Akm - Ultimate Weapon Breakdown. The Finals


so today we are starting a brand new series on the channel breaking down each weapon in the finals, going through all the key stats you need to know, going over the recoil patterns and how to counter that recoil, as well as touching on all the pros and cons of the weapon to give you guys the most comprehensive breakdown you can find, and today we're going to be starting off with the akm.

Now the reason I've started off with the AKM is that it is essentially just my favorite weapon in the game; it is a jack of all trades; it is the first weapon unlocked for the medium class; and so it is probably one of the most used weapons for a lot of players, at least early on anyway. It does everything pretty well; it's got solid accuracy; therefore, for some decent range on it, it can also do pretty well.

Upload close with a high rate of fire and relatively tight hip fire, and the higher magazine size is also a plus for the medium Class 2 since most other weapons in that class are definitely on the lower side in terms of the size of those magazines. Now getting into the stats of the weapons I've gone through and just kind of picking the ones that I think are the most important to be shown off, starting off with the damage as well as the headshot damage.


The akm deals 20 damage per shot through the body and 30 damage per shot to the head like I mentioned it does have a relatively, higher magazine size compared to the other weapons in this class coming in at 36, bullets per magazine it has a fire rate or an RPM rounds per minute of 600, and in terms of the reload time it takes 2.6.

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Seconds to reload this weapon now when it comes to the shots to kill this is for both the body and head shots we've got them separated, here for each class because obviously it is different, depending on the class that you're shooting at for the light class it will take eight shots to the body to kill an enemy or five shots to the Head versus a medium it will be 13 shots to the body and nine shots, the head to get a kill or if you're fighting against a heavy it'll be 18 shots to the body or 12 shots to the head to get that kill, as for the time to kill once again against every different class in the game keep in mind the time to kill is just average this is all based on the body shots and this is essentially, if you're going to hit every shot so the time to kill is obviously going to be a bit longer than this because you're not going to hit every single shot every time you're shooting at someone for the light class the time to kill is 0.7.


Seconds for the medium class it is 1.2, seconds and for the heav class it will be an average of 1.7. Seconds for that time to kill again for all of those keep in mind it will generally be a fair bit longer than that simply because you're going to miss shots and stuff like that now that's it for the core stats we're going to move on now to The Recoil pattern of the akm, both the ads recoil, as well as the recoil pattern when you are actually hip firing now as you can see both on screen right here when it comes to the ads recoil it sort of forms a bit of a question mark shape it'll go up and to the right quickly but then it does kind of slow down and go back to the left after that forming that sort of question mark shape and then for the hipfire recil, this is actually pretty accurate compared to what you would think for an assault rifle it does go slightly up into the right as well but it does end up kind of just spraying, fairly centrally by the end of the magazine and so the overall pattern is kind of just vertical and an overall.

There is going to be plenty more content like this coming for the finals, so make sure you don't miss out now. Moving on to both the strengths and the weaknesses for the akm, starting off with the strengths, probably its biggest strength is like a touch on before its magazine size, especially compared to the fcar for me, that is pretty much the only thing that the akm, objectively, does better than the F car because, to be honest, even though it's not necessarily my favorite over the akm.

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I do have to say it is probably the better option now that the extra magazine size can be very clutch, especially when it comes to fighting. For example, with an F car, it will take roughly 75%. Of your magazine, if you hit every single shot to actually kill an enemy, and that means if you miss five shots, with the F car, you are not going to be able to get a kill against a heavy without having to reload, so using the F card does mean you do need to be a little bit more accurate, but it obviously deals a little bit more damage and stuff like that as well, and against the light and medium classes, it is absolutely dominant whereas that high magazine.

Size of the akm. It is just a little bit more forgiving; it obviously still works very well against light and medium classes as well, but when it comes to the heavy class, or even if you're fighting two lights, for example, and you can kill one and sort of spray transfer to the other one, it is just very handy to have that extra magazine size, and that for me is probably this gun's biggest strength.


The recoil is also very simple and easy to control. It's a very I guess entrylevel weapon hence why it is the first weapon unlocked, so it is overall just a pretty easy weapon to use which is also a very big strength considering not everyone is going to be a pro when it comes to playing this game or any shooter now it's final strength, is also actually one of its weaknesses, but this is that it is the jack of all trades of any of the medium weapons it does everything fairly well it doesn't really have any like key weaknesses, where it's just so much worse than all of the other weapons it is generally just really decent at sort of every situation like I said it does have some pretty good accuracy so it's got decent range on it for an assault rifle It is also pretty good up close as well in that extra magazine, and the size compared to the F car does help out a hell of a lot as well.

Now getting into the weaknesses, like I just touched on, even though the Jack of all trades is kind of a strength. As the saying goes, jack of all trades, master of none now doesn't really do any single thing better than any weapon in the class. The F car is probably better at range; you've got the model 1887.


That is probably better up close. Even the Magnum, for example, is kind of in the same situation; it doesn't really do any specific thing better than any other weapon in the class if that makes sense outside of, like, the magazine size, and that's not necessarily just something that it does. That's just the case with this weapon.

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