The Finals 50 Tips Every Medium Player Must Know (beginner To Pro)

50 tips

Here are some useful medium tips that you need to know: there is a cool trick with a red Barrel where you can left click it press F to get it back to your hand and instead of it being random and flying all over the place you can actually control the place where you want the barrel to be exploded, at the red Barrel trick will not work with the gas Barrel, as you would want to manually activate it by meleeing it a few times before you throw it and it's going to explode on impact and interesting thing about gas grenade is that opponents will not take any damage while they are hiding behind the wall but when you go for a gas mine you can clearly see that you can damage yourself your teammates and enemies through walls floors and ceilings you can use this trick to prevent enemies from stealing the cash out if you are playing below.

You also need to know that gas can be countered by flames, whether it's going to be a flamethrower flammable barrel or a pyro grenade. Knowing that information, you really don't want to place gas barrels and flammable barrels on your cash out, as they will actually harm each other. Be mindful about your defibrillator usage.

Use it in emergency situations only if you have the chance, especially if you are playing Recon to take your teammate somewhere safe and slowly reshape him so he can be full HP and ready to fight. Do this instead. I personally think that double movement, which is a zip line plus a jump pad on your medium, is superior to any other combination.

As you have the option to off-angle, allow your heavyweights to quickly get on high ground and quickly rotate through the map, and especially if you are going for an aggressive play style, you want to be on the other side of the map as fast as possible multiple times throughout the match if you get stunned.

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By the light player from behind Don't panic; just kill him. It's that simple. You can perform an interesting ankle breaker by going behind the cover and then quickly sliding. Out of it, surprise your enemies and make them very uncomfortable. For them to kill you, try to always slide before using the jump pad; it will give you additional distance.

When you are playing scar, try to always aim at the upper chest area of a person. This way, you will be as accurate as possible while still occasionally going for a head shot. If I need to reload mid-fight, I usually go for a combination of sliding to the left and then quickly jumping to the right.

This makes it a lot harder for my enemies to track my model. Both Scar and AKM are extremely accurate up close, without ads. Just press left-click and focus on strafing. As a medium player, you should always prioritize your life over anything else if you see that there is no way for you to win the team fight instead of fully committing and dying as a team, which you may want to see.

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Relax and wait for your teammates to coin, or wait for enemies to leave, so you can reschedule your teammates after the match starts. Try to always cycle your movement cooldowns in order to get a superior position over your enemies. For example, if that guy was completely clueless and out of position, don't forget to use the window-climb method to surprise your enemies from an unexpected angle.

As a medium player, it is always your responsibility to steal the cash. Ask your heavy player for a bubble mesh shield and a body block to be safe when you see that enemies are going for the last-second steal. Instead of trying to brace them as they come in close, let them come in close, and when they are going to steal, run forward and head-shot the guy as a medium player.


You absolutely need to have good aim, and you can have it if you spend 10 to 15 minutes every day just shooting bots in a practice range. go for 360s, Explore and feel your sensitivity. With time, you will see that you have better tracking and better clicking, and overall, your aim will improve drastically.

When you're starting the fight, make sure that your crosshair is on the target before you press your left click. This will increase your accuracy, and your opponents will have less time to react, and they will die faster. You can also take less damage if you go for unpredictable strafe patterns. If you see an isolated target on high ground, you can always go for the 3 to1 jump out with your team to surprise an enemy and quickly finish him off if you have good aim.

Recon is far better than a healing beam, as it will allow you to set up for future fights. Always see where enemies are and kill solo players. You can place your jump pad on the wall to surprise your enemies with unexpected movement. Don't forget to slide while looking into it and perform a small bunny hop in hand for maximum efficiency.

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You can place the jump pad on the side of the door in order to always see when enemies are approaching you because they would have to shoot it. Additionally, you can place your jump pad at the start of the door in order to make it difficult for opponents to enter it without breaking the jump pad. This is very useful when you are being chased.

There are situations where you would absolutely want to destroy the jump pad after you have used it yourself. You can kill a person if you throw something at him and he's below 50 HP. When you're out of ammo, make sure that you always perform the full reload animation before you start climbing or doing anything else, as it will cancel the full reload and you will have to start all over again.

If you throw goo on your guardian turret and then pick it up, the goo will explode. If your guardian turret is damaged, you can always pick it up with your hand and then place it again, and it will be full of HP. When riding a horizontal zip line, you can jump to make it difficult for enemies to hit you.

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It's easier to control your recoil while spraying if you are anti-IR. In the opponent's movement, if he goes left, you go right. It's called aim-smoothing. You can check it out on YouTube. You can see enemies better with Recon Sensus. If you inspect your zip line or a jump pad, when going for a vertical zip line, you can always go for a little super jump right at the end of your zip line to give yourself additional momentum and the ability to choose the direction in which you will fall.

We already know that there is a window climbing technique that allows you to access high ground rounds faster, but you can also perform the same trick on certain rooftops, for example. Skyway Stadium, lower buildings, and then buildings on Monaco; some of them are accessible. When it comes to the rooftops, when you are jumping from the window, there is still a bug in the game where if you place a guardian turret on top of the goo barrel, start the mantling animation, and pick it up, it will send you flying.

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