Aps : The Ultimate Nuke Counter The Finals


If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that nukes are overpowered, and the only way to overcome a nuke is through the APs. I've been saying this in multiple articles, but I still don't see anybody applying it to rank the skill gap for using a nuke. It is much higher than the best counter for using a nuke.

It is the best counter for a nuke, but you really need to know how and when to use it. The APs can be a really great tool, or they can be just something that takes up an inventory slot if you are not using them correctly. Today we're going to go over some crucial moments to use APS, and we're going to go over specific plays where APS could have been used better and certain plays where APS was used perfectly.

My goal in this article is to get you guys more comfortable using the AP PS. Use it with intuition and intent, and save it for moments when you need it. Ned, yeah, said yes again. As you can see here, I am engaging with a purple team on the bottom left of my screen. One key thing here is that I'm opening the engagement, and I'm throwing my APS down now.


The big problem here is that I walk outside of my APS to challenge the Heavies from above, and I do get nuk, so getting out of your APS zone or that circle within the APS is a big no-no, so make sure wherever you're putting it down, you're playing around that area. When you know the opposing team is playing with nukes, the RPG shoots me in the back and I fall off onto the bottom floor, and that whole open engagement because we got nuked and because of the poor APS placement cost us a.

As you can see here, I'm the one running Recon on the team, and my two teammates are running the healing beam. I try to provide them as much information as possible with a jump pad, Recon Strat, and notice that the red team is pushing to the top right here. I open with the APS, knowing that the red team has a heavy workload on their team.

I immediately stop the RPG, and it saves us from dying or taking any damage, so just note that when you play with the APS, you have to be aware of what teams are running Heavies and what teams have double Heavies so that you can properly open with the APS and expect a nuke or. RPG heav, jump Be with you; I'm on the stairs; he said, I'm healing you; the last one's heavy, as you can see here.

the finals

I'm aware that the purple team is above us, and I thought they were going to nuke us right as we crossed the bridge, but once I noticed they didn't nuke us and they repositioned. I picked up the APS and placed it in a better position for my teammates, so placing it here would stop this heavy from using any RPG or nukes, and lucky for me.

I did place it here because there is a medium up top and a heavy up top. The Heavy has both a nuke and an RPG. Normally, I wouldn't recommend fighting any team from the first floor who is on the top floor, but we have to make the most of the position that we're in, as you can see here. I stop a frag from the medium and I stop a nuke from the heavy, so picking the APS up and placing it in a new position is what you want to do instead of waiting for your APS to finish refilling and placing it.

Once the timer is up here, we're able to get a wipe on the purple team and get control of it. Right, teamwork is the most important thing in the finals, and in any competitive article game that you're playing, I place my APS down to make sure our teammates don't get nuked or RPG. By placing any of these heavys on the roof, my other teammate is going to place his APS down on the top of this generator.

I'm able to get a kill on this heavy, and he's playing the top, trying to get information and help us get some kills. I am playing around with our two healers; I am not doing my own thing, and I'm listening to callouts. I know I can push this heavy because I have cover from the generator, and my teammate's APS is on top of the generator.

You want to make sure that everyone on the team is using their APS to cover as much area as possible and as smartly as possible, even if your APS is down and it's not blocking any projectiles. As long as you're prepared for any nukes or RPGs, you're in the clear, able to get this res here now, we get a full restart and can possibly wire the team and go on to take the orange.

Team, guys, I hope you learned something today about the APS and how nukes are indeed overpowered, but with high IQ and coordination with your teammates, you can counter the nukes with the APS. Just make sure to focus on placement, predict and engage, pick it up, and know that the more APS you have on your team, the more eras you can cover and the more nukes you can stop.

That's all I have for you guys today. I love you guys.

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