Avoid Making These Mistakes The Finals


So the finals are a very unique shooter compared to most of the shooters I've covered on this channel in the past, and there are plenty of mistakes that can get you in trouble if you're making them consistently. So today we're going over some of the biggest mistakes to avoid in the finals. The first one on the list is something that I actually ran into a lot when I first started playing the game, having played a lot of games like Battlefield and War Zone over the last few years, and this one is simply ego-challenging.

If you don't know what ego challenging is, it is essentially getting into an engagement. You probably shouldn't, but you kind of think that you can handle it. You think that maybe I'm better than that player, so I'm going to win the gunfight, and like I said in games like Battlefield or War Zone, a lot of the time that can work out for you if you are literally just better than the opponent, then you can often win in those gunfights.


And often times EG challenging is actually a really good method because obviously if you are better than the player you can kind of catch them off guard and engage in a gunfight, when they're probably not expecting it and therefore you can actually win because of that now in this game it is quite the opposite you do not want to be EG challenging the exception, probably being if you are a heavy and it's against any of the other classes for example but also when I'm talking about EG challenging there are actually two different forms that this can kind of come in and the first one is almost to do with what I just mentioned that is engaging in the wrong gunfight, depending on your class for example if you are playing as the light class and you come across, even a medium but most likely a heavy You probably shouldn't engage in that gunfight if they're looking at you and they know that you're there, because obviously, even if they're not as good as you, they're probably going to win that gunfight the heavy has 350.

Health, and as a light class, you have 150. So that is pretty much the prime example of what an ego challenge can be. Now, it does sound very obvious, and a lot of people will say, Obviously, you shouldn't get into those gunfights. On paper, yes, it is very obvious, yet I see a lot of people doing it, and to be honest.

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I have had to really learn to do that myself, or. I should say, learn to not do it, because often times I'll be playing the light class and I'll run up to a heavy and just think. You know what? I think I can beat this guy, and it turns out most of the time I absolutely cannot. now The other form of ego challenge can kind of come in the form of just not waiting for your teammates to push that objective with you if there is an enemy team sitting on the objective, for example, and you know it's getting down to the wire and you really need to take control of the cash out a lot of times.

I see a lot of people jumping in there and just thinking, You know what? I'm going to kill the whole enemy team myself and take over. That is not going to work, 99%. Of course, if you're really good or if you just come up against the bot team, that can happen, but for the most part, you want to make sure you are waiting to push with your teammates.


A 3v3 is obviously a lot more likely to be won than a 1v3. Now next on the list we have something that I do also see a lot of people doing wrong and this is essentially choosing the wrong loadouts, now it doesn't necessarily mean choosing the wrong load out as in or you're using the wrong gun you should be using exactly this gun and exactly this load out you can pretty much do well with almost anything in this game if you are good enough at the game but what I'm getting out is mostly in regards to your teammates so for example, if your two other teammates are running a melee weapon like a sword and then the other one is running a sniper that would mean that both of your teammates are light class and they're obviously running a melee weapon and a sniper.

That would mean it is probably not ideal for you to also pick the light class and then also use a sniper. For example, that's going to mean your team is a triple-light team with two snipers and a melee weapon. I'm going to call it right now: you're probably not going to win many games running that load out.

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Obviously, it can seem unfair if you have to base your own play style in the class that you choose around your teammates. A lot of the time, it doesn't really matter if a lot of people will run good loadouts, for example, but if you do notice that your teammates are running a little bit more of an obscure loadout, then it is often best to not just be stubborn and go with what you prefer to use; it might be worth switching to, for example, the heavy class with a bit more of a team-based loadout that can.

I guess, complement. Your teammates setup So this one is essentially just making sure that you look at what your teammates are running before the game starts. Sometimes you do, unfortunately, have to take a bullet for the team and switch up your load. It can be unfair, but it is definitely better than just picking your favorite load out and then getting absolutely slapped all game long.


Now the next one is kind of similar. Now, you can be like and come across other teams that are just not very good, and you could be running, all light class, and you could still win that game. It's not like I'm saying it's impossible. But if you do come across any teams that are even remotely good at the game and you don't have at least one heavy and at least one medium, then I honestly think that is next to impossible, to win those games now the reason for that is you do need a heavy for pretty much tanking a bunch of damage they take so much damage just having a high Health pool but then also having the shield in terms of the mesh shield and the Dome Shield to help protect you as well if you playing the medium for example, and the other side of it is that the heavy class does just have a really good load out they've got good weapons to send a lot of Firepower down range they've got good explosives and stuff like that in the RPG.


And essentially, I just think you need a heavy to pretty much be the tank for your team; otherwise, it is going to be a hell of a lot harder to win games. Now, I also mentioned the medium. The reason I think you need at least one medium is because the healing beam being able to heal your teammates is absolutely crucial, and especially when it comes to tournaments and ranked tournaments where you obviously need to stay alive as much as possible because you don't have unlimited respawns in those modes, it is essentially.

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