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In today's article, I'm going to run over six quick tips on how to get better quickly at the finals. This game is taking over the FPS world with 250, 000. Peak players this past weekend on Steam alone it's probably way higher than that if you include console numbers if you're looking to get started or maybe you're struggling with your first few games then hopefully this will help you and hopefully this will also give you some good advice if you're forced to play solo or with randoms a lot of time so let's dive right into it, number one is simple really team play is King now if you play solo a lot this still applies to you because even without conss you can work with your team and it's essential that you do so if you want to win and not just get kills but that spend 50% of the game spectating.

How to teamwork

This especially applies to beginners of this game but even those who have maybe a few hours in it but are still struggling to get to grips, the best way to win in this game is to work with your team and stick together getting separated from your squad is a quick recipe for spending a lot of the time looking at the respawn screen or leaving your Squad in a bad situation which is probably even worse, now one of the best ways to get used to this is to play as a support role medium build with healing beam defibs and then play the role like a medic in Battlefield or a support in OverWatch, this will help you learn the Tendencies of your teammates and honestly keeping your squad alive or coming in with quick revives.

It can be bigger than getting 50 kills. Do remember that defibs only revive up to 50% of their health, so make sure you switch to your healing beam after you've revived a teammate to quickly top off that health to avoid having to revive them again shortly afterwards. Don't worry if you're using the slow revive, though that does revive players up to 100% of their health.

Learn your weaknesses

Learn your weaknesses

So second up Knowing your weaknesses is more important than knowing your strengths. A light, for instance, is glass. Cannon Don't sit and defend on the point, but use your speed and mobility to pounce on enemies in vulnerable positions and get away before you can be targeted, but don't stretch too far away that you can't go back to your teammates for support or healing when you need it.

Playing around with the point rather than focusing directly on it will be far more beneficial. And don't stay in fights for too long if you can avoid it, even if that means leaving before you've got a kill. Taking half of a player's health will mean they're probably going to die when they next encounter a fight.

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All of your abilities are built around quick entrances and exits, and don't forget about those exits: jumping into a fight, spraying some damage down, getting out, confusing your enemies, and making them focus on you as opposed to the other threats around them. All of these are beneficial to your squad as a whole; maybe you end up racking up a bunch of assists instead of kills.

That's all what's important is helping your team by being that elusive threat that other teams are getting really frustrated by. Mediums are best when in a support role, either following in with a tank or providing intelligence through the use of sonar grenades, which are a really great tool for providing quick information to your team before you either push a point or when a team is pushing you.

You can still rack up a lot of kills in this role, with the AKM or F car being my favorite. They're great for mid-range engagements, and you can melt light builds or even heavies who are stuck out in the open and can't get away. Close quarters are definitely a weakness here for mediums, in my experience.

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To make sure you've got teammates around you so you don't get isolated surrounded by lights or Heavies trapped in a room, Heavies are there to Brute Force. The point really is that the RPG is an essential tool for a quick pick on enemy players or to pave the way for an assault on the objective by destroying the surrounding walls.

The best upgrade you can buy early on here is definitely the Dome Shield, as you can throw it over friendly as in trouble or use it to make it quick steal on the cash out, getting a medium to heal you while you aggro can make you almost invincible, and being a huge threat to enemy teams. Your biggest weakness here is getting isolated and getting stuck out in the open without your team, so try to avoid that as much as possible.

Stay close to your mediums, in particular if they can keep you alive, and also use elevation. Being stuck below the point or below fights is really difficult as a heavy because you're slow, moving, scrambling up takes a long time, and you're very vulnerable. Much prefer being able to drop down either from cranes or from rooftops, getting the drop on your opponent slamming into them. If you get like the sledgehammer, you can do huge damage here, and your gravity is way faster than climbing, so just keep that in mind.

Don't teamkill

Don't teamkill

Next, we have team killing. Obviously, you can't shoot your teammates, but you can do a lot of damage to them either through fire or gas. It's all fun in games, throwing fire bombs and dropping gas mines everywhere until you need to actually steal cash out, but you can't because everything's on fire or there's a giant gas cloud that's killing you in the process.

Be strategic in chucking your nades, and don't underestimate just using standard frag grenades; their damage is high enough to kill lights instantly, and there's no warning to enemy players, so if you chuck a few through a window, you might get a quick pick on an enemy player or even do enough damage that when you do push in, you can get kills quickly.

Gas is a particularly dangerous team killer here, as lights are extremely vulnerable to it, and even if it doesn't kill them, it makes them significantly weaker in their next engagement, so just be careful about what you use for your own utility, particularly if you're not on coms with your teammate.

It's one thing if you're chatting with your team, you can say, You know I've put gas mines down. Everyone's aware of it. There are no coms, and your teammate is just running around, and they're running into your own gas. It was very bad for everyone involved, and that goes for heavies as well. If you love the flamethrower, just be aware that when everything's on fire, you're probably doing damage to your own team as well.

Help enemy teams

Help enemy teams

Next up, slightly confusing for most gamers here, but sometimes it's okay to help other teams. If you're sitting on top of the leaderboard, for instance, with only a few minutes left, look at what the other teams are doing.

The Finals is a challenging game, especially for new comers. In this video I have the most important tips to get you started and have more success and more importantly more fun in the game.
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