10 Most Common Mistakes You Make The Finals


Here are 10 mistakes in the finals that you are making and ways to fix them: Mistake number one You are playing with randoms. You need to find a long-term stack to play with. This game is team-oriented and heavily relies on having the right team composition, proper engagement timing, and a strategy for each individual fight, whether you are defending or stealing the cash out or fighting for the vault.

Join a competitive Discord server where you can find players who are at your level or a little bit above you. Practice and learn with each other to improve your skills. Make new friends, and most importantly, have fun. mistake number two You are being overly fixated on your results in the game instead of being tilted about your team performance or how your enemies grieved.

You once again look at the things that you could have been doing differently; perhaps your team coordination was off because there was no one to call shots and positions. Perhaps you were late on your engagement timings; perhaps you were just not. Being warmed up before the game, and all of that can contribute to you losing games that you should have won, is mistake number three.

the finals

You play Deathmatch for free instead of trying to play for the objective; in order to win in the finals, you need to have more money than your opponents. And hands down, the most effective way to achieve this is by playing around with the cashouts. Here is how you do it: You have to always prioritize free cash outs instead of going for a steak on a cash out that's already taken.

It's going to be a lot easier for you to set up and prepare your defense when you have control over positions, when you have the high ground, and when you can place mines. C4s. In comparison with you, we're already approaching a team that is already set up on The High Ground with mines and C Force ready to drop the cash out, so it's very important to have the initiative and then play your cards off of mistake number four.

You are dying for absolutely no reason in this game. You have to remember that you lose 30% of your cash on a team wipe, but most importantly, you waste a finite, precious amount of time that you have in a match. You miss opportunities to steal an enemy's cash in time. You miss the opportunity to party poop and go for a third party on a team that's heavily wounded and out of cooldowns just to collect all the free kills that are left from the previous brawl, and it's very interesting how teams lose, wipe over and over and over again, and become so desperate of being knocked out that they go for something stupid and use coins they are free.

There is nothing to lose in this game. Fight like you are already lost. Mistake number five I see in newer players, especially you, that you are stealing the cash out way too early. You have to understand that. You have all the time in the world to prepare, set up, and make sure that everyone is ready to jump.

Everyone has their own cooldowns of cool down. So there are a few fundamental principles while you are stealing the cash out, and it doesn't matter what kind of map you are running or the team composition. It is very important to take your time to set up on a high ground and Scout you need to. Find out where enemies are playing.

You need to understand if there is someone vulnerable that you can jump on. Maybe someone is isolated and stuck in a corner, and he is a free kill that you can collect. Before attempting a steal, you need to make sure that you bait out important cooldowns and get ready to drop. With three to one at the right time, try to get a significant advantage before attempting to steal a cash out, as enemies would be busy resetting and trying to heal up instead of shooting.

Your mistake number six is that you are stealing the cash out of a heavy class; it's rarely your job as a heavy to steal the cash out, as you are just being too vulnerable while standing still without any protection. Instead, if you are playing on a medium before the fight, tell your heavy player, I'm going to steal the cash out.

Can you please protect me with a bubble shield and body block? The only way your heavy might want to steal the cash out is when there is gas and you are playing double medium to out heal the gas damage in order for heavy to safely steal, but then again, you can actually heal your medium if you were playing in a double medium composition, and it's just not worth it, to be honest.

Mistake number seven: you are playing the wrong team composition. You must have both heavy and medium players on your team to have point presence, as well as additional cover with shields and bubbles in open spaces and corners of the house. You also need a sustain with a healing beam and the ability to quickly res and reset; you can just start the fight 5 seconds later.

If you don't have a heavy player, you'll have massive problems defending and stealing cash outs if you don't have a medium player. Any poke damage you receive is going to stack up, and when enemies start closing the distance, you will already be at a severe disadvantage. Very wounded and out of position opponents would force you to use your offensive cooldowns defensively, and thus they would get a massive advantage and the initiative in a fight.

If someone dies, there will be no easy way to resuscitate him and reset, and your team is going to be fundamentally punished for it. medium, heavy, or heavy are amazing options for ranking. To start with mistake number eight, you are not using the best weapons on the market. I highly advise you to watch my latest weapon tier list to find out the weapon that will allow you to win more duels and get better value.

As a result, it's important to carry a double C4 barrel on your heavy player, whether you are playing or with your teammates. Because even after the massive C4 Nerfs, it's still an exceptional option for you to start a fight with a massive HP advantage over your enemies. You cook your C4 cringe barrel, you throw it on your enemies, maybe you get someone low, you finish him off with an RPG, and by the time they were opening their eyes, you were already in a 3 versus 2 situation.

You can one-up lights and mediums with it and leave heavy players severely wounded with little to no HP after a direct hit with a C4 cringe. Mistake number nine: you are not resetting with a team. It's very important to not be overly fixated on yourself but rather to think as a team. Ideally, in medium-heavy or heavy-medium compositions, you would want to hold hands with your team.

This means that all of your resources have to be gathered in one place. You are being protected by your heavy, and you can actually heal him if he gets low. There is also little to know about downtime between you and defibrillating someone, and overall, this is just the best strategy to go for as people really don't play.

In this The Finals Tips and Tricks video we talk about 10 most common mistakes that you need to stop doing in order to become a better player. For Each mistake I will also explain what to do instead. If you implement all of these tips I guarantee that you'll drastically improve your in-game performance and results. Watch My Ultimate Beginner's Guides.