The Finals: 5 Quick Sledgehammer Tips


Here today, we have five quick tips with the sledgehammer. And by the end of the article, my goal here is to maybe make you reconsider this weapon as something other than a troll pick. I know I say this in every article, but I really mean it this time. This thing can be crazy strong if you know what you're doing, but without further ado, let's show why that is.

Starting things out at number one, we have the goo gun synergy. Now the goo gun has been getting a ton of love here recently as people are starting to figure out. Hey, this thing's actually kind of busted, and I'm here to show you why it works well with the sledgehammer. Next up at number two, we have the Sledge Zen combo.

Now you're probably thinking, Hey, that sounds kind of familiar. It kind of sounds like your name. That's because I kind of discovered this tech before, and I called it the Com Zone combo that was with the dagger. This is with the sledgehammer, and you're probably thinking, You know what that is.

Well, it's essentially an animation cancel that allows you to kill targets so much faster. So normally, with a sledgehammer on a medium target, your optimal kill is going to be two swings and a quick melee, and that's still pretty quick. But we can make that even faster by using the sludge Zen combo, which you're going to do.


As you can see there, I even missed my melee, and it's still faster. Now you're probably wondering what the heck was that looked super cursed. Well, you can also do this with the heavy attack, so Bam as you can see right there, we can take out heavy targets immediately.

So the way the Sledge in combo works, you're going to hit your target with a melee Quick Melee, and then whatever button you have pressed to equip the sledgehammer again, for me, it is triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. As you can see right here, I'm just equipping it like this while your elbow is out of that Quick Melee.


You are going to press that button again, which is going to reset your Sledgehammer, canceling that animation and allowing you to swing faster, so I'll show it off one more time. Make sure you're hitting the actual SL first swing with the sled hammer, and then make sure you are canceling that animation by pulling out the sledgehammer again, so in full speed it's going to look like this: As you can see, that canceling animation allows me to swing much faster, just as a bit of rest reference will do that normally.

Here, as you can see, it's going to be much faster, so just keep that in mind. As I said, I'll show it off one more time. Swing Quick Melee Pull it out and swing again; as you can see right there, much faster time to kill. It might seem complicated, but if you practice it, I promise it will reward you.

Next up at number three, we have the heavy slide. Now, because of the existence of the Sledge Z in combo, assuming it does not get patched, you typically want to stay away from the sledgehammer heavy attack because you're kind of cutting your DPS in half unless you are getting a target from behind, which can be difficult for the heavy slide.


Let's say a target's low, and you just want to finish him off with a heavy. Maybe they got hit by a gas grenade or a barrel. If you try to actually just walk up to them with a heavy as you can see right here I can't Sprint with it and I start moving kind of slow if you want to move faster while that heavy attack is charging, if you slide right before you activate it you can maintain your momentum so as I said right here if I'm sprinting and I go for the heavy you see I slow down and I don't know how that hit him that was crazy but normally you don't really reach your target however if I slide and begin it as you can see right there I can maintain my momentum, and get a lot closer to my target before I make contact so if you're chasing someone or just need to get their faster try to keep this in mind as it might save your life and maybe you know stop some bullets from hitting in your face while you run at them like a.

Madman, Next up at number four, we have the C4 Barrel. Now you're probably saying, What does this have to do with the sledgehammer? Well, my goal here is to make sure you have ways of engaging targets even though you don't have that range because you're using the sledgehammer. The C4 barrel can help with that immensely.


All you're going to do is slap a C4 on a barrel or really anything; it can be a chair, whatever you have on hand. What this is going to do is give you an option to engage targets at further ranges, and this can actually do more damage than an RPG. As you can see right here, if I throw it at this target, I hit him right there, although he didn't die.

You know, he's one shot, and he can run in there and take him out. As I said, this works with anything; it doesn't have to be a barrel, but I do think barrels work best, and as I said, this just gives you some more range outside of the. RPG, and finally, at number five, we have the barricade buster.

The barricades are very nice with the sledgehammer, especially because they allow you to engage targets at close range without them really being able to do a ton to you other than maybe fire or smoke. Really, gas, not smoke, isn't going to hurt you, so the way this works right is if you put down the barricade, there's two ways you can engage.


The first is that if a target comes up to you, you can actually hit them just by standing up here. As you can see, you have quite a bit of range, and he takes some damage. The second is that by holding forward while doing a heavy, you can actually just bust right through it and do a ton of damage to a target through your barricade.

Not only that, but, of course, you can block Target's paths and block doorways. You're probably thinking, Man, the Sledgehammer has a lot I didn't know about, and that's because it does give this thing a try. I was streaming yesterday, and this guy came up to me. He was using the goo gun and the sledgehammer and was just tearing.

I think he went like 15, and two guys were insane. That's what inspired me to make this article. If you're in my lobby, you know who you are. Also, with the comms in combo or the sledges in combo, in this case, there's a lot you can do with it. Really, the sledgehammer doesn't just limit you to melee range.

You have the C4 and you have the RPG, and when you get up to close range, you just kind of destroy everyone.

The Sledgehammer has a reputation of either being a troll pick and or meme pick amongst players since its inception; however, after getting absolutely obliterated by someone using this thing with the Goo Gun on stream, I've found that the Sledge can actually be quite nasty. Not only did I find a nasty melee animation cancel that I've named the "Sledge Zin Combo " that I've yet to see posted anywhere, I've also discovered some interesting synergies between the Sledge and certain equipment.