Ultimate Heavy Tips For The Finals


All right Listen up; if you're a heavy player in the finals, this article is for you. In this article, I'm going to be showing you how to play the heavy build properly and not suck, so first on this list is going to have to be what primary you are choosing. Now, this goes by just preference and play style, especially if you're a new player.

The best option is going to be the L gun. After you get enough little token things to unlock it, that gun is just crazy. That's just crazy. That's it there's all errors to it, and you're going to have range because, with the heavy, you're slow. And if you use, you know, the sledgehammer, the flamethrower, or anything like that, even the shotgun.

At times, you don't have any range, but the thing with the shotgun is that it is actually one of the best guns right now to use, especially with the time to kill in this game. It is the best one that will take down the enemies the fastest, but remember, you're not that agile. You're on the heaviest build in the game.

You really want to be in close quarters, combating with the shotgun; that's the whole point of it. You don't want to be on these far-range maps and taking po shots at people doing no damage because that's going to do nothing for you and your team, but a map like the Las Vegas one we're on right now in this game, play back here.


This is a good map to use the shotgun on because you're going to be inside the whole time. Okay, that's enough about the weapons. For now, you get the gist of it. Next on this list is going to have to be your special ability. Now, just like any other character in the game, you get three special abilities: the goo gun, which arguably could be the worst right now, but it's not.

I'll explain why the second one is, you know, the charging slam if you want to be a crayon-eating Titan from Destiny, and third on the list is the Mes Shield, which basically means you're Reinhardt from OverWatch. So people can argue the goo gun's horrible, but the goo gun can literally make you stairs.

You can literally create your own goo and get around the map just like that really big brain move, especially whenever you're a heavy because you might be solo queing one day and you get a team just of light characters, and they're grapple hooking everywhere, playing away from you, and you can't play with your team, so this could help you with some movement and to get to areas faster than you can't reach.

Pro tip: if you're getting pounded by turrets, you can just shoot it at the turret, and it destroys it. Now we're getting into the charge. Slam, by the way, don't do what I just did instead do what he did because he's the better heavy in this situation, but there's a few different ways to play the charge slam class; you can use it as a zone or just a straight rush like you're about to see right here, and I get my revenge on that guy.

By the way, that's a perfect example of how to use it in a rush scenario. I knew there was one more guy left. I pushed him, and it worked, and you could just use it to evade. Your heavy is slow. If you're getting shot from behind, you still have a long way to go. Just hit the button.

It's not going to hurt you. It's going to help you and your team. Little things like that help you be a better player in this game. By the way, whenever you're going to be using your shield, it isn't very hard to use; just make sure you're using it at the right times and shielding you and your teammates.

Even if you're in one-on-one situations, you can prop out that Shield will make the enemy reload and take your take your gun back out, and just destroy them. That's simple stuff. Whatever you want to use, like in your class, for example, if you want to use a pyrro grenade over Dome or something like that or over C4, go for it.

That also comes down to your preference. I like to use the Pyro grenade. I don't really use the dome that much. I'm going to get into it a little bit more when I start playing ranked, but as of right now, when I've been playing casual, I haven't been using it too much. I've just been using the power grenade, the barricade, and the RPG.

and the RPG, if you want to be a dominant, heavy player, you're going to have to be using your RPG a lot. As soon as that thing cools down, you take it out and blow someone up. That's all you have to do. Just don't do that right there. Okay, right there, that doesn't count; that's a horrible example.

Remember, it's for a reason. The reason for the RPG being in the heavy glass is for you to destroy things, people, or buildings. All right, you both cash out, and you want to get high ground. Advantage: You blow a hole in the floor. You got high ground. You want to blow the cash out to the ground.

You blow a hole in the floor. You break the building. It's stuff like that helps out a lot with your team that you should be doing as a heavy. The last thing I really want to touch on is just positioning as a heavy if you're a great heavy, and you're just not playing with your team, and your positioning is horrible, and you keep dying, keep dying, keep dying.

Just get off the game. You're not helping anybody. You're not you're not going to win the game. You want to play with your team all the time. They could be in the middle of the fight because, most of the time, a lot of people do not play heavy. I don't know why Heavy is so fun to play, but people don't play this character, and you need one; you are the glue of the team all right, so when you get that through your head and start playing with your team, you increase your chances of winning right what we want because that makes you a better heavy player.

That's going to do it for this article fairly quickly.

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