The Best Way To Defend The Finals


Perform. Go ahead and wrap up all the loose ends, and that's pretty much it. Now, it's pretty simple on paper, but in practice, there's a lot of things that you have to make sure you get right, and of course you want to add your own strategy and think about what gadgets you have at your disposal and how your team wants to play.

The objective is also, so I'll show you how this strategy worked for me in a couple of circumstances, and then, of course, try to learn from this article and apply it to how you would play the game. Besides the actual setup of the OP drop, you'll see me talk a lot about environment manipulation.

I should say. Of course, getting kills is extremely important; it is in almost every competitive shooter, but at the end of the day, keeping the objective is what ultimately matters.

Start of 1st clip. setting up your environment.

Start of 1st clip. setting up your environment.

Wins the game, so let's go ahead and get started. So here we go, right away. I will talk a little bit about environmental manipulation. If you look over to your right, you will see that the small bridge is already destroyed, and that will try to funnel enemies across the green bridge. I am also working on destroying the zip line, although there's a much more efficient way of doing that, which is just hitting it twice using your melee, but either way, my goal is to funnel the enemies across that green bridge because it is open.

The most important part!

And they don't have a lot of cover now. This part, right here, is probably the most important part of the entire article. I have tried to show a lot of people how to do this little op drop, and a lot of them say it doesn't work or it doesn't work, and one of the main reasons why is one of two things.


The first thing is that you want to make sure you get rid of this paneling. It's really deceiving on a lot of maps; sometimes it's a little obvious, sometimes it's a little easier to see than others, but in some maps it looks like there wouldn't be paneling on the ceiling, but there is, so just make sure you shoot it a couple times to see if stuff falls down and then put it on the objective, and the other thing is where you're placing it on the objective.

I'm actually going to show you guys in this quick play that if you don't want to be off at all, you want to make sure you place it directly under the objective if you're going to use one, and I'll show you why this is what happens even if you're just a few meters off, and as you can see, the physics almost pushes the objective away.

clip breakdowns

Usually, what I like to do is either make sure I line it up right, and you can do that by facing completely up until you can't anymore, and then line up with the icon, but usually I actually use two, and I'll place them just like a meter away from each other on both sides of the article. So now you will see me grab another gas, and what I am doing is strategically placing it directly below the C4.

I want to make sure it's in the blast radius of the C4, so it also pops that gas. Now I'm a little worried about the future of the C4, and I really, really hope they don't negate the blast radius of the C4 and the efficiency of the destruction. Now I run out, and I am just simply trying to put on pressure.

I want to waste as much time as possible. This is also important; you will see that in the RPGs, if I did not shoot that paneling out, my C4 would have fallen to the ground or sometimes just completely disappeared, and this would not have worked again. It is very important that you check your ceilings, so I don't have the weaponry or range to put a lot of pressure on the enemies and slow them down.

I pretty much know they're going to be here; they're going to get across that green bridge, so I decided to try to close up the objective. I want to again waste their time if they want to try to kill me or get to me because they know I'm going to drop the objective or something and think they're going to have to chew through that goo, and also because it will force them into a close-quarters situation.

I have a shotgun, so that will play to my advantage. So now you will see that I got caught way off guard. I was not expecting an enemy to be that close that fast. I just decided to run away because, not only was that already a losing fight. I was for sure going to die if I tried to pick that fight, but most importantly, the OP drop is already set up, and as soon as they start stealing.

Op drop put to action!

Op drop put to action!

I begin with the OP drop, so let's start with the pop, so I pop the C4, and the objective drops, and now you're going to hear a lot of these little hit marker ticks. That's because it's pouring gas all over them and all over the objective they can't steal, so I didn't get any kills yet off of that play.

But as you can see, it definitely got them off the objective and is definitely doing a lot of damage. As soon as I work my way up the stairs, I can already see that someone is low, and this is where the performance part comes in. I'm just going to go ahead and let this one play. Here, out of nowhere.

Next clip. using environment manipulation to ensure a clean drop.


This brings us to our next clip, and this one's pretty cool because, as you can see again, I'm using destruction this time to manipulate my environment. I really like to make sure I get nice and clean drops, as does my brother, who understands how this works. We've done it enough to know how to make sure it drops clean, and one of the things that he was talking about was that this wall can make it, so we don't know which way it drops or even if it will drop, so we get rid of a wall with the breach charge and set up the OP drop.

the OP drop. You can't really hear me talking, but I wanted to actually play across from the objective because I felt too exposed in that room. Not only that, but once the objective actually falls, there's going to be a lot going on, there's going to be gas, and you're going to be pretty much stuck in this little corner of the room.

If someone comes up or down the stairs, they'll have an angle on you. If someone peaks from outside because that whole wall is open, they will also have an angle on you, so I decided I would rather play off a little bit of the objective, so we got the pop and the pore, but when it came time to perform, we kind of fell apart a little bit, which is fine.

I mean, that's what makes article games fun. Trying these plans when they do work out is super, super cool, but they don't always work out, and that's very important. You have to be adaptable, and I know you guys know that because that's probably why you play the game. This game is really fun and adaptable. It goes a very long way in the finals, so Let's see how I adapt, all right?.

This video will show a strategy that I use that I call the "OP drop. " It's named after my brother and I because together we have been using this strategy since the closed betas and it is evolving to become even better than ever. I will be showing almost everything I know about the "OP drop". Thank you for watching.