDIA R tracing. Set this to static for the quality settings on view distance. Just leave this on hold.

This doesn't affect the distance at which players render; it only affects the distance of objects and foliage, most noticeably trees. You do save yourself a little bit of FPS by leaving this on low. Just leave this on hold.

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I did notice a very small hit to my FPS, like maybe 1%, but not really any benefit in visual clarity for shadows. Just leave them set to low. You'll save yourself a little bit of FPS, but you'll also be making it a lot easier for you to see things going up. The shadows are a lot darker, which could make it a little bit harder to see things.

It's kind of the same thing with post-processing. Sure, it did make my game look a little bit better, but just keep it low. It's a lot easier to see things, and you save yourself a little bit of FPS. Texture is one that you can crank up and not really see too much of a performance hit. I measured maybe 1%; the difference between low and epic is probably just a margin of error; however, medium is really all that you need to make your game textures look decent.

I didn't really notice too much of a difference between medium-high and epic, so I keep it on medium for effects. You want this one low at all times. There is such a big difference in visuals when you have the setting on low because it's basically just four settings put into one. Just keep this on low.


This will make things way easier to see, it'll make things less distracting, and you'll save a lot of FPS for foliage. I couldn't test any difference between these; I couldn't notice anything, and I didn't see any difference in fps, so I just kept it on low and global illumination and resolution. Just keep this on low now, and we'll head over to the audio tab, Master Volume.

I just have it set to 100 music volumes. I just have it turned down all the way because I don't really care for music; it can be a little bit distracting. Sound effects volume: you want this on 100 at all times, and if your game is too loud, just adjust your master volume accordingly, and then dialogue volume.


I have it set to 60. Turn down a little bit, but not too low, because you do want to hear some of those voice lines in the game. You can get some useful information from those in output mode. Set it to stereo, night mode. I have it off. I need to do more testing with this through subtitles. You want this off for subtitle text size just small and then zero background opacity, and then for those of you that do use voice chat, set voice chat to enabled for all and then mode.

The best settings for THE FINALS to increase FPS, reduce input delay, and improve your aim. open for more info.