The Finals: 5 Quick Sword Tips


Here today, we got five quick tips with the sword. If you want to channel your inner Samurai and absolutely decimate the enemy team, perhaps you want to stick through to the very end of this article. I'm going to show you some things that you've probably never seen before, some of which might get patched, and others of which I am very confident will stay in the game and will serve you very well when using the sword.

I believe this to be one of, if not the strongest, weapons in the light class. I probably said that like five times now, but this time with the sword. I mean, I truly do mean it. This thing can be really impressive on the enemy team if you know what you're doing, so without further ado, let's get right into it.

Starting things out at number one, we have the dash. Now, I'm sure you've seen all over the Internet the dash dagger and the cloak dagger. Having three dashes with the sword is just undeniably useful. So the way this works right, the sword has two attacks: a light and a heavy. The heavy lets you charge it up and release it, and if you're on the ground, you dash forward.


As you see, if I jump up here, I'm not going anywhere, but if I'm on the ground, I move well. You can actually extend the active frames of that by using the dash, so right here, you might think, well, there's no way I'm hitting that guy. But you can, because, as you can see, when you have the sword out, as long as that thing is still extended out, even though it's not really moving, it's still going to deal damage.

So what we can do even if a target's this far away is use the dash while that sword is still extended. As you can see, we can go for some absolutely stupid long-range pokes and do quite a bit of damage in the process. You can even chain this with two dashes, as you can see here. You can chain two, you can make it as long as you want, and as long as you keep that hit box out when you're going for targets, you can extend the range on this thing to stupid lengths.

Next up at number two, we have momentum and the vertical dashes. Now, this is really important because not every target you fight is going to be on the same ground as you. Sometimes you need to traverse; sometimes you need to hit targets on an incline, and this is very useful for that. Additionally, you want to be quick when you're using the sword, so there's a little trick you can do to maintain your momentum.


So the way this works is that if I have targets right here, as I said, if I jump while using the heavy attack, I'm not going to move at all. However, if you're using the dash, if you didn't know this, if you look in a direction, you'll actually dash in that direction, so if I jump here and look right there, as you can see.

I go upwards, and this can be coupled with the sword, so all you're going to do is release that heavy attack right, immediately jump, activate your dash, and then you're going to look at the target that you want to hit, so it's going to look like this at full speed. As you can see right there, I go vertically, which allows me to hit that Target.

Now something to keep in mind right you have a lot more range with this thing than you think so I can actually hit that Target right there even though it doesn't look like I'm going to. You do have quite a bit of reach, but taking advantage of this can really help out with those long-range engagements, especially if they're on a rooftop.


For example now for momentum right, if you've played any game in any competitive setting, you've probably heard of hopping or bunny hopping. Well, it turns out you can do that with a sword too, and this is not very complex, but it is going to take a little bit of practice. The way this works is very similar to engaging targets here; you're going to look slightly upwards, release the heavy attack for the sword, and then dash, and as soon as you hit the ground, you want to time your jump the second your character lands.

If you keep pressing jump when your character hits the ground, you can maintain your momentum and move fast. You can actually change dashes together to keep that momentum going, so I'll show you what that looks like here. Bam Bam, as you can see, See how I kept that momentum there, which wasn't perfect?


We'll do it again right here, so you can see I kept my momentum charged again. Dash, keep my momentum, and you may not think it's a big deal, but you can actually keep your momentum going all the way across the map if you have three dashes, so remember to hold back your heavy dash like here and make sure you're holding it again.

Dash again; as you can see, you get quite a bit of momentum, and this is going to allow you to get to your targets or objectives much faster. Next up at number three, we have some kill combos. First. I guess I was not the first to find this, so I'm a humble man. I will admit that I apologize if someone found this before me, but yeah, I'm still calling it the Csim combo for the time being.

Because I might be humble, but I like the name better, but anyway, the way this works is right, so if you're looking at Target, all you're going to do and I will say this only works on console I'm sorry. PC; this will likely get patched out, so don't be too sad about it. But the way it works, you're going to use a light attack or a heavy attack, use your melee, and while your elbow's out, you're going to press triangle or Y to reset your animation, swing the sword again, and repeat the process.


So what does it look like, as you can see right here? I'm swinging way faster than I should be able to. I show that off in, like, four different articles. I'm not going to harp on it too much here because I want to keep it to things that are going to stay in the game. So if you want to kill medium targets in the most optimal way possible, you have two options: you have two charged heavy attacks, like, so that will get the job done; however, what I prefer to do is dash in with the heavy hit, the Quick Melee, and then a light attack.

As you can see here, that is another option, and I think that's more reliable, doesn't take as much time, and it's more effective with heavies. All you have to do is make two charged heavy attacks with a sword and two quick melees, as you can see here. We just got the Quick Melee and the charge there, and even if you miss the Quick Melee, as you can see right there, that is enough to kill, and with lights, you have two options, so you can go for a light attack twice in a melee.


A quick melee, that is, or you can go for the heavy attack and quick melee, which will also one-shot them, so just keep those in mind most of the time, in my opinion. Try to avoid using the heavy attack when you can because you might not have enough dashes and you might miss it; it leaves you more vulnerable, but always initiate with it.

The sword is one of those weapons that has become infamous with sweaty light players running around absolutely decimating lobbies, or getting bodied by just about every other player in the lobby. Melee weapons have kind of become my specialty in this game and I can say with confidence that the sword is all around the most powerful weapon by itself currently. I've put together a pretty extensive guide here covering melee animation cancels, kill combos, movement tech, etc. Even if you don't feel the need to try to sweat with this thing, hopefully these tips make your experience more enjoyable.
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