10 More Must-learn Tips For The Finals


So right when the game launched. I did a article going over seven things you might not know in the finals, and it turns out there are so many more things that I didn't know either that I wanted to do a follow-up to that one, so today we're going over 10 more things you might not know you can do in the finals.

The first one is definitely very useful, and this is the fact that you can actually underhand throw with L2, meaning you can be a little bit more accurate when it comes to throwing grenades and even stuff like the dome shield. Speaking of the dome shield, this is really, really good for that specifically.


As you can see in this clip here if I tried to actually throw the Dome Shield right on that finals logo the big yellow logo on the ground if I throw it kind of bounces off it and as you can see it's only actually covering, half of that logo yet if I use the underhand throw it's going to throw it pretty much right where I'm aiming and this is super helpful for when you need to be a little bit more accurate and especially when you are throwing it closer to you obviously if you want to throw it further you don't want to do the underhand throw but it is definitely very helpful for those situations, now you can obviously do this with the grenades as well and a prime example of what I mean with this one, is let's just say in this window.

Someone was actually camping in the corner, and I wanted to throw a grenade at them. As you can see, with the regular throw, it's going to kind of bounce off the wall and go into the far corner, and it won't actually deal any damage to them. Yeah, when I do use that underhand throw, it's going to throw it a lot softer, and it will actually get into the corner that I'm sort of aiming it at.

So this is a very helpful tip, and you should definitely get into the habit of doing it whenever you can. The next one is very good when it comes to pretty much just increasing your. Gunfights doing this method now, the next couple are also to do with traversal and just general movement, and this is due to the fact that you can actually use Goo to navigate, making the map a little bit easier.

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This is especially good for the LI class. What you can actually do in areas where you otherwise can't get to a rooftop. Or even just getting you to a certain location that you can't reach without a jump pad or something like that, what you can actually do is just use your goo grenades, almost like building blocks as if you are playing Minecraft or something, and so, as you can see here, if you actually just throw them at the wall or really just any object, they will obviously release that goo, and then at that point you can actually use that to jump from one G grenade onto the other one and then obviously from the next one onto a rooftop or wherever you need to get essentially, so this can be very handy now when it comes to the light class.


You've obviously got the evasive dash as well, so if you do run the evasive dash, you can spread these out even further, which means you can actually use the dash to get from one G grenade to the other one, and this is going to really allow for some pretty crazy traversal. So get in the hang of doing this if you do run those go grenades; they're obviously very good for blocking off entrances and stuff like that, but they actually can be used for more than just doing that.

Now speaking of Goo, the next thing that we have is actually another one to do with Goo, and this is the heavy goo gun, in which you can actually create a bit of a goo tower. I did just mention Minecraft; this is genuinely a throwback to Minecraft if you've ever played that game. All you need to do if you are using the goo gun is actually just jump and aim at the ground, and then obviously shoot as you are off the ground.

This will then place a blob of Goo. I guess you would call it, and then obviously you can just repeat that and you will essentially just climb, infinitely, into the sky. You can then obviously use that to climb up the side of a building and once again get onto the roof, where enemies may not have expected you to actually do that, so this is very useful for the heavy class.

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Like I mentioned earlier, their traversal is clearly not as good as the light or the medium class, but this can definitely come in handy. There are plenty more articles like this coming for the finals, so make sure you don't miss out now. The next one we've got on the list here is once again to do with the movement, and this is actually to do with the jump pads.

As you can see, if you actually just run along and use a jump pad, you can see where I've landed, and it is going to be pretty much the exact same every single time, provided you are just running head first at the jump pad and you are sprinting. Now, what you guys may not have known, though, is that if you slide right before you actually hit that jump pad, you will go a fair amount further, as you can see in this third attempt.


I've actually landed just a little bit further than I did on that first attempt, but something to keep in mind is that if you actually slide, right as you are hitting it, that will send you the furthest, because, as you can see in this third attempt. I've actually landed further along than I did in that second attempt, even though I did slide, so you pretty much just want to make sure that you are timing the slide.

Right as you are hitting that jump pad, it seems as though the closer you are to the jump pad as you are sliding, that is going to make it go the furthest, and this can be very helpful. It can often get you from one rooftop to another when, for example, if you didn't slide, you may not have actually made that jump, so be sure to get in the habit of doing this before you hit those jump pads.

It is definitely going to help you get a little bit further on now. The next thing to know that I actually did not know until someone did it to me in game is that throwing the cash out can actually deal a little bit of damage. Now it's barely enough. You're not really very often going to get kills with it or anything like that, but if you are running along carrying the cash out and you are trying to get to the objective, and if you do come across an enemy, something you can do is just throw it straight at them.


Not only is it going to deal a little bit of damage, but it can actually throw them off guard just a little bit because it will kind of block their view, and they're probably going to be thinking. What the hell has just happened? This guy's thrown the cash out at me, at which point they are almost a little bit stunned.

And you can obviously start shooting at them, and because of that little bit of damage that you've dealt, it may actually help you win that gunfight. So if you are carrying this and you come across an enemy, don't you know, be a deer in headlights and just kind of drop it and start shooting. Be sure to try and throw it at them.

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