The Finals Ultimate Dps Guide: Light Class

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Today we are going to be doing an experiment and finding out what the best weapon for the light class is for the finals. To do this, I will be measuring and comparing the damage and time to kill of each non-melee weapon in the firing range. Now, for consistency sake, I measured the time to kill from the first frame the hit marker appears to the final frame when the health bar disappears.

Let's jump right into it with the M11 SMG, starting off with the heavy dummy body shots. The M11 has a quick ttk but only has enough ammo for one heavy kill; however, it does have enough for two heavy kills when you hit all head and shoot. This thing absolutely melts the medium dummy for body shots; it has enough ammo for two fast kills and enough for three kills if you hit all head shots.

This gun definitely thrives here at Point Blank Range, and the farther back you go, the harder this will be to do. The M11 has a tight recoil pattern that kind of looks like a backwards question mark, and it has one of the fastest reload times in the game. For its scoped counterpart, the XP54, SMG The XP is a pretty quick body shot against the heavy dummy, and it has exactly enough ammo for two heavy kills if you're able to hit all of your head.


Shot This gun can absolutely shred its way through two mediums with body shots, and it has enough ammo for two headshot medium kills as well with a few bullets left over, which is really helpful if your aim looks anything like mine. The scope and extended range you get on the XP54 are its biggest selling points, and they pair really nicely with its extremely simple recoil pattern, which is just a basic vertical curve up and to the right.

When placed side by side, the M11 wins in TTK clip size and reload speed, but the trade-off for the XP is great. Optics and range have increased for the V95 pistol. I was pretty impressed with the time to kill on the Heavies here, especially because it has enough ammo for two kills with all body shots and all head shots.

This gun dominated in the beta, and it's still definitely pretty viable. Now, time to kill on medium bodies is a little slow compared to the SMGs, but you are able to kill two mediums to the body and up to four mediums if you have perfect aim with all 20 head shots. Since this is considered a precision weapon, there's definitely a big bonus to hitting all head shots with a really fast time to kill.

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And no surprises here with the recoil pattern; it's just a tight, straight vertical line, and it does have one of the fastest, if not the fastest, reload times in the game. The lh1 DMR might be the most slept-on gun in the finals; it has a competitive ttk on heavy body shots, but it stands in a class of its own when it comes to head shots if you can control The recoil absolutely blows heavy objects away, similar to the pistol.

The lh1 is slightly slower when it comes to medium-body shot kills, but it might have the fastest time to kill in all the finals when it comes to head shots. Recoil aside, a 24-second ttk with semi-automatic range is absolutely ridiculous. If you can actually hit your shots, you're able to kill five mediums with one clip.

Gun I know I haven't been showing the guns against lights, but this was just so ridiculous that I felt like I had to show it. Its 0.12 is like blinking, which is ridiculous. This giant snake curve straight up to the ceiling is the only downside to this. Gun I almost didn't put the sniper in this article because it's almost in a category of its own, but I felt like the time to kill on this was so egregious that I needed to put it in almost as a PSA.

Now believe me. I love the sniper, and I understand the whole premise of snipers is long range and headshot, but these times are so bad. I feel like this gun could use some kind of buff, like maybe three to the body for heavyweights and two for mediumweights. I don't know, but this test was rough.

I barely believe my eyes. I thought my stopwatch was glitching. Out, and again, I know the perks of it are the range, that it's still possible to have great games using the sniper, and that it's fun to hit clips. It's probably my favorite weapon, but it just really is not viable for most final scenarios.

The only saving grace for the sniper, as fun as it is, is that it can one-shot lights in the head. Finally, last but not least, the moment all of you sweats have been waiting for, we have the saw-off shotgun. When paired with the invisibility, this gun is one of the best guns in the game, and it can twoot both the heavy and the medium class when you are right next to them and you hit your full spread.

This is the common rat's favorite choice of weapon, and it is currently one of the best choices for light players. It's time to kill a half-second for heavy and mediums, and it is instant against fellow lights. The biggest downside of the salt-off is that you have to reload every two shots, so it's really only good for one kill at a time.

All right, that is going to be it for the light class.

In this guide I will test and compare all of the guns for the Light Class on The Finals to find out which weapons have the best DPS and weigh the pros and cons of each option to find out which is the best for you.