The Finals - New Update 1.5.5. Huge Nerfs. Revive Mech Changes. Map Data. More

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The finals just got another new update, 1.5.5. We have some major balance changes. Weapon changes, content, and bug fixes We also have a solution for those game crashes if you are still experiencing them. We have some metadata for both the maps and the finals in general. In all things, the final is here again.

As always, let's just jump right into the actual patch notes. We do actually have two different openers again. So the first opening statement here is on Discord from Imark Dusty, who has a brief section here, which seems to be the most important, which goes on to say that based on our own feedback and their own telary data, or at least their evaluation, they've recognized that the Recon sensor's ability for the medium build needs an overhaul.

And we're working on that right now. You can look forward to that change more in the next few updates. I also want to say here that there's a survey that you can check out for the solo banket, and they would be grateful if you had time to give us their one-to-one feedback on this experimental mode.

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It should only take about 4 to 5 minutes. I'm going to fill it up myself. Jumping over back to the actual opening statement on the final patch, they say that today's update comes with a number of B changes for weapons gadgets, including a decrease in the length of invulnerability. After Revival, I think there was a huge contention point.

A lot of people were like, you know, they can spam revive, and there's a lot of nuance there. We've also implemented crash fixes and an adjustment to the tournament matchmaking that will lead to tighter play skills. Gap in tournaments, it does look like this skill-based matchmaking did get shortened in that range, a bit of a disappointment for me there, but as long as it's in the tournaments, or I wish it was kind of like pertained more so to the rank tournaments than just a casual play, which they kind of left casual Play Pretty open-ended, as the rank should be where it kind of is tied down; however, it is what it is, so we'll have to see how these changes play out.


There's also a fix to crossplay settings that can be turned off successfully, which I know is a big issue for console players who are basically forced to play in crossplay. This is the big one here for defibrillators. They did increase the length of vulnerability applied after revive to 75 seconds, so that is a massive Nerf there of 50%.

Now, of course, this change also applies to the normal revive; it's the exact same change down from 1.5 seconds to 75. Now, for weapons here, revolvers actually got really nerfed by the decrease in the amount of bullet dispersion applied when aiming down sights, which was just a slight buff there, but they reduced the damage falloff start range to 23 M from 35, and they reduced the fall of the end range to 40 M from 50, which essentially means that the bullet going farther is going to do way less damage now, or at least it's going to start at a sooner point, so essentially those long range downs are going to be a lot harder to actually accomplish now.


Guardian Turret decreased the health to 280 from 300, and the mgl 32 increased the player damage to 83 from 80. Throwing knives decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when falling, and they also decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when sprinting, so it should definitely be more accurate there with throwing knives and like more of a skill kind of weapon to use now that we do have those content and bug fixes: We do have a crash fix here, where they fixed an issue where certain Gpus would sometimes crash.

There was also a matchmaking fix where they fixed an issue where crossplay settings would not be respected when the player was in a party, and they also updated the matchmaking configurations in tournament and rank tournament modes to help ensure matchmaking. Matches by skill rating, so a lot of spmm, and MMR changes at least to kind of shorten that gap there.


We'll have to see how that plays out. I think that's mostly to deal with, like the cheating problem, or at least on that front there; however. I guess people were kind of experimenting with that as well, and maybe the data kind of shows that it was not as fine as it should be. However, I still think that skill-based matchmaking in casual modes doesn't make any sense, although I can kind of see an argument on either side regardless.

It is nice that they are trying to fine-tune things, and hopefully it will be better for the game itself. Now, the finals did also drop an update article alongside this, but it just kind of showcases off the new store bundle, which yeah, you can check out here. The whole new store bundle with the weapon and the outfit now I've had a ton of comments on game crashes or people crashing their games and stuff like that if your game has been crashing there is a new one that's been discovered or at least crash that's been happening for some people now one of the solutions here is a bit drastic as it does, reset your in-game settings, so make sure you do note down things like your sensitivity.


What kind of graphic settings you have so that you can kind of get back to that point and kind of be where you were prior to this otherwise you'll probably lose that data unless you have it recorded somewhere now to start we're going to type in that percent Local app data percent in the bottom left or your search bar or you can use the Windows key to pop that up you'll then hit enter you'll jump into the local folder here where you'll then be locating a folder called Discovery, and then within that will be a folder called save now again you might want to back up this folder so you can make a new folder below it and kind of save that one or delete it that's probably what I would do is just make another folder below it throw it into the new folder and then it should create a folder on its own that way if you really do need your settings or anything that kind of went away that you do definitely need, then you can fix that there however that should fix most of the crash issues or at least seemingly so and this one specifically.

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If you are having any issues there, I would go ahead and try that one. Now we do have a bit of concern, which I've also noticed with viewerships across basically all platforms and even myself as well as other YouTubers. As well, but also pertaining to the finals in general, it looks like it has dropped out of the top 20 concurrent, at least as far as Steam goes.

I'm not sure on the Xbox or Playstation platform if you guys can see if there's like a top five or top 10 platform there, or at least for the FPS. However, yes, with the actual finals itself on the steam charts, we have dropped out of the top 20 and right now are only playing about 34, 000 to 50, 000 players now, not to say only, but we have dropped from quite a big peak.

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