Why You Suck As A Light The Finals


Let's be honest, you stink as a light, man, but that's okay. Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards not getting verbally assaulted every time you queue up. Light is the most misunderstood and misused class in the game, and in this article. I'm going to explain why and give you some tips on how you can play around your teammates and not get dodged every time you try and queue up with your stack.

Okay, so tip number one is going to be losing the mindset that you're the entry, that you need to have the most kills on your team, that you need to get these crazy clips for your Tik Tok for your Twitter feed, you don't, that's not the point of the light, you are not the entry, you're not the catalyst of the fight, like I've seen so many lights.

With an invisal, dual-shot stun gun. And that's a great combo, but you're using it wrong. These people were running in first before all of their teammates tried to get these clips. You're throwing the game. You're throwing the game for your team. You, as the light, are faster than your teammates, and if you're just running in trying to get these clips blinking in and out, thinking you're going to 1 V3, you're going to go kiss the heavy two, tap them, swing back out, and wipe the entire team on your own.


You're throwing the game for your team, and I've seen a lot of players who think that this is how it's supposed to be played. Light's supposed to be the go-in; first sneak around, try and get a kill, blink in, blink out. You should not be initiating the fight as a light You should not be taking the first shot at your team.

Or, if you're still alive or if your team's a little behind, unless the other team is already in a gunfight, you should not be shooting first. Instead, you should be positioning yourself around the back, trying to find positioning, and giving your team information. All of this is how you win as a light player; you may get a little bit more kills.

Going in by yourself. Because you're probably playing in shitty lobbies. Honestly, that's the truth: you're probably playing in [__] City Lobbies, and you have an ego. And you think you're him; you think you're him on light, and so you run in without your team. You don't really win games, but you get your clips.

the finals

This is why you're never going to get out of brown silver; it's WPS for you because light is not supposed to be the run-in first to get all the kills. And he should definitely not be taking part in head-on gunfights with mediums and heavys. That is just selling the game for your team. As a light, you need to be able to understand.

What fights are in your favor? You need to be able to weigh the odds, basically. Like your playing cards or your counting cards, you need to be able to weigh the odds you need to be able to swing them in your favor, you need to be able to manipulate the odds. You cannot be taking 50/50s as the light, and I see way too many light players.

They just have this ego; they're not really great. But they don't think that they're the problem because they're seeing their kills go up, and, yeah, sure, you might get a few more kills, but you're not going to rank up, and you have to be able to have that mindset of I need to win this game with my team, not I need to be able to win this game for my team.

Team, okay this tip runs off of the last one and you are not the entry and in not being the entry you need to be a disruptor and set up the fight in a way that your team can win as fast as possible because allowing third parties is going to be the reason that you don't rank up, and if you want to set up fights in the most advantageous way for your team use your equipment, the lights have a extremely good equipment, pool to choose from and you need to experiment with all the equipment that you have available to you and figure out what works best for you what your best with what counters which abilities from other classes, and how you can get the most wins and benefit your team the most because that is the most important part of this game is the team play, so for an example running glitch grenades is extremely powerful everyone knows that glitch grenades are the best grenade in the game probably.

I can't think of another grenade that does as much disruption, at least. So, I've seen so many lights. They queue up, they have the right equipment, and they don't use it. Maybe they use their stun gun to try to go for a clip, sure, but that's it, and that's a problem because the equipment is almost the only half of the gunfight is going to be decided by equipment.

Obviously, it all comes down to who can outgun who, but the equipment is going to put you in a better position to do that, so I recommend experimenting with equipment. I've been experimenting with thermal vision while running standard grenades, running glitch grenades combined with stun guns, etc.; you just need to find what works for you.

There's so many combos: as a light, you can run thermal and smoke, you can run flashbangs, and regular grenades because once they're flashed, you can pop those nades in; they won't notice them. That's a ton of damage put on a team without even putting yourself in the position to get shot back, so you need to experiment with the equipment that you have at hand and you need to remember to use it.

Mid-match constantly remind yourself and be conscious of the equipment that you have. Downs what you just used, did it work, did it, not what counters what, trying to figure out what the enemies are running and if your equipment counters it or if it's countered by them. Once you figure out what works best for you and your squad, you're going to win a lot more games, so just experiment and try something new.

Things, okay, so this last tip applies to all the classes, and this is basically me saying ignore the meta [__]. The meta: there is no meta; we are all learning this game, and we need to keep experimenting with things. Don't just run medium, medium heavy, or medium heavy heavy, because some YouTubers told you that it was the meta, and now that's all you and your friends run, you need to experiment.

Okay, we are all learning this game at the same time. It's new every time something comes out and it's the strongest and best way to win the game, something else is going to come out and it's going to break that, and all the sudden it's back to where we started and there's a new meta. The meta is going to change every day because there is no meta, so ignore the meta.

In the meta experiment, you need to be trying out new equipment and abilities and not listening to people when they tell you this is the best way to win. This is the God Str. This is the perfect loadout. If you run Invis, Pistol, Glitch Grenade, and Flashbang, you're going to win all of your games, and this is the meta.