The Finals - Fix Fps Drops, Lags With These Best Settings

Amazing intro

Amazing intro

Welcome back to another brand new article, and the finals have finally been released. It is now time for everyone to play, so in this article, we're going to be talking about how you can improve your FPS and get better performance in the final public release. Make sure to watch this article till the end, and don't forget to check out our channel memberships.

I really appreciate you guys if you want to support me out, and with all that said, let's get started with article. Okay, step.

Compatibility settings

Number one is the competitive settings, and for that, you need to open up your steam, right-click on it, go over to manage, and then click on browse local files. Once you're here, you have to right-click on your discovery in Exe, go over to properties, and then go to compatibility and click on disable full screen optimization.

It helps you to improve your FPS. Right beneath that, click on Change. For high DPI scaling, click on this option, then select the application over here, and then simply click on.

De-animate windows

Okay, step number two is de-animating your windows, and it is really simple: simply search for adjust the appearance and performance of Windows, and once this option opens up for you, you need to click on adjust for best performance.

Then enable showing thumbnails instead of icons, as well as smooth edges of the screen font. This will help you keep your windows looking intact, but disable all unnecessary animations that will improve your PC's performance.

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Setup virtual memory

Setup virtual memory

The next step is also in the performance options, which are under the advanced section that is called virtual memory. You need to click on Change and then set your initial size. 1361, and your maximum size should be half of your total memory, so for that, open up the system information on your PC and look for your installed physical memory, which is 32 GB for me.

Now you need to open up the calculator on your desktop and then simply multiply your installed physical memory by that. 1, 24, and that will give you the value in megabytes. Now what you have to do is simply divide this whole thing by two, and you'll get this value that you have to paste over here, and then simply click on set.

This is the most optimal virtual memory setting to get better fps.

Best windows settings

The next step is the best Windows settings, and for that, you need to open up settings on your PC. Once you are here, go all the way down to gaming. Go to the game bar and turn this thing off. The game bar consumes a lot of memory in the background, and it is not really efficient for gaming.

Right after that, go to game mode and make sure to turn this thing on, as it will optimize your PC by turning background services and applications off, and it will also help you to reduce the notification popups whenever you're playing the game. me that go over to graphic settings, then click on change default graphic settings and enable both of these options, as it will help you to improve your graphic card utilization as well as input latency in the game.

Right after that, go back to Graphics once again, and in this list, click on the browse button and add your game to the discovery. Exe is in the list, so for that, you need to go back and select the game that is the finals right over here at Discovery. Exe In this list, go to options and then select high performance, and then simply click on save.

It will keep utilizing your GPU for gaming at its maximum level. Once it is done, simply close your settings and let's move ahead.

Boot configuration

Boot configuration

The next step is boot configuration, and for that, you need to search for system configuration on your PC. Once these options open up for you, you have to go to the boot section and click on the Advance option. Click on the number of processors and choose the maximum number of processors available for your PC.

This will help you reduce your boot time and will also improve your gaming performance in the long run.

Fix all network issues

The next step is fixing all of your internet issues using exit lag. Once you open this application, it should look like this: You have to turn exit lag on. You can simply search for finals over here and then select the nearest game region to you.

The nearest region for me is Singapore 01, and it will give me an estimation of 54 milliseconds of ping. Simply click on Apply Roots, and the finals will be added to your recent list. This will help you to tunnel your internet from your PC directly to the game servers, which will help you to fix all of your ping issues and packet loss issues very efficiently.

The best part about exit lag is the tool section over here, where you can go to FPS boost and enable the first, third, fifth, third, and last option, and that will give you the best FPS possible in your games, once again in the New Year sale of exit lag if you get a subscription.

Create a restore point

Create a restore point

The next step is creating a restore point, and for that, you need to search for create a restore point on your PC. In this system protection right over here, you have to look for your local disc. Click on Create, name it Finals just so you can remember it, and simply click on Create. I highly recommend you guys not skip this step because it is really essential if you want to restore every setting back to normal without any data loss.

The finals fps pack

The next step is the final release of the FPS pack. You can simply open this package, and in here you'll find six simple folders. The first one is the CPU optimization, where you have to run either an AMD or Intel CPU based on the processor that you're using. I currently use an AMD CPU, so I need to run the AMD CPU priority.

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