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best build

So in today's article, I have the new light meta for you guys after the recent update where the glitch grenade actually got buffed. We're going to be rocking that today, and I'm going to be talking about basically how to use this build to its maximum potential. I'm going to let you know what's going on in my head as I'm playing and why I'm doing what I'm doing to make this light build work.

Like I said, I think this current light build is the new meta in the final season 2 right now, so yeah, let's get into it. So basically, it was the big change that made this glitch grenade. I think the meta now is that direct impact actually takes down heavy shields. Dome Shields, where before it didn't do it on impact, it had to be kind of in the surrounding area when it popped, and that just makes this glitch grenade so much stronger, especially with heavy still being like the main meta I would.

Say, that guy is actually one HP, got the assist nice a lav of a nade up here, and I'm actually going to try, and I hit myself with that nade. I was going to try and grab my teammate's trophy, but, unfortunately, I was not going to be able to. There i'm just going to try and live here; there's just too much going on.

best light build

That's another guy. HP so this game play because there really wasn't much that changed other than the glitch grenade change there's not much to talk about update wise so I'm really going to be talking mainly about what I'm doing as I'm playing, like an inside the Mind type article that's going to be really my main focus I'm going to just grab my teammate here and there's so much going on I think I'm just going to drop down and get a res down low here instead of trying to force it up top our teammate actually popped a token so that works as well and I think there was somebody up here still well orange got full wiped I thought there was another team but I guess, not yeah purple grab VA one and they're heading over to cash out B here might as well take some shots de some decent damage we're really going to be trying to use he's got a canister we got him weak too I'm going to push in on this hit the stun get that a Lim and there's only a light left on.


Medium i'm going to knock on that door teammate is going to go down; they're popping the res right here. Going to try and get another nade in there but we're going to have to back off here this is not really a fight we can take head on, that guy is one HP be nice if my teammate could clean that up that guy's one HP as well I'm going to glitch that and we do get the kill there medium and a light now, no the light was close I didn't hear him close, that's unfortunate, we are going to get team wi we did a really good job there at using our utility though kind of chaining together the frag to deal that big damage the glitch to get rid of The Shield so we can deal that big damage and then I still run Dash I'll never not run Dash it's just too fun and I just think it's honestly the best invis is so boring to play, and with Dash You're just able to get in and out of those fights and move around and Peak different angles so quick I just absolutely love it, and on over to cash out D here and that team is probably going to try and contest and push this way as well so I'm going to probably try and get an angle here they're a light heavy medium.


Team, so I'm going to try and see if I can get on this roof. I can't think maybe I could get up top. I could, but yeah, they're going to be pushing in 100%. I kind of want to play back here. If I commit too much, I'm going to find myself in the middle of so many. Dudes, that's my teammate. Wait, he's one.

HP sword sword's actually really good if you know how to use it if you don't it's going to be a little rough deal some poke damage here I'm going to pull out the glitch grenade break this dude's Shield I missed the stun unfortunately I was going to drop on him with the, stun trying to figure out this guy's play Maybe staircas is his, play nice just beam him playing that head glitch always trying to figure out what's the cover around me this head glitch is absolutely, nasty reload the stun here and they only have a medium left I would expect if he does come over he's going to look to Res that so we're just kind of looking over top of this cash out's in a good, spot and orange team is on the other cash out so really we're just worried about red and.


Purple, this guy's one HP, right? Here, Renock the Heavy just wanted to focus him off-rip because that's the hardest to deal with. I am going to drop down because my teammate's kind of in here, and I don't want him to just dive. Okay, they're over here. We can just get out. I remember there was a hole in the ground there, so we just ran over to that.


I'm going to come back to this C out. I don't want to take the cash out here; we're going to need it. They're down low; they don't have time anyway. A teammate's just kind of getting in; there, I have to respect it. This snuck up on me. I'm going to need a second to heal here, teammate's going to die there's nothing I can do I'm going to play, there we got that was a team wipe now I can drop in and get the res I didn't want to drop in because if we get team wipe and lose at 30% it makes the rest of this game a lot more difficult so I just wanted to play that smart, play The High Ground there he ended up being super weak so we just clean up the heavy and then we get the res, didn't want to risk dropping onto him with like an RPG or whatnot we're in a good position we just basically need to not it team WIP cuz if red gets his cash out it affects nothing.

I think we don't even want to touch vault number five; we just want to defend it. Basically, because of that, I'm actually just going to go up top and try to find some nice high ground. Oh, I thought that was closer to the roof. We just cannot team wipe; we absolutely cannot team wipe, which is why I do not want to drop in there.

light build

I can probably Peak it from down low nope that is so unfortunate, but that's all right we're going to just get out here I'm going to throw a frag in case they chase, just a delay I didn't get a hit marker so that gives me info that they're not chasing me, basically I just can't die here if I don't die we qualify, so I'm just running creating space just to be safe yeah we're chilling that's a nice quall that was a really good first game really good util use really good shots yeah that was really solid let's hop into round number two all right so let's get into round number two and let's try to do more of the same that was a really solid first round.

In this The Finals, YouTube Video, I have another The Finals Gameplay for you guys today! In this The Finals Light Gameplay I am also going to be giving you guys a ton of The Finals Tips and The Finals Tips and Tricks! This is one of my BEST The Finals Season 2 Gameplays by far and I think we cover a bunch of really great The Finals Ranked Tips and The Finals Season 2 Tips as well, as I also go over The Finals Meta in Season 2.
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