How To Use Evasive Dash The Finals - Best Specialization For The Light Class


In today's article, I'm going to be making a guide on The Invasion Dash for the light build in the finals, which I personally think is the best specialization for the light class. After playing 16 hours of the final since launch, I messed around with the grapple hook, We Cloak, and Invasion Dash. After unlocking Invasion Dash right after the grapple hook, I soon realized how great it was.

Wasu, Hallelujah! You can go zoom really fast, and you know it's free. Move, Evasion Dash allows you to be super nimble in gunfights. Trev builds an area just like the grapple hook, and you can be a stap artist just like the quote. As the best perks of all specializations combined in this article.

I'm going to teach you several tips and tricks to make you a better player with evasion dash, but first let's get into why you should pick evasion dash over grapple hook and cloak. The grapple hook has the best transversal options, allowing you to swing across buildings like Spider-Man and use it for free.

Later, cool down while The Invasion Dash has a short cool down, and you can stack three at once, allowing you to be super quick at all times so the grapple hook can go into it. Dumpster, now let's talk about the cloak. The cloak doesn't give any free movement; just move. If you guys know it, just move.

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I want to see some movement, but I'm not seeing enough movement, so it goes into the dumpster. Just kidding, the cloak is actually super good as well, but it can be really hard countered by thermal vision, and once the game progresses, more people are going to be able to pick it out more and more by hearing the unique sound that you hear while you're cloaked and being able to spot it out in the environment, and it straight up loses to heavy players.

If you're caught out of your cloak, you have no escape options. Now that we have quickly covered why you should play Evasion Dash over the other specializations, let's get into how to use it effectively. Just like I mentioned before, the evasion dash allows your character to quickly boost forward, and you get three.

Once you use one of your dashes, it immediately starts replenishing another one; it only takes a couple seconds to get another. Charges: It's extremely important to be mindful of your charges. You don't want to be caught out in the open when you don't have a charge, since you get swatted like a fly.

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Since the light class has the lowest health pool in the game, with three dashes, you can outmaneuver your opponents, making them miss their shots quickly. Escape you do; don't. Don't; you lagged. Damn, and heavy class, or when you're outnumbered. The first tip is to be mindful of your charges. Make sure you always have at least one on deck.

In addition, don't spam it too much. The Manel range is very forgiving in this game. Sometimes you don't need to dash when you can climb over it. In addition, to get the maximum effectiveness of your charges, you want to look up when you're boosting. This allows you to go even farther if, looking forward, you want to be mindful of your boost.

When jumping, there's this weird glitch that happens if you jump and boost immediately after you get a dead boost, where you boost in place. I believe it takes, like, one frame after you press jump. I'm not too sure because I can't replicate it consistently, but it's also worthy to note that if you try to boost on a zip line, you get a dead boost as well.

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You want to make sure first you jump off the zipline and then boost so you don't get the dead boost. Lastly, you don't want to boost one after another; you want to boost and then wait a couple seconds and then boost. This will allow you to go even farther if you boost boost. Boose right after one another; you won't go as far as you have to go fast.

With the vasin dash, you can use the dashes to scale buildings, just like a grapple hook. Can you do that with your itty little bitty cloaking device? Oh, that's kind of small, yeah. No, as you can see in this clip, you're able to transverse this building without using a zip or jump pad. Not only can you dash three times to get on top of a building or places that you can't normally reach, but you can also dash across gaps like a double jump or even a triple jump, allowing you to transverse to areas that others cannot.

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These three dashes can create so many opportunities for how you can scale a building, navigate gaps, and become the best escape. Artist, you can use these dashes to trick and outmaneuver your opponents. As you can see in these clips, there are so many possibilities. You can use the dashes to trick your opponent into thinking you are exiting the building, but you're back in the building.

Getting the flank on them using windows and holes in the walls will allow you to quickly get out and re-enter gunfights. Don't forget, you can. Hey, yeah, boost through windows and window doors, but for some odd reason you cannot boost through window doors when you're outside the building. You can also use dashes to space out your opponents.

We all know how annoying the flamethrower is in the heavy class. With the evasion dash, you're able to create space between the heavy class, making it much harder for them to kill you, allowing you to get out of their weapons effective range and kill them easily. Truly, the outplay potential with the evasion dash is amazing and depends on your game knowledge and quick thinking.

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To be effective with the dash, you need to have knowledge of the map layout and your opponent's abilities. If you know your opponent has a close-range weapon, you want to make sure you use dashes to create space. If you want to escape from a gunfight, you need to have the map knowledge to juke out your opponents.

But remember, there's so much destruction on the map, so you have to have quick thinking in order to make these decisions. The skill of caling with evasion is literally the sky, which is one of the reasons why I gravitate towards the evasion dash. Also, did I mention that you get three? Another useful thing about Evasion Dash is that you're able to reload and dash at the same time.

When you dash in the game, it does not cancel your animation, allowing you to dash and reload at the same time with the game, like the finals. The TK can be really long, missing bullets in a gun fight, and reloading the middle of one can be extremely punishing, but now you can dash and reload with evasion.

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This can be extremely helpful when you're in a fight with multiple opponents, whether you're fighting a heavy or someone who is getting healed. This is a simple tip, but like mentioned before, when dashing while looking up, it almost gives you a hyper jump, so when you are dashing behind cover, you can dash over it and surprise your opponent.

Hey what's up dude and dudette. My first guide for the finals and many more to come. What an amazing game. In this guided I teach the basic and some advance tips on how to use Evasive Dash in the Finals.