This Insane Heavy Build Will Make You Hated. The Finals



The new 2024 year has already come, and I hope that you celebrated it better than I did. I have absolutely lost myself to the finals, and even the tragic loss of my account didn't make me stop playing it. Creating new unique builds and strategies in this game feels like a sort of art, and I'm sure many other YouTubers will definitely agree with me.

I've spent dozens of hours trying to figure out the best build for the heavy contestant, and I think I have finally found one. I am the tactician, and in this article, I want to show you my secret heavy build. This build is so powerful that it can easily wipe out the entire team. It is so influential that many of my enemies switched to it right during the match. It is so ultimate that it made my enemy's rage quit several times, and you know what I have enjoyed, W.

Cry for help

Cry for help

But before we proceed, I want to ask for your help. You know, it is very hard to make articles about online games without proper team play; none of my friends play the finals, and relying on in-game teammates is more of a bad idea.

Therefore, I want to ask you to game with me and thus help me shoot the articles. Simple communication and teamwork are all I need from you, but you have to be in the North American region to be able to play with me. I don't have too much to offer in return, but I can give you a steam gift card for your help.



Thank Thank you very much. Now let's get back to the topic of the article. Let's start with the main components of the build of Flamethrower: RPG and C4. The flamethrower is probably one of the least popular weapons in the game, and there are obvious reasons for that. It has only one way to deal with damage through the fire, which can damage you too if you are not careful with it, so no head shot, no alternative attack mode, and additionally, a terrible effective range that forces you to maintain the same distance where shotguns and melee weapons become dangerous.

Flamethrower inflicts 25 damage points per ammo unit, which means that it can deal 750 damage points per mag. It is slightly more than, for example, a km and significantly smaller than the standard M60. But despite all these problems, I still think that Flamethrower is deeply underrated. First of all, the perfectly controllable beams of fire make it easy to effectively use almost the entire magazine, which is difficult to achieve with most firearms because of the recoil.

The flamethrower is dealing area damage, which automatically makes it a dangerous weapon against the groups. On top of the actual flamethrower damage, the residual fire will keep damaging contestants for a short amount of time. Therefore, even if the enemy manages to run away at the last breath, it won't save him from being eliminated, ultimately with a flamethrower.

You need to inflict less damage than with any other weapon; the flamethrower is the only weapon that can penetrate the riot shield, and with some skill, the mesh shield too. The beams of fire can also take out the toxic gas, flash, and disorient the contestants. I think that the pros of the flamethrower, Obviously, its cons outweigh its cons, but I can't argue that the awful effective range of the weapon makes it very difficult to operate.

Thankfully, this can be compensated with gadgets and specialization.

Rpg and c4

Rpg and c4

you can use an RPG or a C4 placed on a carriable to deny the enemy that is out of your reach, but do it only when it is really the best possible option because you need these gadgets for a different reason. You need an RPG to quickly take away a big slice of an opponent's health points and, hence, be able to quickly finish them off and stay mobile.

You can use it against a single contestant, but it is best to aim for the groups. Due to the limitations of your weapon and the low speed at which the heavy class approaches the enemy directly, this is equal to suicide. If he notices you before you're able to fight him back, your attack will almost certainly fail, and this is where C4 will come in handy.

You can use C4 to cause destruction around you, launch a surprise attack, or make a shortcut. You can also just hide it near the cash-out station to instantly interrupt the theft in case you won't be nearby.



This is a pretty annoying trick, but It doesn't always work, so be careful. I was thinking about the third gadget for this build, and after some testing, I came to the conclusion that the choice really depends on your play style. Mines and gas grenades are obviously not the best idea, as they will often get destroyed by your fire.

You might want to try a frag, a goo grenade, or a Dom Shield, but I personally prefer barricades. It can be deployed quickly, withstand a large amount of damage, and be used to trick enemies, and it also pairs surprisingly well with the Flamethrower.


The specialization is a personal matter too, if you're playing on a well-coordinated team.

You might be better with charge and slam; you may also want to try a goo gun theoretically. It can be useful to create some sort of fire trap, but I personally didn't find it effective. I have even included the goo gun in my list of the worst equipment in the finals. I appreciate it anyway, and I personally strongly recommend using mesh shields.

You can use it not only to cover yourself from the incoming fire but also to cover your teammates, giving them the possibility to fight back instead of running away. Besides, the mesh shield pairs surprisingly well with the flamethrower. When you are in a duel, all your enemy needs to do is shoot you in the head, which is not difficult considering the distance.

But with a mesh shield, you can take that advantage away from him. Here's how you do it: Fire the enemy until his or her health is down to half, then raise up the mesh shield and keep the distance short enough to make your flame work but not too short to provoke your enemy into doing something unpredictable.

And if he tries to charge at you, use melee combat to scare him off. Yes, melee works with mesh and shields. Now this is where the hard part begins. You have to pay attention to the weapon of the opponent and try to predict when he will need to reload. When you feel like he is low on ammo, drop the shield and start finishing him off with a couple of.



The last bullets in his me won't pose a serious threat to you, and the residual fire will significantly lessen his chances for a successful escape. The build I just showed you is all about unpredictability and strategy; it is not as effective during a head-on attack or a dead-on defense, and such an unusual approach to gameplay may confuse some players.