The Finals 101: A Beginner's Guide To Basics



Today, I want to give you all a beginner's guide to help you know what you're getting into. We're going to go over the different classes you can play, take a look at the weapons and gadgets that they have, and talk about the four different game modes available. I'm then going to give you some tips that I think will help you understand the mechanics of the game.

Let's dive.


Into it Okay, there are three different classes you can play in. You have the light build, the medium build, and the heavy build, and now they each have their own equipment, with a lot of it being unique to each build. This is what will determine which one you end up picking.

Medium build

We'll look at the medium build to begin with, so the medium is unlocked to level one and is a good middle ground for health and movement, providing you with good utility as they have a lot of equipment suited for team play. They get a healing beam to begin with, which will provide health to your team, although you can't use it to heal yourself.

You then have the recon sense, which will allow you to highlight enemies through the wall, and finally the guardian turret, which will place down an AI-controlled turret. Okay, as for the guns, generally speaking, they're all pretty good, but you start with the AKM, and honestly, it's a solid pick.

Try them all out, though there's even a grenade launcher if that's your way of playing for the gadgets; they can use tracking dots, defib, jump pad zip lines, and many more, making them a very versatile class. Medium will be good for beginners just trying to learn the game, but in general, it's a really powerful class due to the utility that they can bring to the team.

Light build

Light build

So the light build doesn't get much health but is known for their movement, with their abilities making you hard to hit, allowing you to move around the map and get the flank on your enemies quickly and without being detected.

You start with a grapple, which is good for rapidly getting to the top of buildings or just running away. After the grapple, you can unlock the evasive dash, which will allow you to dash up to three times, as well as the cloak, which turns you invisible. You can turn this on and off, making it really hard to keep track of the preferred gun.

People use the v9s, which is a pistol, and the lh1, but I'd recommend you try out the different guns and just kind of get a feel for what actually works for you because you might find that something else is better. Just statistically, these guns are really, really good. As for gadgets, the proximity sensor goo grenade smoke grenade is a good choice.

If movement is your thing, then you'll probably want to play with how capable they are at getting around the map and repositioning. In mid-fight, you'll have to have good reaction time and quick thinking.

Heavy build

All right now, the heavy is the opposite. They have a lot of health, but they're quite slow.

He gets a charge that can be used to create long platforms and destroy anything in its way, a goo gun that can shoot out goo and can be used to create long platforms, and then the mesh shield, which is good for that extra bit of cover. The rocket launcher is pretty popular among heavy players due to its destruction value, but so is the shotgun, as it does high damage at close range, basically meaning that with that extra health, you're bound to win any 1v1 as a heavy.

A lot of people like to use the mine, the flashbang, the dome shield, and the barricade, but like I said before, just experiment and see what works with you. If you typically prefer a tanky character, then the heavy will be a good pick; he can hold down an area and also push enemies very effectively.



If you've already been able to try them all out, then I'd like to know which one you guys think is the best, or simply which one you prefer. Now there are four to pick from, and the goal between all of them is to make the most money.

Quick Play: You can use Quick Cash and then bank it. You then have tournaments, which can be either ranked or unranked.

Quick cash

So Quick Cash is a 3v3 V3 where teams are rushing to collect a vote and cash it out, or we are trying to stop the other team from doing the exact same thing to win. All you need to do is collect and cash out.

Bank it

Of these, Banket is the next, which is 3v3 v3v, so that's four teams. This is a bit more combat-heavy, with the main goal still being just to collect money. You get money by getting the objectives that are around the map or from the enemies that you kill. The goal is to deposit them in a bank and hit 40K before the other team does.


Right, so with the rank tournament, you put up against 16 different teams in a bracket. After four games, all four teams will play against each other, and the two squads that come in first will go to the next round. This mode is similar to Quick Cash in that you take vaults and take them to the extraction.



Point-winning games allow you to go to the next stage in the tournament, and winning will earn you points towards your overall rank, so an unranked tournament is essentially the same thing but with eight teams instead, and it doesn't count towards anything, making it good if you just want to practice rank play without putting your rank on the line.

General tips

Tips I think it would just help you in the game going forward, so you can destroy nearly anything. You can shoot down walls with a gun and completely destroy buildings, causing them to tumble down into a pile. You can break the zip line so that people can't follow you, and there are just so many things you can do.


It's insane you can destroy anything. Just try it. Trust me you can pick up and throw most objects around the map. There are five different canisters: explosive, smoke, gas, goo, and flammable. How far you throw them depends on what character you're playing as well as variables such as sprinting and jumping while throwing that alter how far it can go.

You've just seen Goo and must be wondering what it is and how it can be used. Now this is actually a very versatile material, as you're able to not only block off errors, but you can also stand on top of it with a little imagination and creativity. Can be used in a lot of different ways. And as I mentioned before, the heavy is able to use the goo gun, which essentially allows you to make a bridge of goo.

All right, so there's the medium; you can put down the jump pad, and there are some around the map as well. What I want you to keep in mind is that these will launch you wherever the angle is pointing, so you can use them for movement quite effectively. By putting it down, you're able to place it at near enough any angle, opening up a lot of movement potential between the two.

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