The Finals: 5 Quick V9s Tips


Combo Here today we got five quick tips with the v9s Andor the Jack ball trades for the light class. I think this thing is super powerful and perhaps the best weapon for the light class other than some of your SMGs in a competitive setting, so without further ado, let's show why that is. Starting things out at number one, we have headshots, and you're probably thinking.


Yeah, you should probably go for headshots with every weapon, which is true, but with the v9s, it's very important, and I'll throw this out. not all weapons in the finals have the same headshot multiplier, it depends on the weapon additionally compared to most games the finals headshot multiplier damage is actually much lower in most games you're looking at a two times multiplier, in the finals unless I'm wrong, no weapon reaches that two-time multiplier, so most of the time it's just more beneficial to hit your shots, but as you can see right here, if I fire all 20 rounds into this s wall,you'll see that the recoil pattern of this thing is very vertical which lends very well to hitting head shot so what you're going to do after that first shot is just lightly hold down to control that recoil as you see I'm not putting much here as you can see right here, just catching right where I was, you can basically put all your shots in the exact same area so what we're going to do is demonstrate that as I said yeah hitting your shots is important and spamming them off but as you can see right there your time to kill is not great however if you're hitting head shot as you can see right here which are pretty easy with this thing Your time to kill is very fast now.

My recommendation for this is that you don't want to aim right at the head. Although you can hit your shots if you're close enough, I like to aim right around the neck area. That way, if the target jumps or I kick up, this thing does kick a little bit on that first shot. You can adjust for the recoil, so I aim like right here, and after that first shot kicks me up, I am able to go right for the head and get some very fast time kills in the process.


Next Step: At number two, we have the range in which you can use this thing. You might be surprised to see that it's a pistol, but this thing can be used at some really good ranges now as a PSA as well. I would only do this if you're trying to use a third party or if a target is weak, as most weapons in the game might be able to outdo you, but I digress.

As you can see right here, if we have a target in front of me, as long as I'm pacing my shots, as you can see here, this thing is actually very consistent at those ranges, even all the way back here at the super far target, as you can see if I am firing my shots, as you can see here. This thing is actually very consistent at those ranges, even all the way back here at the super-far Target, as you can see if I am firing my shots.

In a paced manner, I can even hit moving targets from that far; just keep that in mind. Something else to mention is that if you're within a certain range or out of that range, as you can see, I'm hitting that target right in the head. It's not dealing headshot damage, so if you're at those longer ranges, just hit your target, but just know that if you need to go for those longer ranges, you most certainly can.


Next up, at number three, we have hit-fire. Now, it's pretty well known at this point that most weapons in this game have very good hit-fire, and that's important. However, what differs between all the weapons is how the gun interacts when you are in the air. For example, with the SH1 1900, there's basically no effect, but with this thing Yeah, as you can see, if you look at my reticle, it is going to bow out like crazy.

You can hit fire, and if you crouch, especially, I mean, you can basically get all head shots like it's really, really good, but the second I jump, good luck hitting anything now. If you're going to use the hit-fire, I would recommend 5 m in. You don't have to crouch; throwing in some if you want to crouch strafe to hit some of those shots is an option, but most of the time I think you're better aiming down sights so you can control that recoil.


But as I said, if you are going to hit much if you're not jumping, as you can see right here, you're not going to hit much if you're not on the ground. Next up at number four, we have equipment, and what's nice about this thing? As I said when the article started, it's kind of the jack of all trades, so really, you can use whatever you want.

I like the flashbang because if you blind a target, typically they're not looking at you, and you can hit your shots much easier because they're not going to be firing back, of course, the other being the stun gun for obvious reasons in a similar vein because if you stun them, they kind of just sit there and you can hit all your shots, and the last one is really up to you.

I switch between the vanishing bomb and the breach charge. I like the brief charge because you can break down walls, which will allow you to get different angles on targets. as well, you can also stick this to barrels and make them explode. The vanishing bomb is nice because you can get behind targets and get some easy shots.


It really just comes down to personal preference, but at the end of the day, you want to use things that let you hit those head shots easier, as that's where the bread and butter of this weapon lies. And finally, at number five, we have the rate of fire control. Now, as I mentioned earlier, if you're dealing with these really far targets like this, yeah, you probably want to pace your shots to make sure you're hitting them consistently.

However, the closer you are, the more generally because this thing's recoiling is so manageable unless you're shooting at targets like all the all the all the way back, maybe 50 m or even more. You need to be shooting this thing as fast as humanly possible. That's because, as I said earlier, the recoil pattern is very manageable, and you're not getting headshot damage at those longer ranges, so if you want to contest, it's better to shoot as fast as you can, so I'll show what that looks like.


Yes, I can pass my shots right here, as you can see, and I can hit my time to kill, which is not quite optimal, but it's not hateful. However, as I said, if I'm spamming, as you can see, because that recoil pattern is so easy, it's not hard, even with these smaller targets here. Yeah, I can see them and hit my shots, but the same thing is true here.

I can spam, and I'm still hitting the optimal time to kill, so once again, because that recoil pattern is very manageable, even if those longer ranges Don't be afraid to spam those shots, because with enough practice, you're still going to hit them either way. This one's a little shorter because, I mean, this thing doesn't really have a whole lot to cover.

The V9s stands as the true jack of all trades as it pertains to weapons for the light class currently; although, it did receive a magazine nerf as of recent, 20 rounds is still certainly enough to get the job done.