Things You Didn't Know About The Finals


Here are some things you might not know about the finals: The finals have some throwable canisters. Starting off with the explosive one blowing up buildings is easy with this one, going to the next one, a toxic gas canister. It's basically what it says: gas comes out after a while, and as you can see, it hurts quite a lot, causing 45 damage.

Just like a second-up, next is a smoke canister. Throwing this at a surface will explode around impact as you can. Immediately next is the flame barrel. This one takes a while to explode, so it's recommended to melee it before throwing it after it a little early, but it still did the job. Okay, as a light or a heavy character, you can use C4 or breaching charge to put it on a canister orable object to give it a little bit of extra oomph.

Last but not least is the goo canister, which makes hard goo just like in the sock under your bed; throwing it on the floor makes a wall. From left to right, throwing it at a wall will make it come true. Outward, you also have the possibility of adding a goo grenade as one of your items. This works the same as canning things up.


When picking up objects, you can also drop them by right-clicking them or left-clicking them to throw them away. As usual, the object you throw has momentum, so moving forward while throwing is necessary if you want it to go. Fire grenades are quite versatile. Too much gas in a room or an area, for that matter, is no problem.

Ziplines are great for getting to hard-to-reach places, but this isn't Apex Legends, so maybe destroy them after your teammates have crossed so you can be followed but don't fall down. Let's talk about the three classes: light, medium, and heavy. They all have different movements, speeds, health, and items.

There's one thing you might notice when playing: Did your teammate die in an open area? No problem pick them up and revive them somewhere safe. Reviving people like this will bring them back to full, HP using a defi from The medium class will only bring up their HP partially, but it's quicker and UNH.

Holding, you can shoot enemy items like mine to detonate them from a safe distance, unlike how I did here. Sometimes fighting isn't the best option when you are last alive and the cash out is almost done. Find the right moment to strike to keep the victory in your hands, just like my friend did here.


It's nice that they didn't even know you were an enemy or something. Let's go, kid; you're a. Monster up, let's go. That was great. That was nice. Don't let go while capturing when Cash Out is almost done, even when getting shot. I recommend capturing with a heavy since they have more HP, but if you have good teammates who will block for you, go for it.

Let's go, no. Way that was a yippy, Mo If we place three times in a row, we get the achievement. If you did enjoy or learn something, drop a like and consider subscribing. Bye-bye, where's the.

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