The Finals 200 Iq Breakdowns. Time Is Everything



Getting kills is fun, but if you learn how to manage your time and waste the enemy's time in the finals, you'll be much more successful than any sort of KD you can ever achieve. Time goes way deeper than the one you see above your head. We're going to be talking about cooldowns, enemy cooldowns, and all types of things.

But more than that, we're going to be talking about cooldowns, enemy cooldowns, and all types of things. This article is going to go pretty deep. I will be providing chapters in this article, so feel free to skip around if you're ever bored or if there's something specific that you want to learn. I will be touching on how light can use their utility and their skills to waste the enemy's time, then I'll be touching on medium and heavy in that order, and lastly, I will give a few bonuses.

Clips talking about some very unique situations, on how to win the objective game, these numbers over here, and lastly, my eye hurts, like and subscribe.

First light clip. stay alive.

Thank you so here we are with the light clips. I start off by window-hopping to save time to get up towards the objective, so I do try to take a bit of extra time to scan and observe the situation, knowing that there's another team around.

I don't immediately engage with the first enemy I see; once he starts stealing, he is now a top priority. Target for sure, and here's where things get interesting: once he is low, I decide not to engage, and that not engaging was reinforced even further by seeing another team. Instead, I chose the more wise decision, which was to keep my team in the game.

I grab my team's token, and I go revive him. And remember, this is about time. I have enough time to do so, so my other teammates and I are all ready to re-engage. Once we start to re-engage, I do a little bit of Target priority and focus on the person that is stealing.

Take your chances.

Take your chances.

The objective is now here's our next clip, and I immediately start out with a denial. Now there are two important things to keep in mind. I immediately start keeping track of my stun gun's cool down because, as soon as that's ready.

I want to rechamber it and make sure I am ready to do another denial, but I also go for the revive, and I notice I don't have enough time to get the revive off, or at least that's not a risk I am willing to take. I go to a different spot, which is more inconvenient for both of us, which is further away and more of an obstacle, but being safe is better than being sorry.

Now it's time for re-engagement. This is where the desperation meter is kicked up just a bit more. I just had to deny it because if I lose this objective this time, I don't think I will be able to get it back, so, you know, deny it. Let's see what happens. Orange, get in there. Let's go gok, you.

Hit and run!

Here's our next clip, and you will see I start off with a clean hit on target. Now I'm going to show some more hit and run tactics, and while I'm striking fear into my opponents, you'll see them faking the objective and backing off. I mean, they know what's coming. I just want to say that this typically doesn't work well with triple lights.

I think we all kind of know that by now, if you do have a heavy on your team to pull some aggro, light then. It's okay, pick, but it's still kind of hard to play and master, so keep that in mind. Now you will see that once I get that final stun gun off, there's no more time left; they can't steal the objective, and I just get out.

There's no reason to finish off the kill; it's not that important; winning the game is important, and I did that. Welcome to the medium segment, and I'm going to start off with this one pause. And a little off topic, we're going to talk about positioning for a brief second.

Medium class clips. lay low!

Medium class clips. lay low!

Now, by positioning, I'm going to talk about my positioning; it's a bad spot. I'm in a corner; I have low ground; they can nade me out, but let's also look at the enemies they are fighting, and one of the reasons why we chose to stay here is because we're kind of out of sight, out of mind, but I did make a stupid decision; I decided to shoot at this guy while he's moving away.

From us, all that's doing is attracting attention to us. Luckily, it didn't happen, and we were able to steal the objective in front of everyone. Now again, we're not in the smartest spot, but we kind of make it work out. We just keep hiding, try to stay away, and try not to seem like a threat, and when the time comes, as soon as they start to steal, that's when we start to engage.

It seems pretty simple, right? But this just shows that the kills don't matter that much. Those guys fighting up there probably have more kills than us, but does it matter?

Gas gas gas!


We have their objective now, and this one's one of my favorites because once you start to really develop a lot of first-person shooter skills, one of them is subconscious: keeping track of what the enemies are running as in frags, gas heels.

In this particular case, play around with it and play that to your advantage, so my thought process was, let's just gas them out. The only thing I think can steal an objective without dying to gas is a heavy, and they didn't have one, and they didn't have heals. How does this relate to time? Well, I don't have to eliminate them if they can't steal.

They can't steal, so a lot of people may be thinking this will never happen to me and my team, and hopefully not now that you have seen some of Ab Bop's articles. But the only intelligence that you would have is that there's gas in the elevator; it is really hard to tell exactly where it's coming from, and even if you eventually do put two and two together, you do have to add a little bit of coordination and time to make sure you can engage in that Target that's below the elevator, so of course there's going to be people who say it never works, but to me, it's a big brain, creative The finals play, so here's the last medium clip, and you will see that we are kind of patient in our engagement until they're really committing to it, and we hop on them and remember there's a guy holding a mesh and there's a guy stealing.

Timing on gadgets.

Timing on gadgets.

There's pretty much one gun in the fight; we have three, and by the time they get into the engagement, we're already mostly winning that fight. Now here comes some impeccable gadget timing. Obviously, I don't have enough time to slow down my teammate, so I get right to healing now. As soon as his health is about full, my defib is also ready, so I break off, and as soon as I stop my healing, I charge up my defib boom.

Pop off that defib and get right back to the healing I am prioritizing: keeping my utility in use at all times, and that's important.

I am going over a few clips from each class. Light medium and heavy! In each one I go over a few plays I made that focused on winning and wasting time instead of going for frags! I hope you enjoy.
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