Nuke & Defib Nerf. Recon Is Gone. Huge Gadget Changes. Full Patch Breakdown 2.0.0 - The Finals

Intro & summary

Intro & summary

all right boys we're finally here season two and I hope you all as hyped and excited as I am but with that, we've got a beefy patch update with some of the craziest changes we've seen yet that will change this game as we know it, and I'm not just talking clickbait here, introducing brand new ways to earn free rewards besides the battle pass, a major rework to rank, the addition of private matches, and, as we've seen from the trailer, a brand new map specialization, gadgets, weapons, and some of the craziest meta-shifting Nerfs and Buffs that will quite literally change the way we play this game.

Also, to not waste your time, I left time stamps on the article so you can skip to the section you're most interested in, so I hope you're ready for this, boys. It's a small button for you, but it makes a tremendous impact on this small channel. And subscribe for old things to finals. Now let's cut and jump straight into it.

New map, gamemode, tutorial

As we already know, they've added a brand new map called Horizon. It is an absolutely beautiful map, but I'm sure you guys already saw all the Early Access gameplay on it. We have a new game mode called Power Shift. This is a casual two-team 5v5 game mode where you'll compete to escort a physical platform through the arena as it rips through anything in its path with short respawn times and the ability to switch contestants on respawn.

You'll be able to balance your team on the fly as you fight to control the platform and be the first to deliver it across the Finish Line, an all-new tutorial set in the streets of Monaco to let new players learn the ropes and provide testing grounds to try out gadget specializations. And weapons, so I think this is fantastic not only for new players but for veterans as well. It would be fantastic to try a new movement technique, such as how certain gadgets and objects interact with the physics of the game, for teams to practice routes and defense strategies for the cash box or just upgrade a vault all around.

New weapons

New weapons

A great addition to the game is introducing three new weapons: the Famas Burst assault rifle, which will go to the medium build.

The rifle retains most of its damage even at longer ranges, making it excellent for keeping enemies at bay. As I'm going to call it right now, this will be FAR 2.0. The 93r is a burst-fire handgun for the light class; it fires in three-round bursts and is ideal for close to medium-range engagements; and lastly, we have the KS23.

For the heavyweights, this is a stripped-down slug-round shotgun that requires precision to handle effectively, but zooming in and predicting the enemy's movement will help. Thank God, we now have a heavy weapon that requires a high skill curve. Yeah, and by the way, guys, the heavy automatic shotgun still slaps, so if you don't feel like aiming , I would just say to use the hat.

New specialization & gadgets

advanced tips

And now we have dematerializer, a specialization that will be replacing Recon for the mediums; this specialization temporarily erases physical surfaces like walls and ceilings. It allows players to see, shoot, and pass through solid surfaces. You can create new passageways and close them back up again.

Each action costs a charge, and the dematerializer can hold up to three charges at once. I've seen this in both the action and the dematerializer. It works almost instantly, so they literally took away wall hacks and gave us literal wall hacks that were actually hilarious on the new gadget. A pair of limited range Deployable portals, called Gateway when both are thrown Throne contestants and objects can move between the two locations anyone can use the portal but can't see or shoot through them Throne items and projectiles can also travel through the Gateway but not objectives like the cash out stations I am definitely glad they didn't add the cash out stations CU that would lead to some toxic moments in the game I promise you the anti-gravity, cube a Deployable Cube for the heavy build that manipulates, gravity in its immediate area when activated it lifts contestants and objects up and can be used both as a traversal tool and an obstacle for any team be mindful that destroying the cube will remove the reverse gravity zone so thankfully this is like the jump pad if you destroy it the effects will go away because if it lasted for the entirety of its duration.

This gadget would be almost impossible to counter, and lastly, we have Medium's brand new gadget, the data reshaper. This gadget for the medium build will transform deployed equipment from the other contestants into harmless arena props.

New rewards

New rewards

And I just want to give mad props to Embark for doing us all a favor. You guys are a rare gem in the industry that actually rewards a player for their time spent and invested in your game rather than bleeding us dry with every chance you get next up.

Matchmaking & ranked changes

Next up, we have an overhaul. To rank, the goal is to provide a much better quality experience when playing in rank tournaments.

You'll get your starting rank based on your first eight rounds, and from there, you'll move up and down based on your performance. As you may know, we need a lot of people and time to test a system like this, so you should expect more tweaks and changes throughout the season as we see it in action now moving on to private matches.

Private matches & new gameshow event

Private matches & new gameshow event

I'm going to be honest; there's not much to say here. You can only play two modes now in private matches: banket or quick cash.

However, this is a first step, and they're going to be adding more features and tweaks in the future, so let's move on to a brand new game show event called Retro Invasion 82, which is being added to every map.

Balance changes (nukes, gas, specializations, gadgets, & weapons)

Now let's get into the meat and potatoes. We've got balancing changes, and to address the first and most pressing issue in the game for debatably the entire season, which is nukes, they added diminishing returns on damage from nukes.


IE throwable objects that carry C4 breach charges or mines. For each source of explosive damage, including the throwable, and starting with the highest, a damage modifier is applied for each instance in a sequence of 60%, then 40%, then 30%, and finally 20%. Gas canisters now immediately start to steer off their trajectory, a.k.a., wobble when they have attachments, when picking up their durable objects with explosive gadgets attached.

Welcome to the ultimate breakdown of Patch 2. 0, where seismic changes have shaken the gaming landscape! In this comprehensive video, we dissect every significant alteration, from the nerfing of Nuke Defib to the surprising disappearance of Recon, along with other massive gadget changes. Whether you're a veteran player adapting to the new meta or a newcomer curious about the latest developments, this breakdown has you covered.