Are Hackers Going To Kill The Finals


The Finals is a great game, and it has taken the FPS world by storm, but there is one thing that could spell its early demise if it's not taken seriously, if it's not controlled, and that's cheating. Now, more and more recently, I and many others are really starting to feel the pressure of the cheaters.

At first, they were like a distant myth or a legend you only heard about on Reddit. I heard stories like what happened to you, like Baba Yaga, but now like a Viking warship crashing into our peaceful. Harbor, they have arrived in full force over here; you probably see, You, team over there, Careful.

What is cheating definitely cheating? I just got a [__] head shot. Yeah, he's cheating. I mean, just today, in the span of three hours. I ran into over three without a doubt cheaters and two or three more that were just suspicious, but I couldn't clarify whether or not they were the finals. Being a free game really is a double-edged sword; on the one hand, you have the ability to get unlimited amounts of entertainment, like I said, for free, but on the other hand, you have really nothing to punish those who enjoy cheating.

the finals

I do say enjoy. Because there is quite literally nothing to gain now in other games such as escaping T Runescape or any game with a working economy, there is real-life incentive to be gained by cheating and hacking in the finals. However, there's literally no reason to cheat outside of these three reasons.

Number one, you are soft-cheating by running radars and maybe the occasional soft aimbot. That makes you look and seem like an excellent player, but maybe a few misses here and there did allow you to just skate by looking a little suspect, but mostly human. Maybe you do this with the intention of using it to make money down the line, such as through streaming or content creation number two.

You are legit rage hackers and have taken your time and money, puras cheats. Purposely destroy the entertainment hours of any poor soul that crosses your path. This could be from frustrations or being the victim of cheaters and hackers; it could also be from a lack of skill, dedication, or drive to try and challenge yourself and become a better player.

Naturally, honestly, the reasoning behind this can be a multitude of things. There's one thing that's for certain: if you're doing this, you're a dick, and you should stop. The third and final reason I could think of has to be. It's not accepted here, but in other regions, such as Eastern Asia, they have a different mindset when it comes to cheating.

Their ideology is to do anything and everything it takes to win, and if you can cheat well, by all means cheat. In fact, it's not even uncommon for DC cafes to offer cheats as an incentive for people to go to their establishment when things like this are accepted, encouraged, and normalized. It creates an idea of or an attitude of acceptance towards cheating as a whole, and it makes it to them.

I believe there is nothing worse than modding a single-player game like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto offline, which is the worst thing about cheating. This behavior then spreads like cancer, creating more and more toxicity and eventually communities around it. For example, you see this very often in Call of Duty, when large portions of the player base believe that the top percentile is using at least some sort of software to enhance their gameplay.

I personally experienced this during the early days of publishing. The experience of the North American player base was being heavily diminished when the massive influx of Eastern Asian cheaters came in, and, from the action of the game developer, the NA player base became untrustworthy; we felt shafted.

It culminated in a lot of us dropping off, and the player base sadly never recovered for the game, and that's a fate I do not want to see repeat here for the final. Unfortunately, this conundrum I think we find ourselves in is bigger than just a technical issue. It's honestly more of a human issue as a whole because ever since any sort of game has existed throughout our history, there's been cheating to coincide with it, unfortunately.

Just be our nature. But with all that being said, I do think now is the perfect time to think about the installation of various different tactics and try to confront this issue. May lie within a combination of many different deterrents. Because, essentially, in today's world, all methods of combating hacking can be circumvented and bypassed rather easily with enough effort, such as phone verification, regen, and ping locking hardware bans, etc., but maybe by a combination effort, cheating will be just that much more time-consuming and taxing at every level, requiring more effort and knowledge on the part of the cheat users.

Maybe we can effectively deter the vast majority of simple cheat users who just pay a subscription fee to do it on their own, maybe effectively leaving the number of games defiled by hackers at a minimum. I don't think there is ever going to be an end-all-be-all to hacking. Sadly, I think it's unavoidable, and it's always going to be a battle that rages on till the end of time, and something that must be said is that with every battle, there are casualties.

I would like to take some time to mention all of those playing on those Eastern Asian servers that are legit and do not cheat. Most of these players are bouncing over to North American servers seeking refuge to escape the chaos of playing with other legit players, and if we installed a ping barrier, they would be left stranded, play with the endless drows of hackers we need to develop some sort of FastTrack detection system that can detect inhuman movements and adjustments, one that then moves these detected individuals in a discreet manner that doesn't alert the users immediately like some other systems such as Activision Shadow Banning or other Shadow Banning systems we've seen in the past because as soon as the cheat gets wi that their cheats are being banned or discovered they will immediately make micro adjustments to return them to under the radar and this is why you see games traditionally waiting long amounts of time to ban huge amounts of players at once the dangerous part of this tactic, is the amount of Damages, these hackers cheaters can do on the player base in that amount of time I'll be honest with you I personally don't know if a perfect solution truly exists up there but I have seen what happens you sit back and you do nothing I'm sure we've all seen it time and time again where a great game Falls prey to the inactivity of its developers.

I wanted to make a video discussing some of the frustrations I and many others have been feeling with the increase in cheaters over the last couple weeks in THE FINALS. So Let me know if you've been experiencing it down in the comments.