Gateway Breakdown. My New Favorite Gadget On The Finals


Long time no see, it is abop, and in today's article we are going to be talking about the Gateway, and in this article I am going to be going over everything from the super simple Ultra Noob Basics to my favorite ways of using the Gateway. In my opinion, the Gateway is the coolest thing to be released during season 2; it's great for offense, defense, mobility, vault control, and overall is a great team gadget that is now in the light class all right.

I'm going to start showing you guys everything I know about the Gateway. Let's go all right, so with the boring stuff, you simply. Left click to throw like a regular grenade and you right click to underhand throw like any other grenade once you get that first gate down the only way for that gate to go away is to go more than 70 M away as far as I know there is no way to destroy or manipulate, a gate once it's down once you go past pass that 70 M mark it will refund you your first gateway so we will have both gateways in your inventory if you stand at that 70 M Mark you can still throw the Gateway, and usually you can get an additional about 10 to 12 M out of the Gateway for a total of an 80 M distance from your original gate with all that said if you place a Gateway down that you don't like what you can do is intentionally go past that 70 M Mark get that refunded and then you can immediately place down a brand new first gateway that will be much faster than waiting for the cooldowns.

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Speaking of cooldowns, the cooldown is 40 seconds, and the gate itself stays open for 20 seconds. I did find a few more interesting things about the gateway: if you throw a gateway out of bounds, it will refund you that gateway, and if you bounce it off of the floor or a wall, it will activate almost immediately.

Now let's talk about the good stuff. The best thing about the Gateway is that it carries everything. If you are facing north, when you come out on the other side, you will be facing north if you are invisible, and your sword will be charged up when you come out on the other side, which will still apply.


Most importantly, it also carries momentum. If you are on a jump pad and you go through the gateway, you will still have that forward momentum. This also applies to anything thrown through the gateway, and there are all sorts of things that you can throw through the gateway. The vault is one of the main things that people will use it for, but you can also use grenades, gas domes, and even down teammates, which is pretty darn cool.

One of the most common strategies with the gateway is vault control. You can use it to kidnap a vault and help you start your cash outs earlier, or you can even use it to force and deny overtime, so placing your little gateway right on top of a vault and popping it out right on the other side of your gateway will give you a really big head start towards your next cash out.

Now, be careful with your gateway, though, because sometimes if a team sees it, they will camp. They ask, How are you? You just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never. Now you might be wondering, How did I get those sweet grenade kills through the gateway?


And that's really pretty simple. Let's go wait, how' you do, my God? What you do is put the gateway on the cash out, and all you have to do is remember which way the cash outflow is according to the gateway. Once you feel like someone is close or they start stealing, you can throw your gateway and then throw your grenades right through.

I usually like to open the gateway a little early because if you wait until they start stealing, you're going to be really tight on time and you won't be able to make any mistakes. But if you pair that with Enis and the Almighty's stun gun, you can make some pretty cool places. Just remember, things don't always go as planned, and these Gateway plays are becoming much more predictable.

I was getting a ton of grenade kills and a ton of pretty cool plays early on when the Gateway first came out, but people are already catching on a little bit. Sorry for the interruption. I was going to end my article around this point, but I want to go over a few brief clips to show you a few other things you can do with the Gateway.


In this play, I was getting overwhelmed, and I had to back out of my environment because of pressure, so now I'm off the objective, and they start to steal. I use the gateway to get right back on the objective, and even though my stun gun isn't ready and I don't have a lot of utility at my disposal.

I was able to confirm that kill on the objective and stop the steal. In this play, you can see me going through the gateway and mostly using it to gain Intel. I hop in, look around in one direction, maybe get some shots off, hop back out, turn around, look the other way, hop back in, and each time I am learning more and more about my environment, this isn't the most efficient and effective way, and this isn't really doing much, but that is a way that you can use it, and hopefully you can find a way to use it better than me.

I'm just here to kind of stimulate your brain and hopefully get those creative juices flowing, and in this play, you can see that I'm kind of using it to juke around and change positions really fast again. I wasn't being the most efficient with it, but I am just giving you ideas that are pretty cool.


Action, and the last thing, this one's pretty important if you are trying to defend the objective using the gateway; try to use that as your last option. Or, when you're low on time, if you're trying to just sit there and wait for them to steal, you're just leaving your teammates around to die, and you want to be putting on pressure and helping your teammates as much as you can.

With all that being said, the Gateway goes even deeper than what I talked about in this article. There are way more things that I could talk about. Another really good article on the Gateway is by Oppo. I hope you have a great day and remember things like subscribing. Thank

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