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If you want advice on rank, you say you want more cashouts and more wins. Well, in this article, I'm going to show you how to do better in rank, how to get better cash outs, and how to properly use the knowledge of the game to your advantage. I'm bringing you another finals article on this lovely day, and like I said, we will be showing you how to do better in rank and a little bit of tips and tricks that can help you out.

They've helped me, and hopefully they will help you, so let's get right to it. I appreciate you guys staying. Let's go, Okay The first tip is very simple: be a team player and get better at using teamwork. It's really simple, but you can't play soccer without a team. I mean, you can, but it's not as fun, and you don't succeed as well if you don't play a soccer game without your team.

The second one is also pretty simple. This game is so crucial that you have your microphone on. If you're a solo player, they are playing ranked. Listen. I know you might not want to talk, and this game might seem like every other game where you could just keep your mic off, but in this game there's a lot of stuff that can happen in Med split seconds that requires you to have some commands ready, and if you're not commanding anything, don't expect the people that you're playing with to do what you want or do what you ask of them.

get better at

I mean, you can't get mad at him if you didn't even ask what you wanted in the first place. Place, okay, and this kind of goes back to you playing as a team. You want to kind of make your gadgets revolve around the way your teammates play and then vice versa, and this goes out to people that have three stacks.

This is more for people that you know can play as a team than for someone who wants to play solo. If you want to solo que. I will be making a article on that later for rank, but as of right now, these are going to be more for working as a team because I truly do believe this game is more of a team game than it is more of a solo game.

Okay, and here's another bit of advice that kind of goes for more people that are playing as a team. I'm sure you can kind of implement some of the advice and tips that I'm giving you as a solo player, but this goes again for more of a team. Player, Don't rock the same gadgets or strategies as your teammates; it's kind of pointless if you guys are all rocking the same thing with a diverse gadget and strategy.


Implementation is way more beneficial to the team as a whole than it is. Just as an individual, next utilize your gadgets and your strats appropriately. Don't just spam it every second that you get or whenever you feel like it. You might literally not know when you could actually need that, and it could be the difference between you winning a game, getting a cash out, or simply you.

This one goes out to solo players, communicating that if you need your teammates to do something, maybe he'll pump you, or when you're about to cash out, wash your back. Don't expect them to just magically know what you're about to do, where you're at, or what your intentions are; they might not know what the heck you're even doing.

the finals

Don't get mad at them just because you expected them to do something when you wanted to do something and didn't even let them know. That, another piece of advice for solo players is hold as a team try not to stay away from your team having a teammate there is crucial for a lot of close fights or unexpected things to happen you always want to have another man there that you can depend, on this kind of goes into what I just said but hold hands pick a guy to shoot at once and 2v one as much as you can pick them off as a team not as a, solo, for this part try to fight fights that you have to fight don't just fight fights that you want to fight because they could get you unnecessarily killed and you just died for what just because you wanted to fight, that's kind of a dumb way of going down, be disciplined know the task and go for that specifically and if anything tries to get in that way then take action and fight don't just fight because you really just feel like doing.

It this is very simple: the first two cashouts are crucial. Once you get that, the majority of the other teams are left trying to secure over what you have, which leads to them fighting themselves and leaves you at peace, not having much to do unless, for some reason, the other teams get lucky and manage to cash out over 30k or over what you have, which does tend to happen sometimes but not as often as you would think it does, so it's really important that you try to get to the C cash outs as fast as you can and be the first team to get it.

Next, prioritize cash, not kills. Not random players shooting; not that random guy who just ran past you who isn't even part of the team that's cashing out. Remember, cash out over everything; that's what really matters. This one is also pretty simple. The only time you really need to wipe out a team is when they're trying to take your cash out or when their spot is the one that's ahead of you, and that spot is crucial for you to get on to qualify, but by that.

I mean we all know that every time you wipe out a team, there's a 30% that's taken out of their cash out. If that 30% is crucial for you to take their spot and win that tournament, then do it, but if not, don't fight. As with the rest of these tips, this one's also very simple: you can leave whenever you want.

If other teams aren't disciplined, they will fight you for no reason. Just run off and leave them fighting somebody else. You know better. Don't get yourself stuck in those fights that you do not need to be stuck in. If you have a cash box and your teammates are dead, try to wait for the respawn, and if there's a team already following you, try to bait them into another team.

If that doesn't work, throw the cash box; it's easier for you to fight that team 3v3 than it is for you to go try cash out and then come at you 3v. All right, my beautiful people of YouTube, that was some of the tips and tricks that I can give you for rank. I do have a good bit more, but I do want to save that for another article.

Trust me i know you guys are getting tired of me making more and more articles, but this is what I love to do, so I'm going to keep making more and more articles, and hopefully you guys are going to keep watching every single one. I appreciate the support the channel has been getting. We're almost at 1, 000 subscribers, and I just started posting about a week ago.

I don't know what's going on, but I am loving it, so I really appreciate you guys showing me all that support. I appreciate you guys staying this long, and I so hope that these tips can help you achieve whatever you want to do in this game or even any other game. That being said, it's Shin. It's been a great time giving you guys some advice.

Have a great freaking day.

comment your own tips in the comments sections maybe you'll help someone out with you very own.
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