The Finals: 5 Quick Ks-23 Tips


Here today we have five quick tips with the KS23, or the newest weapon for the heavy class in season 2 of the finals. I have been loving this thing; it's classified as this-looking shotgun, but to me, it feels like a goddamn cannon that you're shooting at people because this weapon was so new at the time of recording.

Starting things out at number one, we have the best specialist ability. Now, this is similar to the other shotgun in the heavy class. I believe the best ability or specialist equipment to be the mesh shield, and there's a couple reasons for this one. The mesh shield synergizes so well with shotguns, so as you can see right here, when you shoot it, you have a little pumping animation.


If I shoot this, pull out my shield, and as you can see, I can shoot it without pumping again. So what this shield allows you to do is that by putting up the shield immediately after you shoot, you can essentially get rid of the time you are vulnerable during that animation. Additionally although this weapon does have some pretty good range which we will get into later having the ability to keep yourself alive and because it's a shotgun get in a target's face can be very useful, the other option you have of course is the and slam which is okay but generally speaking I would say probably stay away from it although this weapon as I said can do good in those close ranges, leveraging, that range can be useful but also as I said cuz this thing is kind of the Jack of all trades you can get in a Target space so if I use the charge and slam a really good combo I like to use is shoot go in with the charge and slam and you can kill them so as you can see right there one shot charge and slam that is enough to kill a medium and a light Target obviously, so keep those two in mind; it goes by your play style.


The most competitive, in my opinion, is the Mes Shield, but the charge and slam can be just as good. Next up, at number two, we have the range. Now this is what I believe to be the coolest thing about this weapon because this thing has basically slug Cannonball properties; it has a bit of travel time, but man does this thing have range, and it is actually effective at those ranges, so as I said, it does have travel time, but as you can see right here, if I'm aiming at this target, from this range it's basically.

A direct impact, aKA a hit scan, although it does have that travel time, it's so fast it doesn't really matter for ranges past about 40 m. As you can see, there is a bit of travel time, but if you get really good at leading your shots, as you can see, you can two-point light targets from an incredible distance.

So we'll go even further back here, so we'll go right here, as you can see. 1 2 3 The fact that this is a shotgun and I'm almost killing someone from that far is crazy. Of course. I don't recommend trying to snipe with this thing and using it at those closer ranges, but if you don't have the ability to do so, just know that you have a lot of range in your back pocket.


A range like this, I would say, is pretty realistic in a gunfight. Maybe you're trying to help your team out. You're trying to lead those shots and just poke damage. You most certainly have the ability to utilize this thing at those longer ranges. Of course, that may give your position away, but generally speaking, the range on this thing, as I've said so many times, do not underutilize it this is very helpful.

Next up at number three, we have the one in the mag reload. Now I will show you a way to cancel the reload animation of this thing. It's not super useful, but it's an option. Generally speaking, let's say you get into a situation where you've shot all your rounds, maybe you whiffed a bunch, or you're fighting two targets at once and you have no rounds left in the magazine.

Well, what's cool about the KS23? similar to some other weapons that have this property. If, for example, you drain all of the rounds out of your weapon, you don't actually have to wait for that full animation to fire it again, so for example, if I shoot this last round, you're not able to cancel this other than the method that I will show later.


You may not want to wait that long because that might get you killed, so if you fire all your rounds and you're at zero, you can actually cancel that animation by firing, so if I get to zero in the mag spam, the shoot button bam, as you can see right here, this isn't super effective and you lose a lot of accuracy, but at those closer ranges, this is more than quick enough to possibly save you now as for canceling that animation, as you can see right there.

If I melee while I'm doing that reload, I can cancel it, which is an option. Another option you have is by using the scroll wheel or swapping to another piece of equipment and back to your weapon, so for example, if I shoot it, I get three rounds in the magazine. As you can see right here, if I pull up the scroll wheel, I can cancel the animation.

This can be useful because it can allow you to aim down sights and get those quick kills, so once again, reload cancel on the scroll wheel. I have three rounds on PC because you don't have that scroll wheel. The option you do have is to pull out another piece of equipment. For example, I'll pull out a grenade, so reload and pull out the grenade.


I know you guys have bindings for that and then swap back to your weapon. This will allow you to effectively do the same thing and cancel that animation. But the most useful part is that if you're going to take anything away from this tip once you're down to zero, if you're close enough, just keep firing that single shot.

As you can see right there, you sacrifice a bit of accuracy, which could also be a skill issue, but generally speaking, as I said, this is good; it's going to keep you alive, and it may save you in a clutch scenario. Next up at number four, we have a couple. First of all, generally speaking, if you are past 10 meters, do not hit fire with this weapon.


Aiming down is always going to be your best bet, as you can see right here. If I'm moving around, my reticle is going to flare out, and even if I'm right on target, I do have a chance to miss, so right there I hit all three. We'll go for these light targets, as you can see. Those are hitting all over the place, so generally speaking, try to aim down SES, especially if you're past 10 m.

10 meters in, you can probably hit fire and be fine, but even then, it might be good to be safe if you're going to aim at sights. Also, don't just stay aimed at sights like this; after you shoot it, get that cocking animation, uniform on sights, and then move around; that'll make it a little bit more difficult for targets to hit you.

the sluggy boi certainly packs a punch in season 2! I've been using this weapon quite a bit since the launch of season 2 and have nothing but good things to say. it's a shame the other classes don't get the option to wield the absolute powerhouse that is the KS-23 but the other weapons more than make up for it. expect guides on those in the future as well.