The Finals: 5 Quick Famas Tips


Today we got five quick tips with the Famas, aka the new weapon for the medium class, here in season 2 of the finals. This weapon, in my opinion, has consistency unparalleled by any weapon in the entire game, and I have been absolutely loving it in my matches. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you guys learned something new, and you can go into your lobbies and absolutely roll heads with the stuff you're about to see, so I'm not going to hold you here forever.

Let's get right into it. Starting things out at number one, we have perhaps the most important thing when dealing with any rifle style of weapon, which is managing the recoil. Luckily for us, the Famas have a pretty easy-to-control pattern, so the first thing I'm going to do is fire all 27 rounds into this wall.

I'm going to showcase two methods to mitigate the recoil, but let's start with the most common and consistent one, so this one here, as you can see, makes what looks to be a reverse 7. When we analyze that recoil pattern, looking at those first 18 or so rounds, we can see that it is basically vertical.


In the first half of the magazine, it starts to shift more off to the right near the end, so all we're going to do to make this more consistent and get a good grouping is, for those first few shots, we're going to hold slightly down, maybe to the left a little bit to get ready for that kick, and as we get further into the magazine near the bottom, we're just going to slightly hold it to the left to mitigate those last few rounds.

Do all those things right, and you should get a pattern that looks a little something like that. Granted, that's not a great pattern; it kind of looks like a heart because I absolutely love all of you. You should totally subscribe. Wasn't that cringe anyway? The other method you have is known as recoil smoothing.

So the way this works is that if you are moving to the right, you're going to slightly move your reticle to the left, and vice versa moving to the left, you're going to slightly move your reticle to the right. This is going to basically negate all of the game, so keep that in mind. I will say that this weapon does work with every weapon in the game, so keep that in mind.


I'm not great at this, but I'll do my best to show what it looks like. Moving to the left, we're going to try to get a good grouping here. As you can see, it's a little bit more horizontal because I'm not used to it, but there is like no vertical recoil, so you have both of those methods. Keep them in mind.

You know you might like one over the other, but generally speaking, get good with it because that is how you're going to be most consistent with this weapon. Next up at number two, we have perhaps what I believe to be the FASA's greatest strength, which is its consistency in those longer ranges. If you practice with this thing and do the stuff that I show you, I promise other than maybe the sniper and the lh1.

You are going to beat every other weapon in the game at range. I mean, seriously, so there is a trick to it. For 20 minutes, you are going to aim around the neck area. Even if you're maintaining the recoil, this weapon is still going to kick a little bit, but basically, it's going to ensure that at least one of those shots is a head shot, as you can see right there right at the chest where I'm maintaining the recoil.


You know, but if I slip up a little bit or Target moves around, you can hit them in the head. From 30 to 40 m, as you can see right here, you're going to aim right below the chest, right at waist level. Same thing here; this is going to ensure that one of those shots is going to be a head shot, so I'm at the waist right here, as you can see, and we get a head shot.

This isn't a perfect science, but generally speaking, it works for me. From 50 to 60, you're going to go right at the kneecaps, as you can see right here, and we're always going to get at least one head shot in our kill, as you can see right there from ranges like this. The fact that we can basically make sure we're getting a head shot is absolutely nuts.

Even from 70 to 80, as you can see on this moving target, I'm aiming a little bit below the kneecaps, as you can see right here. You don't want to spam your shots from these longer ranges, but as you can see, you can be quite consistent, and finally, from 90 to 100, you're going to be aiming pretty low even if you're maintaining that REO.


Make sure you're not spamming your shots, but as you can see right here, if I'm firing at this target, I can be very consistent now. You might say. Hey, these targets are standing still, but even if I move back here to this target right here, as you can see, once you practice with this, the fact that I'm able to hit a head shot from this range with somewhat consistency is absolutely nuts, so keep those ranges in mind.

Practice with this thing at those ranges, and you will absolutely tear people up. Next up at number three, we have something that is probably pretty self-explanatory, but I did want to point it out and maybe show a way to make it more consistent. That being the hipfire, so as you can see right here, if I have a target in my face anywhere from about 4 to 5 m in if I have a Target in my face I am going to hit fire, and there's a couple reasons for that.


First, when I'm hit firing. I can move faster than when I'm aiming down sights, making it tougher for my enemy to hit shots, and I don't really sacrifice much other than maybe missing one or two shots, but from those closer ranges, you're probably not going to be hitting head shots super consistently.

So to make this super consistent, all I like to do is right at the chest level of the target I try to stay around there you might be inclined to try to go for head shot but because this thing can bloom out a little bit when you're shooting those at Max rate of fire you do lose some consistency, however if you're right at chest level as you can see right here you're really not going to miss any shots and every once in a while you might kick and get a head shot so just keep the hitf fire in mind with this thing it's really, really strong, might save your life, and every once in a while, as you can see right here, you can even get some head shot, so the hitf fire on this thing is definitely a go.

This 3-round burst weapon is an absolute menace in season 2 of THE FINALS.
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