The Finals: 5 Quick R.357 Tips


everybody combo here today, we got five quick tips with the R 357. I apologize for my voice, unless you like it more. I am a little bit sick, but without further ado, this is one of my favorite weapons in the game, and by the end of the article, you will be a rootin to cowboy shooting machine, so without any further ado, let's get right into it.

Starting things out at number one, we have a very unique interaction with the r357 and the tracking dart. Personally. I believe the tracking dart to be very underutilized and to be very powerful on every class in the game, but it has a very unique interaction when dealing with light targets, so what you can do is, let's say you want to tag a light target.


This is especially useful if they are invisible. Let's say we tag him. The tracking dart does one damage well, as you see in the head shot with this thing. 149 so if you put the two together you can actually one shot a light now more likely than not and we'll get on this later how to hit those head shots more consistently you may not always be in that situation, well the r 357, is one of the only weapons in the game that has a two times headshot multiplier so what that means is if I tag this guy right here more realistically I hit two body shots that'll also kill him as you only have six rounds in the magazine, taking one of those shots away especially if you're taking it at a longer distance can really make the difference in that fight especially if that light Target goes invisible you're going to know where they're at you can either one or twoot them this is very useful and I recommend you take advantage of it.

Next up at number two, we have head shots, why they're important, and how to hit them more consistently, so we'll start with the consistency part. Right there are two important things to know with this thing: one, the reticle is a little bit misleading, and two, this thing has some pretty nasty bloom, and we'll start with the bloom.

Now, what bloom is essentially is that the faster you shoot this thing, the more your bullets are going to deviate, so if I'm aiming right here and I spam my shots while holding down the recoil, and there is a margin of human error here. I will say, as you can see, that little left to right movement right there.


Because this thing is basically perfectly vertical, that is going to be your bloom, and what that means to avoid bloom is that you're going to have to pace your shots. You're not going to be able to shoot at the maximum rate of fire if I do the same thing here, but I pace my shots a little bit more.

As you can see, if we go back to our little things, they are much more consistent. As you can see, those two are basically on top of each other, so you don't have to shoot that slowly. The second part is reticle placement. Now, a lot of people would almost try to make the target a lollipop; they'd put the blinders right around the neck area because they extend near the top of the target, and yes, you can hit head shots like this, but this is much less consistent.


As you can see right there, most might think that might be a head shot, but it doesn't work with this thing. What I like to do to make those head shots more consistent is, rather than have my reticle near the neck area and let the blinders go to the top, I completely cover the target's head. This might feel like you're aiming a bit high, but this is going to make those head shots much more consistent, especially at those longer ranges, so I'll show that one more time instead of being down here.

I'm going to cover his head, and at first it might be a little bit tougher to see, but you are going to hit those head shots much more consistently. Now you're probably saying, right? Why is it important to hit them with every weapon because this thing has a two-time headshot multiplier? There are some really cool headshot combos you can do that allow you to just melt everyone, so as I should off with the lights, hit them with a tracking dart, are you kidding?

Me anyway, as I show off with the lights, hit a tracking dart and a head shot, and that's a kill when you're looking at your medium targets; it's simply two head shots, so as I said to hit those more consistent, cover their heads, and finally, with your heavyweights, you guessed it from this distance here.


A three-head shot is enough to kill you. You have one of the fastest kills assuming you hit these, and all you have to do is pace your shots, so keep those things in mind: your bloom, your reticular placement, and your combos, and you will absolutely shred people when using the r357. Next up at number three, we have cover and why it is so important when using this thing, so for example, if I'm using an AKM and I'm trying to kill this target.

I have to maintain sight in order to hit my optimal time to kill as my individual bullet damage is quite low, but I have a lot of rounds to make up for it, making it more forgiving. I only got six shots with this thing, so I had to make every shot count, but with those six shots comes an inherent advantage if you have access to cover.


My bullet damage doesn't really go down, nor is it just my time to kill if I want to poke in and out like this, and what this allows me to do is be unpredictable. Targets don't know where I'm going to peek in and out, and it also allows me to hit my off time to kill while not taking damage, so if I use tracking, for example, and you don't have to, but I think this works best, let's say I hit this light target right.

I know exactly where he is going through that wall. All I have to do is,Do, Bam; he maybe saw me for half a second, and I can do that. The same thing goes for Target in front of me right here. I know he's right there; maybe peek up for a couple shots like that; peek up time for a head shot. As you can see right there, he might rush me; he might do whatever, but because I have sight of him and I have cover in front of me.

I can hit my OP at the optimal time to kill; he's likely using some kind of assault rifle; he can't hit his, so please take advantage of cover because I'm telling you it can be a huge difference in your ability to kill targets. Next up is number four, and I talk about this in like every article, but I still believe it to be extremely important.


That is the hipfire. Now, the hipfire in this game, as I said, is very good, but with this thing, it is especially good. If you want to meme around, you can crochet your hit-fire, which is basically perfect, as you can see right here. I can headshot that guy AC across the map, which is funny, but if you're right in someone's face like this, I would not recommend aiming down sights.